10 Simple Art Activities to Set Up for After School

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I created a list for my friend Jen of 10 simple art activities to set up for after school (or whenever). Sort of a cheat sheet that she could tape inside her art cupboard door and refer to for quick inspiration. For each activity, I listed what to set out, a brief description of the process, and a few possible variations. And since I think we can all use ideas and reminders (including me!), here’s a pdf of the list:

10 Simple Art Activities to Set Up for After School

Feel free to print it out and tape it inside your kitchen cupboard or hang it on your fridge for easy reference!

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  1. says

    Great ideas for art that’s easy to do with the materials that are on hand. I like setting out art supplies or art books that we haven’t used for a while to see what creative things happen — sometimes an art technique that we had gotten a bit tired from overuse will seem fresh and new again after a little break and with the colors and mood of a new season to add inspiration to our creativity!

  2. [email protected] says

    Yesterday my daughter had a friend over for an art playdate (2nd grade readers) and they just read the list and decided which one they wanted to do….inspired me to have a few more ideas ready…such independent artists!! Thanks Jean!

  3. [email protected] says

  4. julia says

    This is GREAT! Thank you! I will use it at home and my classroom too!
    Thank you!

  5. Adelle F. says

  6. Suzie says

    Blank page for me too – any chance of an email? Thanks Jean, Suzie ([email protected]) PS: Love love love your blog!

  7. cheap mlb jerseys says

    This is great Jean!! I’ve printed mine and taped it to the art cupboard.

  8. Carly says

  9. Jeanie says

    I love this list! What kind of glue do you use for the collage — white elmer’s glue? My three year old daughter is in love with glue-sticks, but they aren’t so great for heavier 3D stuff. (And when we use glitter glue or white glue she squeezes out such copious amounts of the stuff that it becomes a little, uh, challenging to work with). Any good glue tips? Thanks! :^)

  10. says

    Those are great in their simplicity but really sound like a lot of fun! I generally don’t enjoy the mess of setting artsy stuff up but these feel very manageable to me! My children thank you!!!

  11. CZD says

  12. says

    We use both. Glue sticks for paper collage; glue bottles for most everything else. Maia (and most of her friends) used to do the same thing with glue bottles — squeeze and squeeze until there were puddles on the paper! It was as much (or more!) about squeezing the glue out as using the glue for anything (like sticking two things together). I just went with it because she seemed to love it so much and because glue is so cheap. If you’d rather not, here are two ideas:
    First, you can put some glue in a little dish and use it with a small brush or a q-tip. This will work for most collage materials but also limits the amount of glue used.
    Second, perhaps try to help your daughter get her squeezing fix in another way. Do some puffy painting: http://artfulparent.typepad.com/artfulparent/2008/03/playing-with-puffy-paint.html. Put water in an empty glue bottle for her to squeeze outside. Let her squeeze icing or batter or something out of an icing bag or plastic bag with a hole in the corner.
    And realize that this too shall pass…

  13. says

    This list is fabulous! Do you mind if I print a few copies to include with my usual birthday party gift of art supplies? I think the parents would really appreciate the ideas.

  14. kathleen says

    I am also getting a blank page and the list sounds exactly what I am after as my two girls are always asking to do art & craft activities.
    would you please email me the pdf as well.

  15. says

    This is brilliant, thank you! Perfect for those of us who don’t feel totally in their own element when thinking up arty activities for our kids.
    I’ve been lurking and reading your blog for ages, but I’ve got the courage up to ask now – any chance of a similar list to encourage those kids who aren’t always very engaged by art activities. My little one usually plays with the equipment for a few minutes and then wanders off. He’s 2 and a half now, so I think I need to be a bit more creative in what I am offering him!!

  16. Donnavie says

  17. courtney says

  18. Lea says

    With the end of the school year fast approaching and admittedly a little panic setting in, your ideas will be my go to for rainy days. Thx for sharing!

  19. Amberley says

    Hi Jean, I just found your blog and love it! I am getting a blank screen as well, I would love an email, if you have the time! Thank you

  20. em says

  21. chloe bennett says

    As an Art educator, I appreciate and adore this list!! Great ideas. As a child, I was always “bored” and wanting to create. I’m still the same! But this list should be printed out by all parents and posted to the fridge for those “bored” moments! Thank you.