Six years of Maia

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Today is the first day of Maia's school year. She's starting first grade which somehow seems like such a leap from kindergarten. I'm feeling sentimental about how my baby is growing up, and felt like sharing a few photos–one for each year of her life. Here goes…




Age 1


Age 2


Age 3


Age 4


Age 5


First day of 1st grade (2 weeks shy of age 6)

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  1. Catherine says

    So excited for Maia–hope she loves 1st grade! I cannot believe it has been six years either!! Fantastic photos.

  2. Holly says

    Aw…I can not even imagine, even though I have a 4yr old turning 5 at the end of the year. = ) Happy 1st grade Maia!!!

  3. Amber says

    So fun! Our oldest gals are the same age (Mine turns 6 this week and also just started 1′s grade) so it’s been fun for me to follow your blog through the years. I think I’ve been reading for over 3 years, well before you were pregnant with your second. I was pregnant with my 3rd (now 20 months) the same time so now I relate to your toddler posts all over again. I also have a 3 year old. All girls who LOVE art! Anyway, I feel like I sort of “know” you and your kids and I think if I lived in your area I would want to hang out.

  4. Bridgett Thomas says

    Very exciting! I hope she has a great first day. My little one starts preschool in a few weeks. Not really sure I’m ready for that.

  5. says

    Aww, she is so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing. My daughter Nina also started 1st grade this year (we started school a week ago here). She (Nina) thinks she is a big girl now… Plus this is the first year they’re riding the bus :)
    I think Maia’s newborn photo is my fav.

  6. Amy says

    I just went to a great back-to-school lecture at our new preschool- one of the points I took away was how many emotions we have as parents about back-to-school- including that feeling of loss and of time passing- as well as the excitement, etc. My oldest is starting first grade in a week. It feels like such a cliche to want to drop her off and then go around the corner and cry- but I’m right there with you also looking through my old photos of my girls!
    Beautiful photos!! Adorable big (little) girl!

  7. Maria says

    Oh she is beautiful, Jean! Congratulations to you all.
    Also, where did you get those shoes? They are *fabulous*!

  8. Karen says

    Such a beautiful girl! I hope she has a wonderful first day of school. I get sad sometimes realizing how fast my children are growing . . . I keep a saying on my fridge “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” . . .this makes me grateful I didn’t miss a minute of their baby years. Thanks for your great posts . . . you are amazing!!!!

  9. rosie your neighbor says

    i taught first grade for 17 years! i would have loved to have taught maia….she is one lucky kid who will never wonder if she is loved! that’s an obvious!

  10. Liz S. says

    How beautiful! I have a son the same age as Maia and have been following your blog since they were three and a half. Mine started first grade on Monday and I have been similarly sentimental. Thanks for sharing and all the wonderful inspiration!

  11. Iris says

    Beautiful – thanks for sharing. I hope she had a great first day of school in first grade. Such a milestone!