DIY Gift Bags for Valentines Day

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Heart Printed Bags for Valentines Day

Yes, I’m still printing with these heart doilies.

I don’t know what it is with Valentine’s Day and hearts. It’s such a simple image and theme, you’d think I’d tire of it quickly. Some holidays I almost completely skip over, yet every year I seem to get sucked into the Valentine’s theme.


But… Before I get into the heart prints (which you’ve probably heard enough about already, anyway), I want to tell you about these DIY gift bags that I sewed using paper grocery bags.

It’s a lovely idea, but it’s not mine. I found it on a blog before Christmas and sewed up some to wrap gifts in then. However I can’t remember where I saw the tutorial and no matter what search words I type into Google, I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know or remember? I’m bummed, not only because I want to give credit where credit is due, but also because I want to send you all to this great tutorial that shows you how to make them, step by step.

DIY Gift Bags

The quickie version is that you cut out a section from the front and back of a paper grocery bag, reverse them so all the printing is on the inside, line up the handles, and sew along the bottom three sides. Add your gift, then sew it closed. The tutorial was really nice though, and she used fancy sewing stitches to add a nice decorative touch. My sewing machine is limping along and is in dire need of a tune up so I stuck to a simple straight stitch.


Now, for the printing… I used red glitter tempera paint and also some red activity paint (kinda like tempera) just because I had it and wanted to try it. But other than the paint I used (and the paper bags), everything else was the same as when I first did the heart doily prints.


Pretty, huh? I think these worked well.


And they look great on the paper gift bags!


I’m using these bags to wrap my soothing heart pillows. At Christmas I used them for wrapping things like wool felt potholders and hats — things that are a bit hard to wrap traditionally unless you put them in a box first. And I just used a simple rubber stamp to add an image to the front then. But I’m enjoying how the image on these bags mirrors the image on the pillows.


I think these diy gift bags would be a cute way to present a heart-printed t-shirt as well…

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Heart Printed Bags for Valentines Day

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  1. Padma says

    Jean – the bags look lovely…I saw the tutorial on woman with wings blog…I book marked to try it later, but never did. Now’s the time ;-) …Hope this helps…Have a happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

  2. says

    These are really cute! I love all the different ways you are using theses heart shaped doilies. I’m sure you’ll come up with more ideas! Printing them on paper for a collage would be really neat. How many times were you able to print off one doily?

  3. says

    I just love this idea! I’ve been meaning to try the t-shirt heart project but haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ve got a stack of brown paper lunch bags in my cabinet just waiting for some love! I’ll stuff ’em with my Homemade Heart Apple Chips and send them out for my daughter to share.

  4. Rachel says

    so fun!
    btw, we’ve been making out valentines with the glitter glue you love… has been a big hit around here.

  5. says

    Wow!!! how cool. I love the gift Bags. Nice collection of hand bags. Hand bags design really very nice. Very cute look. Great post and thanks a lot! Thanks for sharing this post so much.