Leaf and fern print t-shirts

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Our toddler art group is pretty amazing. We get together weekly for kiddo fingerpainting (or whatever), but we’ve also been meeting for mamas’ art nights. The idea is to do some sort of art or craft, but really we’re getting together for a little wine, chocolate, and chat time.

So necessary!

And a month or so ago we did leaf and fern printing on fabric at my friend Meg’s studio (using the same technique Maia and I used last year). I’m a little tardy in posting about it, but here goes…


I made fern printed t-shirts for myself, Maia, and Daphne (something I’ve been wanting to do since last fall). I’ll probably have to turn Maia’s into a dress just to get her to wear it though.


I also made leaf prints on muslin and have been meaning to turn these into napkins by sewing them onto a fabric backing. But any sewing time I’ve had lately has been hijacked by Maia’s birthday (making rainbow bunting and dress-up play fabrics) and now I have to think about sewing for Daphne’s birthday (bean bags, skirt, etc). So the napkin idea may have to wait a little longer.


I really love the detail in these leaf prints though and especially like the ones that have more than one color of fabric paint. Leaves are just so beautiful!

Have you tried leaf printing? It’s one of my all-time favorite artful activities — on paper or on fabric.

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  1. says

    I love leaf printing (I think it was one of the first things I ever put up on my blog) — yours turned out really nicely. Nature makes the most beautiful art!

  2. says

    I suggested it to my boys a few years ago–we even bought the shirts–but when it came right down to it, my younger son absolutely balked at the idea of ruining the leaves with paint. He sees beauty in every single leaf he picks up–he notices all the variations in color–he couldn’t bear the idea of painting on them. This year, for some reason, he was okay with using leaves to make sun prints on t-shirts, so we did that instead.
    I think one of the first things I blogged about on my old blog, in the fall of 2006, was making leaf-print postcards with my older son.

  3. Holly says

    These are great! We don’t have many hardwoods around our house, mostly pine trees. But I think this calls for a trip to the park for some leaf gathering :)

  4. says

    Gorgeous. And I love that you have started an art group (informally) for the moms. I’ve always wanted to do that (have thought about doing it informally, and also thought about doing it as an add-on to my business, but can’t afford to give up an evening with all the mom responsibilities I have these days).

  5. Suzie says

    So great you have a Mama’s art night – I was wondering where / if you got time to do your own art. I find it hard when my kids are doing fun creative stuff and I’m not getting too much time to do my own – must organise something!

  6. says

    Julie, I’ve been thinking of it too — if I do get around to it, we would do it once a month, come if you can type of thing — I’ll put you on the list! Jean, you are, of course, invited as well if you want to make the drive! :)

  7. says

    Looks good, and pretty complete to me. If I were to change anything, I’d change the padlock symbol for ‘Archive’ to not look like a handbag, though. Cheers.