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A few of our family's favorite art supplies are from Stubby Pencil Studio, so I was excited when Kate agreed to put together a giveaway for you.

We use a couple of her colored pencil sets regularly and love her jumbo markers for working big. I'm also eyeing a few of her fun products as possible Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Perhaps this Magic Scratchers book, a set of these metallic crayons with holders, and one of her jumbo stamp kits. And I think this iron-on kit is awesome!

But you know me. I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to art supplies.

This giveaway is for you, though, not me. One lucky winner will receive a Holiday Art Tote from Stubby Pencil Studio, valued at $50. It includes:

To enter the giveaway for the Holiday Art Tote, please browse Stubby Pencil Studio, then come back here and leave a comment with one or more of your top faves. What art materials or creative gifts would you like to present to a special young one in your life? The winner will be chosen randomly from all comments left on this post by Saturday, December 10th at 11:49 pm EST. GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED

The random number generator gave me #224 so Lindsay wins the giveaway. Congrats! (I'll e-mail you…)

I love this shop! I ordered a few things awhile back for my niece and she just loved it! I would like to try out the beeswax crayons…maybe I'll pick them up for my son this year!

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  1. Kate says

    I love the idea of using art supplies as party favors, and I especially love the promise of a blank sketchbook as a gift for any young friend! Thanks for sharing this site, as I ponder Christmas gifts, and for the giveaway!

  2. Elsa says

    I really like this website, it looks very clear and attractive. My favourite supply for little hands are the crayon rocks, I have been attracted to them for as long as I have known them!

  3. Liz S. says

    Oooh! I’m struggling with a reluctant first-grade writer, and I love the robot create-a-cards and the Smencils. Could the combo of stickers and scented pencils entice my little one to do a little more writing practice? I can only hope! Thanks for offering this great giveaway and so many wonderful ideas on your blog!

  4. says

    I love everything from Stubby Pencil Studio! They have the best items–those blank books, the 365 day block calendar, all the amazing watercolors, the beeswax crayons, the cabo pencil cup are just a very few of the items I would love to surprise a few special Grandchildren with!
    Thank you so!

  5. Annette says

    I always do art supplies in the stockings, so I love this site. I love the hedgehog erasers–so cute!

  6. says

    wow, what a resource! id love the flower press art kit for my daughter and for my dear 12 yo neice who writes stories all day long, id love the cupcake sketchbook. what a neat store! thanks for a chance at this great package.

  7. [email protected] says

    I love the Stubby Pencil Studio website and will visit and purchase often. Love your blog too! I am a single mom and a nurse that has just finished nursing school. I used to be a make-up artist and feel the hours spent in school and now in the hospital has zapped my creativity, I look forward to not only your blog ( we are going to do the mod-podge x-mas trees this weekend and now that you have turned me on to Stubby Pencil Studio and I see the book 50 things to do I am excited to get started teaching my daughter all the activities I did as a child. Thank you!! Happy Holidays!!

  8. V says

    hands down, i love the crayon rocks. who thought of that brilliant idea?! thanks, artful parent and stubby pencil studios. you guys ‘rock!’ (heh.)

  9. Rebecca Johnson says

    It all looks so fun! Think my little boy would especially like the metallic crayons, the hedgehog erasers and the fingerprint stamp kits.

  10. Kelly A says

    I love the rock crayons and my son has smelly pencils on his Christmas list so the smencils would be great.

  11. Connie says

    Crayon rocks and a pair of Koopy scissors! Thank you, I’ll be spending some time at Stubby Pencil Studio’s website.

  12. kt says

    Amazing giveaway and amazing products. I
    Wanting some nice watercolors for the little, so I guess if I have to pick, I pick paint. :)

  13. says

    I love their products and I’ve heard a lot about them. My kids would SO love this. I love their water color sets and would be curious to try the Glob natural blends! And of course, a side of rock crayons ;)
    Sarah M

  14. says

    I am so glad to be introduced to this company. I love that not not only do they sell art materials but kits too ( Love the Ballerina Doll) and workbooks filled with ideas.

