Back from the beach!

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We are back from a week at the beach. A wonderful week spent with friends — playing, eating, talking, swimming. I’ll post some photos soon! Right now we are in the midst of getting back into our home routines (and unpacking, tackling laundry piles, and vacuuming way too much sand out of the car).

Just for fun, here are photos from our past trips to Folly Beach:

I’m coming around (to love the beach)

Sewing at the beach

Sandcasting with plaster of paris

Our beach-themed summer nature table

At the beach with friends and family

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  1. says

    What fun! – not the laundry of course ;)
    Love that pic. Looking at it, I’m itching to dig my feet and hands in the wet sand and feel the waves wash over…
    What an amazing sensory experience….!
    And, I could go on gazing at the waves crashing and retreating and crashing and retreating…! ha!

  2. says

    Thank you for the links to your older posts about the beach. We just came back from the Outer Banks. I totally forgot about sand casting and didn’t have time to pick up plaster of paris on the way to the beach. Oh well, I think it’s awesome enough for a whole separate trip (would have to be a day trip), maybe to Wrightsville Beach.

  3. Carly says

    Wonderful! We were in South Carolina for our honeymoon and spent a morning at Folly Beach. It’s on our to-do list of places to revisit with the kids one day. Thanks for the beach ideas!

  4. ljeanie says

    Jean- I love your plaster of paris project but my container of it is full of scary safety warnings– wear gloves and a mask, do not use around children. Do you have any suggestions or a brand that is less dangerous? I would like to do this project for a mixed age drop in beach arts and crafts session but concerned about using with so many 4 years old children. Also, have you ever made beach sand candles? Heard good things but not sure how to have the wax hot enough actually at the beach.

  5. says

    I think the biggest issue is breathing the tiny powder particles. I mix it myself and try not to breathe the powdery plaster. Once it’s mixed with water, I don’t think there’s any problem. Although I should probably go back and read up on it. Plaster of paris is used in so many kids crafts projects that I can’t think it’s a big deal.

  6. Laurie says

    I follow your blog and LOVE your creative ideas! We do one of your recommended art activities at least once every couple weeks. I had to share when I saw your beach pictures that we are kindred spirits… I’m from Charleston (though currently in TX) and Folly is one of my absolute favorite beaches in the world! Many a wonderful summer memories have been made there at the Edge of America!