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Just some links today, my friends. And a bowl of black raspberries from our garden. Enjoy!

Double doodle drawing (We've tried this and I LOVE it!) at Maya*Made

– A new article on Art vs. Craft at by MaryAnn Kohl

– A list of Creative Indoor Things to do with Your Kids at Whip Up

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  1. scmom says

    Super article I will save for parents in my classes! Thank you for sharing. I think it is the clearest explanation I have read.

  2. says

    what gorgeous looking berries! thanks for pointing the way over to our double doodling… I love d. doodling, too.

  3. Barbara Zaborowski says

    A great list, Jean, with lots of good ideas, especially the double doodling! I love the idea of using both sides of the brain! We’ll definitely be doing that one as soon as school starts again next August.

  4. says

    Good stuff, Jean. Thank you. I especially appreciated MaryAnn Kohl’s article. I’ve been trying to describe the sort of art experiences I’d like my daughter to have and find myself stumbling or offending the craft-class leaders around here. This places (rightful) value on both, but helps articulate the difference so well. Hooray!