  15. Melissa Woodward says

    It is extremely hard to pick just one or two of your products – you have such variety for all ages. Your products are all so enticing & look like so much fun, in addition to being educational. I do love the Wool Felt Bugs Kit though (if I HAVE to pick ONE)…we are huge fans of bugs – looking at them, learning about them, drawing/painting them. I have no doubt that my daughters would enjoy any of your products – art is a big part of our lives & we really enjoy it :) They also especially enjoy paints so I think that might be a good start. Thank you for providing such great product! Happy Holidays :)

  16. Kim Wolke says

    Lots of fun things! I like the Creative Cutting Case for my 4 year old who is resistant to cutting things herself. I love the crayon rocks as well.

  17. says

    My boys and I are dying to try some beeswax crayons. But, I have to admit.. those watercolor crayons? Ooooooh! They sound like something my kids would *love!*

  18. Tiffany says

    I have six kids and first I would let them each select a sketch book, such variety! Then some hedgehog erasers, so cute, and colored pencils. The rock crayons are a must, who wouldn’t be tempted to spend time with those?

  19. amos says

    Of course the crayon rocks are terrific and match that up with the color your own advent calendar. Perfect!

  20. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh! I love all the party favors, especially the castanets. And crayons, beeswax crayons. We love those here!

  21. Mary A says

    The toddlers in my life would like the stamp kits especially the Jumbo Stamp Kit Nocturnal Animals.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Hannah says

    The crayon rocks are so great! I also think my Kindergartner would go berserk for that Magical Menagerie book. And I need to order some nice plasticene- much different to work with than playdough!

  23. says

    We ned to replace our triangular colored pencils, and I would love a Lefty sharpener for my son (and a regular one for my daughter, too!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. says

    I love the watercolor pencils! Also, just noticed they have an Advent Calendar to Color. I am definitely getting that to stash away for next year!

  25. [email protected] says

    My little one would have a blast with those stamp kits!

  26. Evin says

    My son loves art projects, so we always need new paints, stamps, but the ANIMAL HANDS would be so much to go along with our puppet shows!

  27. says

    I SO don’t have time for browsing art supplies right now, but how can I pass up this chance to win some great Christmas gifts? Kid in a candy store is right! Real quickly, though: People pencils = brilliant, Cake Eraser Set = perfect for my kindergartener who has just discovered how fun it is to erase, and Crayon Rocks = something that’s been on my list for a looong time! Thanks for the offer!

  28. Robin Ann says

    The crayon rocks would be perfect for my 4 year old. We r working on the tripod grip! They would be wonderful!

  29. Katie R says

    I am planning on putting a couple of bags of crayon rocks in my two eldest daughters stockings this Christmas. My five year old would get a huge kick out of the stamps, though! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Amanda C says

    I love the Eco Valentine set – love those kind of kits that are slightly structured/slightly free range. Although to be honest what I REALLY want is one of those hedgehog erasers (for ME)! For the first day of our Christmas calendar countdown this year each of my girls got a tote for their art supplies… then each day since has been a new art supply (some days bigger gifts like box of crayon rocks, and some days just a few stickers). Has been a ton of fun so far – and I love them each having a tote to keep their products near but still contained!

  31. says

    My kids would like the colorful sketchbooks and my son would love real drawing pencils. They get inspired by any new art supplies. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.

  32. Mary says

    My kids have and love the crayon rocks. I loved the kit section — the bubble wands and the wooden penguins (which would totally match my baby’s penguin blanket)!
    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.

  33. shanna says

    where to begin…the stamp kits are great!
    the cards to color are very nice and the iron on kits would be so much fun!!
    My daughter (and I) would love it all!!!
    thank you:)

  34. Sara R. says

    I think my 5 year old would enjoy the colored pencils the most…he’s always “stealing” mine! But secretly I hope to get him that orange putty creature.

  35. Eliza Redlus says

    I am somewhat hesitant to admit that aside from Play-Doh, I have not introduced my sons (ages 5 and 3) to modeling clay. I would love to get the clay for them since I think they would love the medium, and I also think they would find the crayon rocks a lot of fun. Such a great collection of products!

