Are Your Kids Experimenting with New Art Supplies?

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When I asked on facebook, many of you said you were giving new art supplies as holiday gifts. I would love to hear about them! Have they inspired your children to create and experiment (I realize it may be a little early…)? Also, anything fun that I may not have tried yet? You know I'm always on the lookout for new (and new to me) arts and crafts materials!

P.S. Maia is trying out her new spirograph in the photo above.

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  1. says

    We finally got a spin art thingy and some shrinky dink sheets, and we also got some new art books, and really, we have a much longer list of Things We Want To Try than we have days this week.

  2. says

    I gave my daughter a suminigashi kit for her birthday, right before Christmas. I also bought her window cling paint and other kits and supplies for Christmas. They’re enjoying all of it, but the Suminigashi is the biggest hit. I got it on Amazon.

  3. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Just before school let out for winter break, we painted an aquarium. The tempera paint needs to be mixed with dish soap so that it will stick to the glass. It also lets us wash the paint off easily, so that we can re-paint it. The the fish tank is turned upside down over a small light source and the light glows through the paint. If you were doing this at home, you could use a glass bowl, a drinking glass, anything really. It would make a great re-paintable night light.
    My four year olds just keep painting until it’s all a brownish-greenish mess, but the light shows all their swirls and strokes and drips. Older kids might want to paint a garden or fish or a night sky on the tank.

  4. says

    I’m totally with you. I ALWAYS have a much longer list of Things I Want To Try that days in the week! We still haven’t tried shrinky dinks yet, but would love to.

  5. andrea says

    we got crayon rocks, do a dot markers, lyra color giants pencils, crayola twistables crayons, and several sketch pads. they really seem to be enjoying a sketch pad vs. single sheets of various paper everywhere. and those colored pencils are fabulous. great colors, awesome quality. we had a little family drawing time after dinner tonight. all sitting around the table with a giant piece of paper and the various new art supplies to try out. it was fun for ages 3 to 42 :-)

  6. says

    I bought my son a pack of skinny markers and he is finally drawing! He is 4 and thus far has had no desire to draw or write, but lately he is really getting into it!

  7. Amy Fields says

    My son got his art easel and has loved it! He is very into the dry erase part. He makes tractors and tractors and more tractors. We also got tons of markers and paper and now I can’t find my fridge=). The most surprising thing he loves is the pens I got him out of the dollar target bin. I got him a set so he would stop taking mine. He has produced some really neat drawings. He experiments with different grips, angles, and pressure. It has been neat to see what he come up with.

  8. Danielle says

    The Ed Emberley learn to draw books, I believe you had suggested, are a big hit in our house, ages 5 & 6. Plus, 72 pack of glitter glue pens have been great too.
    Looking forward to the guest posts!

  9. says

    My daughter got a **sewing machine** and 3 sewing lessons from someone far more proficient than I am. I’m hoping she’ll get good enough for us to try some of your sewing projects ;-).

  10. Dezygnher says

    That is a foundation design assignment with pen, ink, brushes or pencil. He is way ahead of the art school experience!!!

  11. mo says

    you can make your own shrinky dinks with plastic salad containers from the grocery. draw with permanent marker, cut before you shrink, bake at 200-250 and watch paitiently for the big/fast shrinking and flattening out. if you touch it before it is flat, it crinkles together. try to wait a moment longer and it usually turns out ok.
    I cover my cookie sheet with aluminum and use a toasteroven outside.
    looks like stained glass….