An autumn weekend

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German apple pancake, made by Harry — our other favorite fall breakfast (along with pumpkin waffles) — to start the day off right.


A breathtaking drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway (we've driven along it so many times, yet I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is).


A hike up to Linville Falls.


Beauty everywhere…


Maia contemplating the falls from a perch that would probably give my mom a heart attack (don't worry, Mom, we kept her safe).


A rare photo with my girls (I'm usually the one behind the camera).


Daphne getting my attention (be gentle, sweetheart!).


Some quick bedroom changes, using what we had in the house and your feedback. Thank you so, so much for all of the wonderful ideas! This is what I could do quickly, with what we had in the house: white comforter cover, white curtains, splashes of red and yellow (testing them). I'm also planning to paint the trim around the little window white again and am keeping many of your other color suggestions in mind. As much as I would love to do a whirlwind bedroom redo, I will half to go slowly with other changes for budget reasons. But I'll keep you posted! And if you have any other feedback after seeing this photo, send it on! I love hearing your ideas!


Here's one more pic, with some orange added by Daphne's Halloween pajamas…

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  1. says

    this is such a sweet post, and it made me miss the rich autumn colors the east coast offers and the blue ridge mountains! (i’m from virginia and went to undergrad at virginia tech. loved the vistas!) p.s. i’m liking the splash of orange with the turquoise for that particular room… could be your cute kiddo though! :)

  2. says

    What color are the walls? I’ve been thinking of painting my bedroom walls a robbin’s egg blue! This looks like the color I’ve been trying to find…

  3. Em says

    I really do enjoy your blog! (And so do my kids, subsequently!) One of the first places my father took me camping and hiking was at Linville. . . it wasn’t so busy back then, and there was no paved hiking path for accessibility. Such a beautiful place! My husband proposed to me at Hawksbill Mtn. overlooking the gorge. Ahh! I should’ve liked to be up there this weekend. . . I live in the Triad.

  4. says

    LOVE the fall family pics. (Also, wish I had some suggestions for you on the color matching but I’m pretty hopeless — you are doing great though. I know what I like when I see it but I have a hard time thinking of it myself!)

  5. says

    What a beautiful post. The fall colours are so inspiring. Makes me even more excited to take my kids hiking tomorrow. And thanks for the room inspiration. It’s always nice to be reminded that little changes can make a big difference – using what you’ve got around the house already.

  6. says

    Thanks, Jen! I didn’t know you were from Virginia. I really miss some aspects of Eastern Oregon (where I grew up), but have grown to love many aspects of the East, too. LOVE the blue ridge mountains (even though I would have called them “hills” when I lived in Oregon).

  7. says

    The color is called Aqua Ocean. I thought it was a Behr paint color, but when I looked on the back of the paint chip I noticed that it’s actually a Valspar paint chip from Lowes. I got it made as a Behr paint at Home Depot though — the lady working the paint counter was able to match it.

  8. says

    Yes, it’s definitely busy, especially during peak foliage season. But still worth it and so beautiful. There aren’t any paved paths, though — just well-trodden ones.

  9. says

    I love seeing you and your girls together. It is amazing how they have grown in the 4 years I have been reading your blog. They really do look a lot like you. Can you tell us what carrier you have Daphne in? I am expecting #3 in the spring and thought I wanted another Moby until I saw your carrier.
    As for colors. I completely think you should go with pumpkin orange for accents, like pillows, drapes, and a series of your children’s art loaded with orange. Then, add Walnut brown for your furniture, like the headboard your going to paint and the night stand that looks blackish. Brown, orange and aqua would be a lovely combination of colors that would really compliment each other, and create a very warm bedroom in the winter. Then in the summer trade your orange accents out for white and your bedroom will be cool and breezy! Good luck. Even a love budget makeover is rejuvenating!

  10. Dena says

    Hi! Love how your bedroom is coming along!
    Do you have the recipe for the German apple pancakes? They look delicious!
    Also, my mother has a vacation home in Waynesville, NC. I haven’t been yet but we are coming up at the beginning of November. Will the fall leaves still be around? I am a Florida girl and would love a hint or 2 of somewhere we could go camping/hiking together. Is Linville Falls close? Or the arbotoreum you just went to?
    My daughter is 2 and would live outside if she could!

  11. says

    The German apple pancakes were made from a recipe in Baking Illustrated (by the Cook’s Illustrated/Best Recipe folks):
    But… I just did a google search for German apple pancakes and it looks like there are lots of recipes to choose from:

  12. says

    Dena – The fall leaves should still be around in early November. The arboretum is close, Linville Falls less so. There’s a botanical garden in Asheville that’s very toddler friendly, too, with a stream running through it. Waynesville might have some nice outdoor places as well but I’m not as familiar with it.

  13. says

    Cheryl, I have Daphne in an Ergo on my back — we’ve used it with both girls and love it. You can use it on the front or the back. I think a Moby is better for when they are really little (esp newborn!) and an Ergo is better for when they are a bit older. I also used (and loved) ring slings with both girls.

  14. Dena says

    Jean, thanks for your reply. We have decided to come in December after it snows so she can see snow for the first time! Since we missed the really good part of fall, we are going to do that next year. I love the seasons but if you are from FL, you have to travel to see them! Thanks for the ideas; I am going to save them.