  36. Brandie Stalker says

    This is a great website, they have everything! The crayon rocks look like they would be fun for little hands.

  37. Launa says

    My fave is Mary’s soft dough, we have some an love it! I also love the chunky colored pencils and the beeswax crayons! Thanks for a lovely giveaway:)

  38. Jennifer S says

    We love to give art supplies for gifts to little friends for their birthdays. I give my kids art journals and supplies each Christmas – helps with the long winter days.

  39. Deb says

    Oh, my son would love those banana paper notebooks! He keeps a diary (at 10) just like his great grandfather did. And every single other item would be used by my daughter…artist extraordinaire:)

  40. says

    (I’m like you Jean, a kid in a candy shop.) I love that they have a whole section on graphite pencils — I’ve always loved a good pencil drawing. The learner pencils seem especially interesting. Also those watercolors sets look just lovely, beautiful colors. :)

  41. Jessa says

    I love Stubby Pencil Studio! I would love to get some more smencils and the art journal kit for my older daughter. I also know that my son would go crazy for one of the stamping kits and some new rock crayons. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  42. Holly says

    I always try to give some sort of art supply at christmas, not just to my kids…but to friends and family children. I think it’s a great idea to do this. What a cute giveaway!!!

  43. Heather says

    I didn’t know about this site, but I am glad that I now do! I thought that the hedgehog erasers were super cute, but I am very intrigued by the smencils!

  44. adriane says

    We love those jumbo markers and also…. everything! The multitudes of colored pencil and the stamps looks really awesome as well. Thanks so much for the chance!

  45. says

    We love Stubby Pencil’s stuff at our house. We got some soy crayons from them a few years ago that are still laying color down on paper as smoothly as they did when they arrived! My 6 year old has really enjoyed modeling clay lately, so I’d be curious to check out the Plastilina clay set.
    Standard materials at our house include pencils, paper, markers and toilet paper tubes! Oh, and copious amounts of tape.

  46. Monica says

    My Daughter can’t get enough journals and notebooks. I’m hoping to stuff her stocking with a variety of sizes in these sketch books, note pads, drawing pads and journals. So the Art Journal Kit would be Perfect for her! Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

  47. Josie says

    Nice website! I think the aqualine watercolor pencils would be great! I’ve always liked the people color pencils. The book, The Story of Snow is on my wish list. I’m ordering the “Made by Me” car sets for some nephews who will enjoy creating their own cars and then using them to play with afterwards. the price is right too! LOts of great ideas for stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. This is a new fav site for me.

  48. says

    Thanks for the give-away! I’m like you, Jean, a kid in a candy store when it comes to art supplies. I want it ALL! Two things that jumped out at me just now were the crayon rocks and/or baby pencils, which my toddler would love. She’s totally into anything that makes marks right now, and those might be even more fun for her little fingers than the big-boy pencils and crayons she’s been stealing from her big brother.

  49. Maureen says

    Hi – thanks… would soooo love this! We love their smencils but right now I’m checking out the Snifty Scented Pens :) Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  50. says

    I had my boys with me to look at some of the stuff on their website and they think the crayon rocks are so cool! this would be a fantastic gift :)

  51. Anne in NC says

    Lots of great books and stocking stuffers on their site — I’d love to get Every Day’s a Holiday. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Melissa Walker says

    My kids go through art supplies like there’s no tomorrow! The biggest problem I have is them breaking crayons constantly, so the Crayon Rocks would solve so many issues!! These are definitely what I would give my kids next!

  53. robin says

    I’m personally very intrigued by the watercolor crayons. :D But all of them look look delicious. We love art supplies over here.

  54. Maggie says

    The Body Crayon Book looks cool, my boys are always drawing on themselves so this would be interesting to browse thru and use.

  55. Adriana says

    ooooo I love stubby pencil studio…and have made many a purchase, for my son, family and myself.
    my favis the watercolor set with the bamboo brush…just lovely to paint with….
    Happy Holidays!!!

