Pyramid bean bags for little hands

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I sewed these little pyramid bean bags for Daphne's birthday, inspired by Vera's at Make and Play. The original tutorial (they are meant to be pattern weights!) is here at Five Green Acres. The small size and pyramid shape make them just perfect for little hands. I've been trying to show Daphne how to toss them, using a paper plate on the floor as a target, but so far she mostly just likes to carry them around either in her hands or in a little bucket.

By the way, I'm used to posting almost every day, but haven't been able to do that lately and feel bad about it. Birthdays and feverish toddlers are one reason, but mostly it's my book that's keeping me from this space. Right now all my extra time and creative energy is going towards finishing it up and making it the absolute best I can.

I'm trying hard to finish it up this month and get it off to my editor. The manuscript is finished and now I'm mostly just sorting through a lot of loose ends and final details. I'm also sorting through hundreds of photographs and choosing which ones to use (and realizing there are a few I still need to take!).

Please be patient with me. I'll check in here as often as I can, but it will probably be less frequently than usual for the next two weeks. I plan to be back up to speed beginning in October with lots of fall crafting and fun kiddo art projects!!

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  1. Sharon says

    The quilting teacher next to my room made these but turned them into chickens by adding beaks, eyes, etc. Very cute. She uses them as pin cushions but they would be fun for kids, as well.

  2. says

    Not to worry, Jean, we’re here waiting for you :) My daughter wanted to look on my computer for a fun activity to work on today, and she selected these bean bags! She just selected her fabric from my stash and we’re about to embark on a day of sewing. Thank you.

  3. lj says

    hi jean– I love the birthday party posts!! How many children did you have at the 6 year old bday and how many at the 2 year olds? I’ve got a 5 year old and 2 year old birthday coming up and need to think about how many I can handle!

  4. salizah says

    Hi, This post brings back childhood memories. I used to play a game called Batu serembat or 5 stones when I was a child. It is a traditional game from Singapore/Malaysia & Indonesia. We use 5 pyramid bags which we throw and try to catch thru a series of complicated (well maybe not so much ) steps. I found this video that shows how the game is played . Try it .. it’s FUN! :)

  5. Elizabeth B says

    Hi, Jean ! Good luck with the last touches to your book!
    I wanted to let you know how helpful your ideas have been to many people. I work for an educational support program in Sydney for children with vision and/or hearing impairment. Last week we held an intensive “Brialle camp” for half a dozen young children with very low vision to learn Braille. We used two of your blog posts–the one on ice sculptures, and the one on tape art–as activities for the kids, with Brailled instructions. We used fluorescent paint and glitter to jazz up the tape art activity. The kids loved both tearing up and sticking the tape, as well as the dramatic colour blocks that resulted.
    All the kids, boys and girls, loved both activities, and were so proud to show off their colourful creations. Thanks for helping kids with minimal vision create beautiful art; it’s not something they often have the opportunity to do!
    By the way, one of the parents I worked with told me about your blog. I am so glad she did.
    Cheers from Down Under!