Freezer paper stenciling (yes, again)

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It’s been a while since I’ve done any freezer paper stenciling. Really. Quite a while. But it’s still just as fun! We did some for our mamas’ art night earlier this week.

I especially like this one, above, that I made freehand with freezer paper and scissors (usually I use an x-acto knife to carefully trace and cut out an image). Not only does the finished shirt look good, but the technique was quick, easy, and liberating. It was kinda like cutting out paper snowflakes. Snip, snip, snip… I definitely want to explore this a bit more. And perhaps involve Maia as well, since it involves scissors rather than an x-acto knife.


Here are the freezer paper stencils before I pulled off the freezer paper (well, except for Harry’s octopus in the center).


And here are the stencils without the freezer paper. The 2’s are for a couple of little ones who are two this month. Daphne, of course (in a week!). And also Juniper, one of the toddler art group kiddos (today!).


This is the shirt that Daphne and I delivered to Juniper earlier. I used a mix of freezer paper stencil and applique, sort of like with the girlie dump trucks and other shirts I used to make for etsy.

Have you tried freezer paper stenciling yet? If not, maybe you can get a few mamas together and take the plunge together. (Don’t forget the wine and chocolate!)

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  1. says

    Oh, I love freezer paper stencils! Yours are lovely. Let’s see, I made a post about a couple I did back in 2008, when my blog was even crappier than it is now. ;)You can see them here if you’d like:
    I made a handful more a little while later with the kids in our home daycare, WOW was that.. er.. challenging. At the time we had children ages 1 to 12, which seems to always be trickier to do these sorts of things with than one, even vaguely close, age group. I guess I didn’t take any pictures though, wish I had. I can’t even remember what we made.
    I need to start sizing up and warming up my kids wardrobes as the season changes here, and I am DEFINITELY going to do some more freezer paper stenciling now, thanks!

  2. says

    we have become quite keen on this technique. when my kids make their own designs & patterns this way the resulting tees become the favorites in their drawers and get worn the most frequently. we have used this method to created individually unique tees for groups/clubs where there is a common theme, but each child can customize the shirt to his/her liking–all one color shirt, for example, but different takes on the grx, or all different color shirts but the exact same design. repeating the grx is more difficult this way, of course, as each one is disposed of once it’s used, but the results are so gorgeous! thanks for the repost–appreciate the encouragement again!

  3. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art book author says

    You are the freezer paper stencil queen, Miss Jean!! I love to see all the clothing that your kids have to wear… how do they ever choose?

  4. says

    i’ve been craving some freezer paper stenciling (i know you’ll understand that) and was just eyeballing one of the shirts i want to do a few minutes ago! can i pretend like i have a toddler in your art group and come play at mama craft nite sometime? ;) so fun to see daphne AND juniper in the grocery store the other day! oxoxo

  5. Rachel says

    jean those look AWESOME! i love the idea of doing more freehand stuff… you’ve just opened up a whole new world! :)

  6. says

    I like the idea of having kids make their own designs and patterns with freezer paper stencils, but haven’t done it yet with Maia because I’ve been nervous about her using a sharp x-acto knife. Although I suppose she can draw an image and I can cut it out. And now that I’ve done this freehand one, I realize that she can do some with scissors!

  7. Erin says

    I love this idea and really want to try it out, but I am having a hard time finding good pictures to download and print to use as stencils! I could use some help in where to look for good stencil ideas….Thanks!

  8. Toledo foam says

    It was kind of like reducing out document snowflakes. I love this idea and really want to try it out. Very nice and cute!