Coffee filter hearts for the window

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Remember the coffee filter snowflakes we made a couple of months ago? We used the same technique to make our own heart doily decorations for Valentine's Day.


First we folded the coffee filters in half and cut out half heart shapes from them (for  symmetrical hearts). Then we worked with them as if they were snowflakes, folding and cutting to make various cutwork designs in the hearts. So easy! The coffee filters are wonderful for this because they are lightweight and easy for kids to cut through multiple layers, but at the same time are sturdy and can hold up to lots of handling (unlike tissue paper).


And, the other wonderful thing about the coffee filters is that they take watercolor paint really well. And the wet paint makes the ridges disappear from the coffee filters.


This time we worked on sheets of wax paper, although we've also done these over newspaper, posterboard, and directly on the table.


I love how the hearts look in the window! As with the snowflakes, Maia and I just glued these up with dabs from a glue stick (easy to wash off later).

P.S. If you are looking for other Valentine's Day ideas, I wrote about "7 Valentine's for kids to make" for my column in the current issue of WNC Parent magazine (including salt dough heart necklaces, sign language photo cards, and easy thumbprint hearts). To read the article, click here, enter page 24 in the search field at the top of the screen, then click on the page itself to make it larger and more readable. Let me know if you try any of them!

If you liked these coffee filter hearts, then you might like the other Valentine's Day crafts and recipes in The Artful Winter ebook:

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    We have those in our window, too! Except we used eyedroppers to apply the paint, so they look kind of tye-dieish. I made that word up :)

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    Those are great and I’m thrilled that you mentioned that you put them up with dabs of stick glue! I never know what to use so we rarely have any art on our windows! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, thank you for all the inspiration!

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    2 things…
    i have had the hardest time finding the gel glue you showed in your batik project (which i adored)
    and secondly, what kind of watercolors are those? they look positively edible and i want to paint with them right now!!

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    Love all your ideas. Can’t wait to do them with the boys. I saw your article today. We must be really close to you–we live in WNC too. Thanks for all the ideas.

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    You are fabulous! I have your blog on my side bar to keep updated on your creative goodness!! I love stopping by for inspiration!!
    Please stop by my blog to enter to win the fairy house….it was made by THIS artful parent wanna-be:)
    Keep inspiring!!!

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    I love it! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas you have flooded into our lives. Your artfulness brings joy to the Curry Family!

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    Jean, we had such a fun day yesterday working on this project that you suggested. My child is sick and stuck in the house, and anything that is related to hearts and valentines excite her.
    Our coffee filters were flat, without the circular base. So we just cut shapes out of it and had fun making snowflakes. It really retained the colors very well. We added glue and glitter of course. Then hanged them from a branch that is hanging from our ceiling.
    Check out my wire sculptures, some looks like hearts. May be your Maja would like to make it.

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    My kids (8, 6, and 3) and I made these last night and had a blast! They were easy and fun and beautiful! We were then happily surprised this morning to see that the wax paper underneath them also was dyed by the watercolors! Now we have double the hearts! Let’s just say we are having fun decorating! Thanks for the idea!

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    We use tape for putting art up on the window, too. But the stick glue is SO easy to wash off. Tape gunk sometimes less so (although it comes off with a razor blade).

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    WE’ve bought the blue gel glue at a couple different places — Target, I think, and maybe Kmart and the drugstore. You can also buy it online (here it is at discount school supply:
    We used a few different boxes of watercolor cakes this time (Melissa & Doug, Crayola, and a fancier set I bought for an art class pre-Maia).

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    We did this with our preschool art group and the kids loved it. Even the toddler siblings got in on the painting fun. Thanks for the great idea!!

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    I tried this out over the weekend with my 13 mo daughter. She moved the brush around a bit, but mostly wanted to crumple the coffee filters. I really enjoyed painting my hearts, though! A friend suggested sprinkling salt on the water color…it makes a beautiful crystalized effect. Thanks for the ideas!

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    what a wonderful idea, i am going to try this with my toddler to make valentines for his classmates. maybe i will try the droppers, since he isn’t always great at getting the water in the water colors then on the paper. or maybe i could mix up little bowls of liquid watercolor….i have some tubes somewhere…..

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    Wow, that cute little girl is talented in making paper designs. The creations are fit to serve as displays on the window. I just might try to make those in celebration of the holiday season.

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    Great idea, Jean. I love how your imagination works. It’s a good bonding for me and my son and daughter. I am sure; they will have fun in doing it. Thanks for sharing.