  56. Nicole says

    Cute site. I’d love some new watercolors for the kids. The crayon rocks look like tons of fun for little ones (and maybe big kids too!). And, the smencils would be a HUGE hit around here, especially with my oldest. Fun giveaway! Thank you!

  57. Jen V. says

    The erasers are adorable, those are great stocking stuffers. My kids are really into stamps right now, so I know they would love the various stamp sets. I have one tomboy and one princess and spotted a couple of sets that would be perfect for them.

  58. Holly Schwartz says

    I love, love, love all the colored pencils and the watercolor paints. The “Advent Calendar to Color” and “Christmas Things to Draw” books would be fun too.
    Merry Christmas!
    Holly in Kentucky

  59. says

    I know a little guy whose parents tell him art is a waste of time and he should practice his soccer moves, and he loves art more than anything. I would love to give this to him for his own use during his free time. Maybe they would be proud of him if he “won” the set.

  60. says

    I love Stubby Pencil Studio and this tote would be perfect for our holiday travels. I’ve had my eye on the Smencils for some time but have yet to get them. Maybe now is the time.

  61. Ellen Leamon says

    What to choose, what to choose …. stubby pencil is like being in a candy store for me and my kids. The love of art and creating. I would have to go with the stubby pencils color pencils. We love creating and drawing. The water color paints and soy crayons would be wonderful to experiment with resistance painting. The rock crayons would fun to use on cardboard, paper bags, and murals. The things we would do and the site is graphically pleasing and a must to shop at for my family.

  62. says

    I lust after the crayon rocks, and would love to have the Arts with Anything book, the Advent calendar to color for my little one, chubby colored pencils for the same, the Eric Carle lacing cards for her stocking, and the Ladybug spinner- she loves ladybugs and spinners! Will be back to shop!

  63. says

    I am not a fan of smencils. The ones I purchased had a faint scent and the texture of the pencil barrel was off-putting. Would love to hear your thoughts after you try them.

  64. sara says

    I would love the stencil art kits, dino, robo or zoo… get them using their imagination but producing some results they can be proud of!

  65. Andrea says

    Everything is just lovely! My 7 year old is a passionate reader and writer, so any of the blank books are a current favorite – most especially the one with the monkey on the cover! He loves monkeys :)

  66. Julia says

    What a great website. Thank you for sharing it. The Kinderfest Tri 12 Colors colored pencils look fabulous. The triangular shape is ideal for small hands learning how to hold pencils. Thanks again!

  67. dynajenn says

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We love stubby pencil studio! Have you ever seen cuter erasers?! I would LOVE the left handed sharpener, bliss for this lefty!

  68. Amy says

    I’ve been waiting for my toddler to get old enough for me to get her a set of the crayon rocks. and i love those adorable japanese erasers! honestly, it was hard to choose just a few faves; every item’s got so much potential for productive fun!

  69. Maaike says

    My toddler would love a stamp set or crayons. He loves to do art project especialy when there is ink, paint or crayons involved.

  70. says

    this is such a great giveaway. i love the graphite crayons (that is such a great idea!) and the chubby colored pencils, and i think that my daughter would love the color blackboard chalk (and i love that it is wrapped with paper). thanks for the chance!

  71. Kate says

    I LOVE the crayon rocks, they are so developmentally appropriate and I can see myself creating with them as well!

  72. Sharon says

    My little man would love to have his hands on any of those stamp sets, specifically the Baby stamps farm. I forsee many minutes of complete bliss with these. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  73. Elisha L. says

    I have wanted to try the crayon rocks for a long time. They look so fun! I also love the Paint with Wool kit. The kids could make such great gifts with that!

  74. polly says

    Filled stockings full of art supplies are a welcomed sight on Christmas morning!! I spy the coccina paste (a favorite of a four year old), glob paints and cotton bags!

  75. Marissa says

    I love the baby colored pencils. My nieces and son are really into colored pencils lately. I love all the supplies though!

  76. Melissa says

    I think I’ll enjoy this Holiday Art Tote as much as my seven year old. Holiday Smencils were a big hit at our house this past year. I love her rubber stamps, stickers, and sketchbooks. Anything that gets the imagination going is wonderful! We love art supplies and we love your website. Happy Holidays!

