Rainbow Cupcakes and Fairy Paper Dolls

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Rainbow Cupcakes

We had a fun-filled birthday party for Maia yesterday attended by a bevy of 5- and 6-year-old girls, many of them dressed up as fairies, unicorns, and princesses. I may post a few photos of the actual party tomorrow, but thought I'd share my favorite part today — the rainbow cupcakes.

Disclaimer: While I fully intended to have a leisurely ten minutes to take photos before the party, that time was instead used to ice cupcakes and generally act crazed. So some of these pics may leave a bit to be desired. For example, the photo above is taken of the very last quarter cupcake left after the party with icing that had long since melted in the sun. And the super-thin layer of blue at the bottom shows that this was one of the very last ones I made when I was nearly out of the blue batter. But still… you can see what they look like inside.


I found the directions for the rainbow cupcakes from Our Best Bites (found via Pinterest!). I made the yellow cupcake recipe from my Cook's Illustrated baking cookbook rather than using the cake mix she called for but other than that, followed her instructions.


Spreading the separate layers of colored batter was a tad tedious, but they were easy to make. And just perfect for a rainbow party. (Okay, so it was a "rainbow fairies, princesses, and unicorns party," but I chose to focus on the rainbow part for most of the prep. I figured the kids would take care of the rest with their outfits.)


I used her recipe for frosting which I thought was a good one. It incorporates a white sauce, something I'd never have considered using.

Other party prep:


My friend Meg (who says she wanted this party as a kid) made fairy paper dolls for the girls to decorate.


Maia's rainbow painting was hung on the fence outside, with more rainbow bunting above.


And for party snacks I put out some rainbow goldfish and made rainbow fruit kabobs (another idea found via Pinterest) with watermelon, canteloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and purple grapes.

We had fun with the rainbow theme!

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  1. Jenny T. says

    Jean- those cupcakes look devine! Looking forward to seeing more pics from the big event. Sorry we couldn’t be there to join in the celebrations.

  2. says

    happy birthday we had a birthday party this weekend for my almost 11 year old. (her bday is tuesday)
    love the rainbow theme!! thinking of doing that for my youngest since she loves rainbow fairy book series.

  3. says

    Rainbow cupcakes are so fun to make and the kids always love them. I love the idea of a rainbow themed party and it looks like yours turned out fabulous! Those fruit kabobs make me hungry!

  4. says

    Jean, this is beautiful. I’m bookmarking this for my daughter’s birthday in March.
    P.s. You take great photos (even if you only had 10 mins to take them)!I love following blogs like yours with beautiful eye-candy shots. The pic of the cupcakes made me start salivating!

  5. Camille says

    I’m loving your rainbow theme. I may have to steal it and a few of your ideas for a fun day with the girls. :)

  6. says

    I can’t wait to make rainbow cupcakes — I’m sure they were a huge hit! Maia’s rainbow fairies, princesses, and unicorns party reminds me of a recent Mermaid Barbie Princess party that we went to. Why stop at princesses when you can have it all?!

  7. Diane says

    I made rainbow cupcakes last week to take to the mountains. They were a hit. I love your rainbow themed party. You know I may make them for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, ie. treasure at the end of a rainbow. That is if I remember it by then! Thanks for the pictures!
    Diane in North Carolina

  8. says

    I would love to be able to print out those fairy paper dolls for my girls to color…does your friend have any plans for making them available?

  9. Langley says

    Fabulous! My son has chosen pirates for his 7th next month but I’m going to figure out how to incorporate this because rainbow is just too good to pass up!

  10. says

    I’ve never seen such bright cupcakes, and probably never will again. :) Makes me remember all the parties I did with my girls… some we will never forget! Beautiful and wonderful to build such memories and fun. And how to make one birthday girl feel like the most special girl in the world.

  11. Holly says

    What a WoNdErFuL Party!!! Everything looks SO AmaZing!!! I LoVe Maia’s picture!!! Great job!!!

  12. says

    I’ve think their stupid and They aren’t even original! My 5 year thought of that in 2010 and made them herself. OMG can’t you even have added some originality!

  13. shelley anne says

    hi, I’m having a rainbow fairy party for my almost 7 year old next weekend and have been inspired by your cupcakes and fairy color-ables! did meg make them in two pieces or all in one?
    thanks so much!

  14. Candace says

    Wow really??? Instead of bein so negative try and give some of YOUR “original” ideas since everyone elses suck…….people nowadays…….:-/