A collection of painted hearts

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Maia painted about twenty of these coffee filter hearts that she told me were to sew on my shirts. She was really very insistent about this — that she had made all these beautiful hearts for me and she wanted me to sew them on my t-shirts. I was touched, but explained that since they were made of paper, they would disintigrate as soon as they were washed. So we talked about other ways to use the hearts. She didn't want to hang them in the window. Finally, I asked her if she would like to frame them and hang them on the wall. Yes! I brought out a few acrylic box frames from our stash and she arranged the hearts carefully in them. We now have a collection of painted hearts hanging in our bedroom!

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  1. Unciof3 says

    hi, & I just want to say, coffee filters are made to withstand hot water pouring through them. the paint, maybe not so much. I do love the art installation though, & now you get to see them all, every day. I enjoy your site, & insights, & look forward to your posts. Brightest Blessings, Unci, Grand-Mother of Three~

  2. says

    They look beautiful that way. I’m planning on painting coffee filters with my 2yo today. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out how you might be able to honor Maia’s request to have painted hearts on your shirt–perhaps watered-down acrylics and a large heart stencil placed over a shirt (with something between the layers). Acrylics don’t wash out and so they make great fabric paints. Watered down they almost act like tie-dye.

  3. says

    I instantly tried to figure out how to get those hearts onto the shirts too. I LOVE to honor my son’s design ideas as much as possible. You could scan the images into the computer, then print them out on transfer paper. If you printed them on white knit fabric, you could cut them out and sew them onto any color t-shirt you want. Pretty!

  4. says

    having a few acrylic box frames laying around like that is a good idea…easy to switch artwork in an out for those days when our children insist that their masterpieces be put on display. :)

  5. says

    Very clever idea. By the way, at Michaels you can find transfer paper made for ironing on light colors, and you can also buy a version for ironing directly onto bright or dark colored fabrics too. We’ve done it and it works great!