Felt Leaf Gift Tag :: From a Repurposed Felted Wool Sweater

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DIY Felt Leaf Gift Tag

I thought I'd share a gift tag I made for a friend's baby shower in October. It's a leaf sewn from felted wool. I found some yellow scraps left over from an old sweater that I had turned into potholders and coasters last Christmas. The extra pieces were perfect for autumn leaves!

(The gift bag is sewn from a repurposed paper grocery bag—the same way I made the Valentine’s bags.)


After I cut the leaf from the wool, I traced the shape onto paper as well so I could add a message. And I cut thin strips from a contrasting felted wool sweater to use as the leaf veins.


The leaf veins were sewn on first. Then the paper leaf with the message.


"So excited for you and the new leaf on your family tree"


And here's the gift that was tucked in the bag. A chalkboard sign I made from a picture frame, a piece of wood coated with chalkboard paint, a glue gun, and some ribbon.

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    It’s a beautiful gift tag, Jean, and a very useful gift! We used to put a sticky note over the door bell that said the baby was sleeping, which (for some unknown reason) would just make relatives knock really loudly!

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    Hi there! I love this idea. I pinned it last year and I’m excited to make use of it this year, finally. Haven’t gotten to it yet, though! (Eeek!). I was wondering — I have a linky party going on where we’re kicking off the season with Inspiration from year’s past. I’d love it if you wanted to link this post up! Let me know,