A turtle print made with a cake pan and a hand

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Yesterday was Harry's birthday. Maia and I have been in planning and making mode this past week, talking about what he likes and how we wanted to celebrate. We each made him a t-shirt (hers was a monoprint with fabric paint, mine was a first try with photo paper transfer). And Maia also made this turtle print, which I just love.


The circle was a monoprint on a cake pan. First she rolled the paint over the bottom of the pan (much like when we did monoprinting with the acrylic box frames)…


Then she drew the turtle shell design in the paint with a q-tip. These two pics are actually from when she did the monoprint t-shirt, but the technique (and color) are exactly the same, so I decided to include them here.


After printing the cake pan monoprint, I painted the side of her fist and helped her print it as the turtle head. Yes, it was my idea, not hers, but she liked it and wanted to try it. I usually try not to impose my own ideas on Maia's art, but did this time.


She used her fingers to print the feet and tail as well.


Harry loves his new turtle print! Here Maia's writing Happy Birthday on the window with window crayons. She also made a pop-up birthday card, helped blow up the balloons, set the table, and decorated the cake. This girl gets so excited about birthdays!

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  1. says

    What a great idea! My husband just switched offices and has some bare walls to fill. I think I know what he’ll be getting for Father’s Day–kid art, of course!

  2. Holly says

    Aw the turtlr looks wonderful!!! I want to try this with my 4yr old…love the idea for the head. Would love to see the shirts you two made :) Also…the header looks fab!

  3. says

    My son came into the computer room while I was browsing and he said “Whoa, beautiful dog” and then said “Mommy I can make a dog and paint on your cake pan” So todays plan of painting some spring planters is out and he is now happily rolling paint on my cake pans and filling the little muffin tin with paint to make “cupcakes”.
    He told me he didn’t need any paper, so today is another complete process art day at our house. No product at all :)

  4. says

    What a cute and fun idea – now I’m wishing Jane would hurry up and be old enough to do it! (Although, at 2, I know she would have fun just making random shapes instead of the actual turtle). Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    I love this idea! What a cute way to incorporate a birthday present for someone! I know my 5 year old would love doing something similar.

  6. says

    I have been so ready to try monoprinting in the classroom and this looks like the most accessible idea yet (and perhaps best for a beginner like myself). Thank you for sharing – the turtle is lovely!