  77. Nancy says

    the jumbo felt pens look awesome. and I’m intrigued by the bubble wand kit. thanks for the giveaway!

  78. says

    I always get new art supplies in the fall from stubby pencil! My must haves are the prang crayons and crayon rocks. We’ve also gotten some pencils that are easier to grip and paint powders that mixed into the most amazing paints. Thanks so much for the chance!

  79. Aimee says

    Um really, we have to choose one? Right now, I think it might be the body crayon book, since I have a toddler obsessed with painting in herself, on me, on the dog. Oh yes, and then putting paint on the paper. Body crayons might just be the next best thing.

  80. katie says

    sketchbooks, clay, and crayon rocks… oh my!!! what a fabulous site of art supplies… i have never seen crayon rocks but they looks super neat! santas bringing stickers to my two year old b/c she LOVES peeling and sticking them in piles all over envelopes… also some personalized duct tape found in the clearance bins at michaels with their first initial!!!

  81. April Farnham says

    LOVE the Stubby Pencil Studio website, has all the school and art supplies I’ve been looking for my Kindergartener. Plus I’m always looking at new supplies for my own business. He would love the stubby colored pencils and crayon rocks. Also really like the seasonal & holiday gift selection – definitely getting the “Christmas Things to Draw” book for him. Many thanks for this offer!

  82. Jennifer says

    My 3-year-old daughter is currently OBSESSED with leaves. We could think of a million things to do with the Wooden Leaf Ornaments. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  83. Renee Brown says

    I love everything on their site! I’ve been wanting to get my daughter some crayon rocks, but I also think the snowman kit is very cute.

  84. Melissa K says

    We love the fingerprinting kits and the garbage bag monsters!! It is hard to find projects suitable for both a five year old and a 2 year old ( with help of course) and these fit the bill

  85. Sarah says

    Oh, my! So many wonderful things to choose from! We are in desperate need of an apron or smock at our house (we like to do messy art) but I always love more art supplies!

  86. Laura says

    What a fun website! I love the toy section. She has some of the most unique ones I’ve ever seen. Love the crayon rocks too.

  87. Heather says

    We always love new art supplies! I just bought some unicorn erasers from them for stocking stuffers (my 3 girls all have a rather big unicorn obsession at the moment!), and I’ve definitely spent way too much money on their site in the past! Thank you!

  88. Liisa says

    The crayon rocks and jumbo felt pens look like fun new tools to try…stocking stutters would be perfect. Thanks, beautiful website and materials!

  89. says

    I think my kids would really love the art journal kit and the crayon rocks. They have some great things. I’ve never heard of them until now, I bookmarked their site so I can go back to it! :)

  90. Therese says

    Before I was a mom, I would have never guessed this. . .but my 3 young artist (and there’s one more up & coming who’s only 6 months!) LOVE kid-sized scissors & GLUE of all kinds! We adore sticks of glue, tubes of glue, bottles of glue.. . and a POT of glue?! WOW what fun! :-) Thanks!

  91. says

    What a great giveaway. We’re into stamps here, so any of the Jumbo Stamp Packs would be fabulous. What a great site. Ahem, my purse won’t thank you but my kids will!

  92. jennifer says

    they have quite a few toys i haven’t seen anywhere else – the bunnies tucked in the carrot is my fav.

  93. says

    As someone with a daughter who is all of a sudden interested in making books, the colorful blank book set looks amazing. I also like the Cat’s Cradle book because it takes me back to 5th grade when I used to remember how to do that! I like the colors of the wooden lacing beads. Great stuff here!

  94. Melissa B says

    Love beeswax crayons and the nice blank books for making “books”. Also would like to try the ballerina doll making kit -my 6 yo would love it!

  95. says

    This is the best giveaway ever!! I love stubby pencil studio. The jumbo felt pens look awesome my daughter would love to try them. I also want to try the Coccoina glue stick!! made from potato starch?? awesome.
    I haven’t ordered from there in quite some time though. Thanks for the reminder!

