Soothing heart pillows and more heart doily printing

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I'm still loving the heart doily prints! Besides the t-shirts I printed last time, I also printed some hearts on plain fabric — white cotton and natural muslin. These I sewed up into little heart pillows. They are each stuffed with a combination of millet and lavender flowers, so besides being decorative, they can be used as soothing hot/cold packs. They can be heated up in the microwave (or in a low oven for us since we don't have a microwave) or put in the freezer. And the lavender is nice and calming.


I'm thinking these would be nice to send a child to bed with at night, perhaps warmed up first, to help them fall asleep. Or to use to soothe a bruised knee (or ego).


I love the weight and heft the millet gives these, too! They feel great in my hands.


I had some friends over for some more heart doily printing recently. I was going to print some more myself for the heart doily pillows and decided it would be a good opportunity for friends to bring a t-shirt or two to print while everything was set up.


We started with red hearts, then got out the black fabric paint and tried some black ones as well! This is getting rather addictive…

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  1. says

    I love them and the tshirts. I have been on the hunt for heart doilies (valentines not as big in australia as it is the US I think – Its not a kids thing here, strictly teens and adults, no kids sharing valentines etc but I’m changing that slowly!!)

  2. Holly says

    This is an AWESOME idea!!! You could do this for any celebration or holiday!!! ( The creative wheels are turning = ) Oh! & your little Heart pillows look very SWEET…LUV THEM!!!

  3. Sandra says

    you know, I tried this and my heart doily always tears and doesn’t transfer the color to the shirt or fabric. Anything you suggest for me to try and change? Also , where did you buy the doilys from?

  4. says

    Love it! Where did you get the doilies? Any special kind? …and how exactly do you do the printing? I can tell you roll the paint on, but then after that I imagine it being a little tricky.

  5. says

    Sandra, that happened to me when I used metallic fabric paint and it also happened to a friend who used a different brand of fabric paint. What paint are you using? I bought some doilies at K-Mart, some at Target (cheapie ones from their $1 section that I thought wouldn’t work, but that worked fine), and some at Michael’s.

  6. says

    I love the idea of sending kids to bed in such a loving way. I am embarrassed to say that we have one of those rice heating packs made out of an old sock! This is MUCH cuter!