Digital Sabbatical and Guest Posts: An Update

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JeansPics_11-2011_Pic1633I wanted to give you an update on my plan for a digital sabbatical in January. I've had to revise my initial intention a bit and wanted to let you know the new one.

My first idea was simply to take a break from the computer, including the blog, e-mail, and social media. A complete digital sabbatical in other words. A month in which I would use the extra time and mental space to recharge and to step back and reexamine my life, my goals, my interests. A time to get into yoga perhaps, to try some sort of art class (for myself!), take long walks, think about the future, and just see what happens when I'm not connected to the computer quite so much. (Note: Some of this may have been a tad idealistic considering I have two small children.)

With that as my plan, I probably should have just hung a "gone fishing" sign on my blog and stepped away.

Instead I asked you to send me guest posts to keep the space hopping. And I've received so many good ones! (Also some I haven't even read yet…) I am so excited about all the posts and bloggers and topics. I feel like I just invited you all to a party on my blog! I can't not show up! I'd like to be there with you, pouring wine, passing plates of chocolate covered strawberries, and sharing stories about the funny things our kids say (or, you know, children's art stuff…).

Also, my four year blogiversary is next month (January 20th) and I want to think of some fun way to celebrate! Ideas, anyone?

So I'm changing my plans a bit. I'm going to stay online in January. Your guest posts will give me some extra time for that art class or yoga or whatever, and I aim to be a bit more thoughtful about how often I hop on the computer, but I will be here with you.

Next month… Party at my place! We'll have lots of fun guest posts on all kinds of interesting, artful topics. Plus a four year blogiversary celebration (and perhaps some fun giveaways…). So exciting! How could I miss it?

P.S. If you sent me a guest post and I haven't responded yet, I apologize. It's been a busy, busy season! I will try to read and respond to all guest posts over the next few days. Also, it's not too late to send me your guest post!

P.P.S. I still like the idea of a complete digital sabbatical, but am filing it away for another time.

P.P.P.S. Do you still need a calendar? Mine is 35% off (today only) with the code BLIZZARDS.

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  1. says

    So instead of my stepping into helping you during your sabbatical…let’s plan a SUPER AWESOME party!! And perhaps some of those things you were hoping for during your sabbatical can still happen :) marin

  2. says

    Thanks for the update, Jean. I hear you about the complete digital sabbatical – it’s hard to do. Maybe scaling back a bit, while still joining in the 4th blogiversary sounds like a great idea.

  3. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    So happy to hear you will be here and also about the yoga; best way to refresh, renew, and inspire yourself! (Can you tell I am a yoga teacher, ;)
    And, yes, my 2 year old Naomi now has water colors, water color paper, contact paper, and more…….so excited for all the Valentines projects we can do!
    You said in one of your blogs that you water down your water colors sometimes, what would that ratio be?
    Happy New Year!

  4. says

    I took a somewhat unexpected break last week when I left my phone at home while we were out of town. It felt good and reminds me that I need a break every once in a while. :)
    I can’t believe that it has been 4 years of blogging, I think I must have started reading your blog very near the beginning. I’m so glad I came across it when I did, you have inspired so many great projects and personal/family reflections on art. Can’t wait to see all the guest posts! And, if there is a real life party, let me know — I’m in.

  5. says

    Dena, I don’t go with a specific ratio when I water down the watercolors. You’re talking about liquid watercolors, right? I wing it — sometimes we use them full strength, sometimes I dilute them as much as 1 to 1 with water. Usually, I just add a bit of water without thinking too much about it. Sorry I can’t be more specific! You can’t really go wrong, though. Worse case scenario is you end up with a light color or you need to add more water.