  96. says

    This is the best giveaway ever! I love the stubby pencil studio. My daughter would love to try the jumbo felt pens. I would also like to try the Coccoina Glue Stick! It’s made from potato starch?? Wow.
    I haven’t ordered from the stubby pencil studio in a long time, thanks for the reminder!!

  97. Julie says

    I think my daughter would really love the blank books set. She makes a lot of her own little books but those look so sleek and neat, she would think they were extra special.

  98. Jenny says

    I like the wooden finch ornaments however any of the art supplies would be loved in this house. I’ve been telling people who ask for Christmas ideas for my 6 year old to get basic supplies (not kits) because we go through them like crazy!

  99. Julie A. says

    I’m a HUGE fan of the rock crayons. My daughter has these and uses them a ton. Very cool and so fun to use. This site looks pretty fabulous. Thanks!

  100. Alea says

    I have to admit, unlike others, I’m not a fan of rock crayons – I bought them for my 1 year old and they were too small for him to hold and use. But the rest of it looks fun! And maybe an older kid could hold them in their fingertips and it’d wrork better?
    The bubble wand kit looks like fairy-like to me!

  101. Kitterlee says

    Their rock crayons have always intrigued me. And the watercolor crayons look really neat too!

  102. says

    I have wanted to get crayon rocks for ever and just haven’t had the chance. I’m not much of an internet shopper and have never seen them in person. I also LOVE those hedgehog erasers…they are too cute!

  103. Ann says

    Putty creatures would keep my boys entertained, if I know they wouldn’t melt into my sofa…sounds like a stocking stuffer purchase for me.

  104. Renet says

    I just picked up the nature kit for my kiddos! Can’t wait for the holidays to give it to them and then use it!!!

  105. says

    I love everything on this site, especially the crayon rocks. My 2 year old loves all art and I think she would like the crayon rocks.

  106. erica says

    Wow! The better question would probably be, ‘What didn’t I like?’ Awesome website. Thanks for sending me there. I really like the Color-n-kids Thanks you cards and the ‘Thank You card kit’ and the SPARE sharpener blades (brilliant) and everything else:)

  107. Susan says

    The bubble wand kit, the stamps, the aprons….so many things we would really be excited to use around here!

  108. Jenn says

    We love crayon rocks! The watercolor crayons seem interesting to me! And the beeswax crayons and chubby colored pencils. Lots of great kits too!

  109. Sheau says

    Sweet giveaway. I would love my little one to try the metallic crayons and graphite crayons. The organic chalks look just plain delicious. I am in the process of making a crayon roll for my little one for christmas, so she can organize her drawing supplies. In general we do art on a regular basis. Recently, she just started describing her paintings/drawings as she does them. Thank you for the chance.

  110. Courtney says

    I love Stubby Pencil Studio! My son would love some new water color paints. He received the crayon rocks when he was 2 and loved those (after he tried to eat them because he thought they were candy!). Anything from Stubby Pencil Studio would be welcome in our home.

  111. Shayna says

    Clearly the rock crayons are the favorite among your readers, and those were my favorite, too! I think I’ll order some. I also love the “made by me” truck and trains. . . And, the smencils.

  112. sienna says

    the crayon rocks…my grandson collects dinosaur eggs at the beach…and now he can have a collection of rocks that color! adding to his theme would be fun!

  113. Katherine says

    What a wonderful giveaway. So many great things at Stubby Pencil- the Made by Me cars and trucks are very cool and I’ve never seen them before. My son would LOVE them too!

  114. Natalie B says

    I love the ‘natural’ writing materials – like the Beeswax crayons, Organic chalk and Jumbo soy crayons. It’s wonderful knowing that the products your children are using are safe for them, and for the environment.

  115. says

    I’ve seen a fantastic to do project on pinterest using watercolour crayons…perhaps winning something like this might get me motivated to create over the long summer school holidays heading up in a few days time, here in Australia.

  116. says

    I really like the wooden tops ( I can see my oldest little one not only using one as an actual spinning toy, but it seems open-ended enough that it could be used along with wooden blocks or with other playthings.
    Whoever wins will have a blast with that great assortment of supplies!

