Fingerpainting and Printing with Bubblewrap

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Printing with Bubble Wrap

We did some fingerpainting on bubble wrap last week, which was a wonderful sensory experience for the kids and lots of fun. We were supposed to do this with the toddler art group, but the entire group was out sick and I already had the studio set up, so I invited my friend Marin to come over instead with her son and another little girl.


The kids each explored the bubble wrap first, which I had taped to the studio table, then they dabbed the finger paints on to the bubble wrap. We used the Colorations brand finger paint this time, rather than homemade, and I really liked the consistency and color.

Fingerpainting on Bubble Wrap

Pretty soon the older two were using their whole hands to rub the fingerpaint around. They really got into it! Daphne did some fingerpainting too, but not nearly as enthusiastically.

Printing with Bubble Wrap

We helped the kids take prints of their paint-covered bubble wrap, both on regular paper and on hearts cut out of coffee filters (just because I had them).

Bubble wrap printing is something I've wanted to do for a while now, and never tried except for this version. I loved the idea of using it to get the tentative toddlers exploring the fingerpaints with their hands (Thanks, Julie!) — bubble wrap is just too exciting not to touch! Next time I want to try this with the kind that has big bubbles!

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  1. says

    I’m glad I read your post before attempting this. Printing with bubble wrap has been on my to-do list for a while. I was figuring we’d paint the bubble wrap and then press it onto the paper, I think your method is a lot smarter and less messy!

  2. says

    and so much less annoying than just listening to them pop all day long! such a neat texture–I can see how we’d start finding other things to print with.

  3. says

    What a great way to change up the tactile experience. I wonder why finger painting on sand paper would yield..Hmmmm…. Now I am going to be coming up with new and different ideas for finger paint canvases all week! Will had to try some too!!

  4. says

    I really like this idea. I think this is going to be our afternoon activity. I seem to hoard bubble wrap (and toilet rolls – they are so useful:) ).
    We did bubble wrap painting a while back using a rolling pin. Just tape the bubble wrap to the rolling pin and off you go. Lots of fun for a little 20month old boy.

  5. says

    Hi Jean,
    We did this today and it was SO great! I really had no idea how much my little man would LOVE this experience. He got so very messy and paint went everywhere! What fun. Pop on over and have a look if you like :)
    Thanks again.

  6. erinbartlett says

    WOW! i never thought of bubble wrap printing. wish i had while i was still in primary, sion would have loved it