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Maia made these two large paper dolls over a week ago and I've been meaning to post about them earlier, but between taking care of a sick toddler and then getting sick myself, I am just now getting to it.

The doll on the left is decorated with a coffee filter snowflake and sequins. The paper doll on the right is actually a mask she made for Daphne, complete with holes for the eyes and mouth and a band to hold it on her head. It's decorated with three bells and includes a red tissue paper popsicle (on a real popsicle stick).


Maia has always been into scissors, tape, and the stapler, but in the last few weeks she's taken her paper art to a whole new level. She's gone through an entire package of construction paper and has been cutting, taping, stapling, and gluing nonstop. Besides the paper dolls, she's made hats, a house, books, lift-the-flap art, paper fans, and abstract sculptures.



As you can see, the studio has been getting a lot of use already, although it's not much closer to being finished than the last time I posted about it.

PaperDolls4 PaperDolls2

Here's Daphne with her paper doll. She loves it. The mask didn't stay up on her face, but she spent half the day walking around with it dangling from her neck.  In the photo on the right, you can see that Maia made loops for Daphne's hands, too. It's so fun to watch Maia explore art materials and techniques on her own.

What are your kids into right now?

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  1. Amy says

    That’s some very careful thinking and planning–those loops for the hands! Wonderful.

  2. says

    I love these! My Mom always encouraged me to create with construction paper so it has become one of my favorite art supplies! We would decorate our huge picture window for each holiday with construction paper for the world to see! (fond memories) One should always have a pack or pad of construction paper in their house! (and scissors and glue!) Thanks for sharing these masterpieces!

  3. says

    My daughter is also into tape and cutting and going through loads of construction paper. She has been making dragon costumes. Masks, tails, scales. The part I don’t like is she doesn’t use the whole piece of paper, lots of waste. All in the name of creativity. I love that Maia made a doll for her sister. They are so big! WOnderful!

  4. Julie says

    while the dolls are great I must say I was more drawn to the fabulous sunshine coming in through your windows—windows that are OPEN no less!!!!!!!!! Oh when will the snow melt?!?……..

  5. says

    hi, jean! i remember wanting to comment a while back on one of your posts (i think it was about the princess phase) about a great book called “the paper princess” by elisa kleven. i can’t remember if i ever shared that comment. but if maia is into cutting and taping and making paper dolls, she would love this book! it’s about a paper doll and her adventures. after reading it, my daughter and i both want to pull out the paper and scissors. the illustrations are really detailed mixed media collage–i think you would like the book. just wanted to share!

  6. says

    I just found your blog and I’m in love! I’m a kindergarten teacher, mother of two, and early childhood/literacy enthusiast. I’d like to feature your blog and send my readers and parents over to see you! Please let me know if you’re ok with this. I’d love to post the picture of your daughter’s art room to go along with the post.
    [email protected]

  7. Amy says

    I bought a long-arm stapler for xmas for the kids- paper stapling has been popular around here for bookmaking since… those dolls are so cute. I immediately thought of the pillow buddy you made a while back- wouldn’t they be cute translated into stuffed toys? (just in case you need another project idea *wink* )

  8. says

    Oh, yes! We should read that again. Someone recommended that book — maybe it was you! We’ve really enjoyed it and should check it out from the library again. Thanks for the reminder.