  117. Sandrala says

    Have loved and continue to love the crayon rocks. Just bought an advent calendar to color. Had wanted to do something more crafty, but with moving into a new home during the holidays this seems like the perfect thing. Also a nice supplement for those who are able to get crafty. Thanks Jean and Kate! Happy Holidays!

  118. Helena says

    Thank you for introducing Stubby pencil studio. The website has everything good for kids and even for moms… I love the crayong rocks, jumbo stamp kit, and the wooden fish castanet. I am sure my kids will love them.

  119. Louise says

    What’s not to love from that shop! I’d have to go for the highlighter pencils, eco glue and erasers… I love the fact that the highlighters don’t contain the typical nasties, and the glue is one of the least toxic available… Nice to not think about VOC’s whilst crafting with little ones… Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. Courtney says

    As a mother with adopted kids that don’t have the same skin color as the biological child, I love the people pencils.

  121. krissy says

    I like the stamp kit for my younger and the enviro color pencils for my older, and everything in between for my middle.

  122. Katie K. says

    Thanks for introducing the Stubby Pencil Studio- what a great resource!! I am eyeing the watercolors and watercolor paper- my daughter loves to paint and I’m thinking we might need to experiment with some watercolors!

  123. says

    How fun! I love their site- a great discovery. I will probably get the toddler watercolor set for my son- I’ve been looking for something like that for him. Too many colors gets overwhelming :).
    Also liked he scented pens and pens- great for multisensory writing :)
    Thank you!

  124. Melissa says

    Smencils are a huge hit at my house! I think I’d enjoy these art supplies just as much as my seven year old daughter. Stubby Pencil Studio has terrific items and I really love the rubber stamps and sketchbooks. Anything to get the creative juices flowing is wonderful.

  125. Katy says

    I’ve had my eye on the double ended markers…such a reasonable price and I would gift them with some blank books to my 5-year-old. I keep thinking it’d be nice to have a “special” set of markers for him to make books with, a skinny end to write the words and then a thicker end to color with.

  126. Laura says

    I would love a few sets of the crayon rocks and the environmentally friendly pencils for my class of Early Years children! I would also like to try some of my more reluctant mark-makers on the smelly pencils to see if that would inspire them!!
    Thanks for the link!

  127. says

    (Hope this isn’t a double post…It doesn’t look like the original went through.) I love the puzzle animals. What fun! And all the Make Your Own wood kits look like they’d allow for a lot of creativity!

  128. [email protected] says

    I love the cute erasers and putty monsters.

  129. Naomi says

    I love their stuff! I’m filling my kiddos’ stockings with her art supplies! I can’t wait to get in the Trimax colored pencils!

  130. Sarah Keith says

    I love the crayon rocks, the jumbo felt pens, and the body crayons. What a great website to learn about! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  131. GOmama says

    I love and have loved the crayon rocks for a long time. I think they just scream “pick me up”! I would love to have a set in my youngest daughter’s stocking this year to help her manipulate the crayons!

  132. T. Beard says

    What a pretty and straightforward website. Love the cool pencil sharpeners, baby pencils and chubby pencils. (Can you tell I have a preschooler?)

  133. Heather says

    I want to try to crayon rocks. My daughter’s kindergarten teacher recommended them to me to help my little one work on her pencil grip. Plus, they just look like so much fun!

  134. Eileen says

    Oh, how could I choose a top pick from Stubby Pencil Studio?!? Love the sketchbooks and rock crayons. This time around I noticed the “Earth Friendly Nature Bag” which looked like lots of fun.

  135. Peg Miller says

    Popbead jewlery brought soooooooooooo many memories flooding back of playing with my grandma and her popbeads. I can remember begging her for a set of red popbeads once. I never did get the red ones but I still have some of her pink and blue ones. I’ll be 60 next year so they are probably considered antiques now. I’d love for my 3 year old granddaughter to enjoy them as much as I did AND I really loved the “Trucks that I made myself”….that would be my 5 year old grandson. He would think that was the berries!

