Bubble dancing and the end of summer

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It's September. There's a nip in the air when we wake up and a few leaves are beginning to turn. I think of them as the advance guard. The rest will follow soon enough along with all that autumn heralds. But not yet. For now, we're enjoying the last of the summer weather.

And doing things like bubble dancing.



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  1. tasha says

    These images capture, essentially, what the end of summer feels like to me. They really touched me, and stirred my mournful feelings that the end of summer summons. They are so beautiful and moving

  2. Emily says

    My almost three year old is rocking with me while I catch up on some blog reading. She should be sleeping, but is looking on with me instead. She saw this post and said “momma, she is so beautiful! Both of those girls are so beautiful!” I thought it was sweet enough to share! Thank you for all the fantastic ideas!