4 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

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4 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

If you are looking for fun Easter activities for kids, here are four fun ones that we’ve done in the past and will likely be doing again. Enjoy!

4 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Easter eggs + melted crayon drawings (These were awesome! We’re going to make them again this year.)

Easter Egg Suncatcher with colored tissue paper Easter Egg Suncatcher with colored tissue paper

Easter egg suncatchers with contact paper and colored tissue paper. There’s also a recipe for cute little nest cookies here.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Bleeding tissue paper Easter eggs and Easter egg art.

Painted Rock Easter Eggs

and Easter egg rocks, because we can’t get enough of painting rocks.

Do you have any favorite Easter activities for kids to share (your own or some you’ve found around the web)? We’re looking for ideas to try this coming week…

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  1. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Not a craft, but my favorite “Easter” activity is to buy plastic eggs NOW while they’re available, put them away in a closet for a month or two and then break them out all year long for Easter egg hunts. My kids loved hunting for eggs in November (or whenever the spirit struck us) and now my preschoolers ask to have egg hunts all year long.

  2. says

    I have never seen the hot rock/egg crayon activity until this year. I can’t believe I have never heard of doing that before. Ever since I first heard about it I have seen so many people doing it that way. That is definitely how we are decorating our eggs this year!

  3. says

    Oh I love the melted crayon ones. You should check out Teach Preschool’s speckled egg painting. I copied on cowsgomooandducksgoquack.blogspot.com

  4. bright and blithe says

    We’ve never tried the melted crayon method. I love the way those look. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kate says

    the last day of march, we made a countdown calendar, we just used paper and cut out different shaped flaps and put springy/easter stickers behind them. the girls take turns each day opening a flap. we numbered them and te 23rd is the largest one that has a bunny, basket, and egg stickers and we wrote “the bunny comes tonight” you could do this for the last WEEK, its not too late. also we tried your “blow eggs” we covered them with glue (using a paintbrush) then coated them in glitter= fabulously sparkly!!!

  6. Amy says

    Cascarones! I blew out the shells (or poured them out thru a dime-size hole in the top of the egg) and we decorated them with crayons and dye. Then let them dry in the gas oven overnight, filled them with confetti, and then glued tissue paper squares over the hole. We have a tradition of inviting the neighbors over for a fun round of shreiking, laughing, running, and breaking eggs on one anothers heads.

  7. Amy says

    And there is lots of baking afterwards- flan and chocolate angel food cake since we are not hard boiled egg eaters.

  8. Rachel says

    thx for the inspiration! we did the suncatchers w/tissue paper and colored masking tape… it was great to for all 3 boys. and then they enjoyed drawing w/a sharpie and oil pastels on them after they were on the window.