  136. says

    I think the computer ate my post. I will try again, sure would like to check out these products. My favorite on the site is the Glob paint powder, something I’ve been looking for, so thanks for the link. Also love the watercolor and beeswax crayons and crayon rocks.

  137. Deanna K says

    I love the rock crayons! Thanks for the giveaway! My 3 year old is so excited about art material these days!

  138. Amy says

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  139. Andrea says

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  140. Christine N. says

    I love the stamp sets and mini ink pads. My kids are really into stamps right now. They got a couplle at Halloween but the ink just isn’t holding up. These sets look awesome and mini pads look perfect for little hands!

  141. Lindsay says

    I love this shop! I ordered a few things awhile back for my niece and she just loved it! I would like to try out the beeswax crayons…maybe I’ll pick them up for my son this year!

  142. Aerial says

    Thanks for sharing this site. It has great art supplies! I really like the KUM pencil sharpeners and the selection of pencils.

  143. Heather N says

    My daughter would pretty much like ANYTHING on the site, but she would be especially happy with crayon rocks, any stamp sets, and the horse stickers. I am partial to the 365 Block Calendar.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Annette says

    The water colors, the art journal and the body crayons look like a lot of fun! And many more items caught my eye.

  145. Emily says

    I would really love to give my daughter the crayon rocks & smencils. But I love just about everything at Stubby Pencil, especially the stamp kits.

  146. [email protected] says

    my four year old loves pebbles, so she would love the Crayon Rocks! she also loves tatoos, body painting, and pretending to be an animal when she is playing so she’d really get a kick out of the Animal Hands i think!

  147. [email protected] says

    What a beautiful selection of art supplies… oh the places we’ll go!

  148. Mariah says

    I absolutely love this website – all products are non-toxic and most products are CE (European) certified! I would love to try the Glob Natural Blends Paint. I think my daughter would get a kick out of painting with colors made from vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, roots and spices. :)

  149. [email protected] says

    Any and all of the art supplies are fantastic in our house!! Crayon rocks? How great! Thanks for website suggestion!!

  150. [email protected] says

    love the princess stamp kit plus sitckers…..i gotta go back after reading some comments

  151. Natalie says

    I love the wool felt bugs kit, crayon rocks holiday bag, and Glob naturals blends paint. Thanks for the opportunity to win these for my child/classroom!

  152. Aimee Smith says

    I like that the products are eco friendly. We homeschool, and do lots of arts and craft projects at our house. This would come in handy. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  153. says

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  154. says

    These look like fun supplies that you can use everyday. I’ve never tried Stubby products but I will look out for them in the future.

  155. says

    The $10 section is always my fave, perfect for little gifts and stocking stuffers. My little one still plays with the harmonica and the crayon rocks she got last Christmas!

  156. Gabrielle Fischer says

    What a great site! I have never seen the triangular colored pencils before! Those would definatley be great for my 3 year old, as would the block calendar…a nice way to learn the months of the year and his numbers, and it would look nice in my home, too :) Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, we love bringing your creative idea into our home!

  157. says

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  158. Jordan says

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  159. Sarah says

    I’m a huge fan of the Mimi the Sardine art aprons. You have a fun store! Thanks for supporting the Artful Parent. :)

  160. Epiphius says

    Oh my goodness! So many awesome supplies!! These little crayon rocks just sound so fun for my kids! I love the little sharpeners that look like full paint buckets (to me anyway) and that’s awesome that they carry left handed sharpeners!

  161. Jane says

    What a terrific giveaway! My faves are the “gifts under $10” and “crafts for kids” sections. I was looking for something like this site to do some holiday shopping for my boys and my preschoolers. This is perfect! I already saw a few things I need to get. I will definitely be adding this to my preschool blog. Thank you!

  162. Jill says

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  163. Lisa says

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    And the jumbo soy crayons.. Hadn’t seen those before. I will not rest until I have ever crayon ever created!

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  165. Terry says

    I’m in the process of opening an eco friendly preschool and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My son is 4 and a half; he’s my “product tester” and would LOVE this!!