Babbling is harder than I thought

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I've been writing over at Babble's new Toddler Times blog for a couple of weeks now. This is a lot harder than I thought. Not really the time thing. It's more that it's a different space and there is already a certain tone over there. And guidelines I need to follow (like add tags and try to write catchy titles). I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this — it's definitely a learning curve and I'm still in the middle of it.

I'm kinda in a groove here, at The Artful Parent. I've been writing this blog for almost four years, and while anything goes in theory (it's my blog, after all), I have certain things I write about and certain ways I write about them. I guess I need to find that groove at Babble, too, and I shouldn't expect it to happen overnight. Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun doing it and am learning a lot.

Here's my question — Do you want me to tell you when I post stuff on Babble? I've been posting links on facebook and twitter, but not on the blog. So do you want me to let you know on the blog (even just once a week) or just leave you to meander over if and when you are interested? I do have that Toddler Times Button over in the left sidebar that will lead you to all my posts over there…

Since we're on the subject, here are my Babble posts, starting with the most recent. I probably won't do this again. But come on over and read the ones that interest you, if you like…


Beach is Best for Toddler Sand and Water Play (includes a photo gallery of Daphne's new love affair with the beach)


Playopedia and Pinterest: Two Places to Find Fun Toddler Activities for Your Family


Make a Kitchen Table Playhouse with Playsilks


Cooking with Toddlers: Mini Fruit Gelatin Molds


The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice


11 Art Activities to Try with Your Toddler


Watermelon Pops: A Tasty Summer Treat


Paint Popsicles for Toddler Art Fun

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  1. Julie says

    I would love you to post links on your blog because I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I would have missed out on all these posts.

  2. Mel says

    I like how you told us about your Babble articles today. Occasionally giving us the most recent topics you have written about would be great. Thanks!

  3. Sharon says

    Yes, please let us know for those of us who are Facebook and Twitter impaired or phobic. I hope you keep up with this blog which is very helpful. I have used a lot of your ideas – thank you!

  4. says

    I am a facebook and a twitter fan of yours, but to tell you the truth I pay more attention to blogs. I know lots of my friends pay more attention to facebook. I think for you it would be beneficial to do it in all three areas. I loved the way you put a snapshot and a tidbit about each post on this post. Maybe once a week you can direct us over to your other space with a post similar to this one. Just my 2 cents.

  5. says

    Oh, geez, it’s a lot of extra work no matter which way you go, isn’t it!? I occasionally click over form Twitter but honestly, Babble isn’t my cup of tea–and then again, I’m on my third toddler so I’m probably not the intended audience anyway as I could probably sleep-talk toddler ideas at this point. ;) I think you should do whatever is the easiest and most streamlined way for you to juggle.

  6. Carissa says

    I don’t follow you on twitter or facebook (i’m hardly ever on those sites). I would love an occasional post about what you are doing on babble. Once a week, or every other week compilations would be fabulous! I love reading them as well. I would be very happy if you only did it once a month even…I know you are a busy Momma with a lot on your plate!

  7. says

    I’d love for you to let us know. I don’t normally go to Babble (not for any particular reason–I just already have so many things I read), but I’d definitely go for your pieces. It doesn’t bother me when bloggers make a quick mention that they’re posting elsewhere, and for many of us regular readers, that’s the only way we’d really know.

  8. says

    Dear Jean,
    you take so much care of us (your readers), and consider our wishes and needs….that’s so nice and touching!
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind geting links on your blog when ever you have an article on Babble, but maybe the way you did it today is a good solution: once in a while (a week or so) – a compilation of articles from the previous period!
    I think that information on facebook and twitter can pass by easily without capturing our attention, and here on the blog, we read everything very carefully!

  9. says

    Agree with what Two Chicks and a Hen and Vera said (you do take such good care of us!) — but I also check FB pretty regularly (probably too much so).

  10. says

    I read your blog primarily through an RSS reader, so I don’t see the posts elsewhere. I would love a quick link when you post at Babble, or an occasional list of the recent posts.

  11. says

    Yes, I’d love to learn about your posts there via the blog. I subscribe by email, so I’ll definitely see them that way.

  12. says

    Post your posts here! I’ve turned off Facebook and only check blogs occasionally (you’re a top one) now.

  13. says

    Yes, post your links!
    Also, would you do an art journaling series for kids and us adults? I’m so interested in trying to make something pretty with my writing –

  14. says

    I think you should post the links, too! I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers who write for Babble post the links at the bottom of their posts on Fridays. I think I’ll forget to ever check them unless I get the reminder on your blog!

  15. gabi says

    I love your blog more than anything, I subscribe myself to the Babble because of you and to tell the truth even though Babble could be very interesting this website has something your blog will never have and that is DENSE!!! so heavily Dense (great for researchers) but not for mommies on the go that want to spend quality time with their kiddos so with Babble I keep up saving them for later and that later may come when my kids go to college. Your Blog is concise, casual, pics that speak for itself, very entretaining. To be honest there are many many blogs like Babble, yours is very unique, I hope that the “big monster” called Company doesn’t stop your very truthful motherly spark of doing and publishing what you love doing.

  16. Langley says

    I’d love the updates on the blog, please, even if weekly. (Daily seems to be much work for you.) Like several others, I’ve whittled my time on the computer down to essentials and quality, facebook & twitter don’t fall into either category to me – your blog, however, is both!