Blogiversary Thank Yous and an Awesome Kids Art Book Giveaway

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Fotolia_28132625_XSHappy Birthday to this little blog of mine. The Artful Parent is four years old today! Just out of toddlerhood, really. But what a wonderful four years it's been!

I want to say a big thank you to all of you lovely folks who come by this space, read what I have to say, ask and answer questions, try out the arts and crafts projects that I write about, and inspire me with your own ideas and projects.


I am terribly lucky to have you and this community. You keep me inspired and excited, not just about children's art, seasonal crafts, and family fun, but also about life in general. I love blogging and love art and feel so lucky that I get to do this with you.

MaryAnn KohlI also want to thank and honor MaryAnn F. Kohl today. Her kids' art books and ideas about process-oriented children's art were instrumental in getting me started down this artful parent path. Her unflagging enthusiasm regarding children's art, her positive nature, and her warm accessibility and friendship have sustained me throughout the past few years.


I am lucky to have you in my life. Indeed, we are ALL lucky to have you. You have influenced so many parents, teachers, and children throughout your career as a teacher and author. I'm sure the ripples of your influence will continue to spread in the years ahead as well.



Children's Art Book Giveaway!

When I asked MaryAnn if she might be interested in offering a couple of her books as a giveaway today, she floored me by offering 9 books!! (It's her birthday, too—January 23rd—so it's a double celebration!) All eight of her Bright Ring Publishing titles are included in this giveaway, plus First Art because it was the first one I read. There will be three winners with each receiving one of the following sets of three books:

MaryAnn Kohl MaryAnn Kohl MaryAnn Kohl

Giveaway: Set One

  • Scribble Art
  • Mudworks
  • Discovering Great Artists

MaryAnn Kohl MaryAnn Kohl MaryAnn Kohl

Giveaway: Set Two

  • Great American Artists for Kids
  • Mudworks, Bilingual Edition
  • Science Arts

StorybookcoverBK Goodearthcover Firstartcov_2012

Giveaway: Set Three

  • Storybook Art
  • Good Earth Art
  • First Art (an older edition)

How to Enter

Readers who leave a comment to this post by 11:49 pm EST on Tuesday, January 24th will be entered into the giveaway for MaryAnn F. Kohl's books. The three winners will be picked by random number generator and will be announced on this post on Wednesday morning (I also e-mail the winners directly). This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only. Good luck! Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me 59, 160, and 263 so the winners are Erin (book set 1), Rashmi (book set 2), and Jenn (book set 3). Congrats!

Update: Because of a bad e-mail address, I wasn't able to reach Rashmi, so had to get a new number from Random.Org. #248 means the winner for book set 2 is now Sally.

Erin said…

I love your blog!

Rashmi said…

Wow four years!! Congrats. Happy birthday to Mary ann Kohl too. Hope we win her books

Jenn said…

Fantastic! Happy blogiversary!

Sally said…

Congrats on your 4 year Anniversary!! What a great giveaway! Thank you for your daily inspirations!

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  1. christine w. says

    these books have all been on my list and i’d love to receive any of them! thank you and thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. says

    How can I win all nine of them? JUST KIDDING!! This is an exciting time, Jean, so Happy Blogiversary. I won’t tell you how old I am this year, but it’s kind of a milestone of sorts, so it’s fun to celebrate by sharing. I’ll have a guest blog post for you soon….just to add to the celebration.
    H A P P Y B L O G A V E R S A R Y !!

  3. says

    I love your blog! I am a mom of two girls under the age of three – and I love art. Your ideas are very inspirational and I’ll be sure to use a lot of them. Thank you!

  4. says

    I am with MaryAnn. how can I win all of them. I currently own two Maryann F. Kohl books. To me she is the authority in children’s art. Love her and love your blog. She was my first author of art books crush and you were my first blog crush. Wow! Two of my favorites in one place.

  5. katrina says

    Oh! My children and I have so loved the ones of these that we’ve found at the library — such inspiring projects! Thanks for entering me, and happy double birthdays…

  6. Laura F. says

    Happy blogiversary! Your blog has introduced me to great ideas and great resources, helping me introduce art to my toddlers in interesting ways. Thank you so much!

  7. Katie says

    Happy blogiversary to you! The Artful Parent has contributed so much to how I approach creativity with my children. Thank you! Through your blog (and my mom, an educator for 35 years) I have also heard great things about MaryAnn Kohls books and would love to win a copy (and mark a book off my Amazon wishlist!). Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Danielle says

    Congratulations! Love your blog and Mary Ann’s as both a mom to a preschooler and as an asst. director of a nursery school. These are my go to books!

  9. says

    I gave away my copy of First Art on my Blog a few months back! It was the first book I read of Mary Ann’s and it was so inspiring. I’d love to be entered! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  10. says

    I love her books too. we have Science Arts and Great ARtists. I think we need to pull them out today for some fun. Happy Anniversary again.

  11. Katherine says

    We have just discovered her through “First Art”. Would love to add to our library for future projects.

  12. Brigid Ferkett says

    Your blog has been quite an inspiration in our family. My seven year old wakes up and sits down at her desk to immediately work on things. A new set of books would be wonderful for her. Happy Anniversary.

  13. says

    Happy blog anniversary and happy birthday to MaryAnn! We have a bunch of her books but only 2 of the ones in the giveaways, doubles would make great gifts!

  14. Katy says

    Great giveaway, and some of those books of hers I’d never heard of, so thanks for the introduction! And Happy Birthday to you both :)

  15. says

    Happy Blogoversy!! And Happy Birthday MaryAnne! I would love to win a set! There are so many wonderful projects and inspiration in MaryAnne’s books!

  16. Hannah says

    Happy Birthday! We are just getting a family art studio together, these books would be so inspiring! Thanks.

  17. sarah says

    I’ve been reading your blog for nearly all four years! I’m incredibly thankful to you for introducing me to so many wonderful things! Happy day.

  18. says

    Wow, this is awesome. First, thank you so much for writing The Artful Parent. It has influenced me so much and is helping me enrich my children’s lives every day. Happy Anniversary!
    I was introduced to MaryAnn Kohl’s art books through your blog and I agree, they are amazing. So useful, user friendly, and fun. I am so grateful to her for her work, and for the things I’ve learned from them about making art with children.
    Thank you both again! And Happy Birthday MaryAnn!

  19. says

    Congratulations, Jean! Your blog is a source of inspiration for so many and you should be proud of that!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art ideas!

  20. says

    These look really neat! Thanks to both of you! I’m a fairly new follower (under a yr) and will have to check out these books.

  21. [email protected] says

    I would love to win these books. I have 4 children, ages 6-12, and you have brought us so many wonderful activities and beautiful thoughts and images! Thank you!!! Whitney Allison Yoder

  22. Jana says

    How wonderful! My kids school is a co-op and I help out with their art projects and ideas. This would really come in handy! Thanks.

  23. Andrea D. says

    I would love to win this for my kids. Thanks for the chance to enter. I love your blog it helps me with my kids.

  24. Camille K. says

    From one N. Carolinian to another, Happy Blog B-day!! Any one of these amazing books would be a perfect addition to our Homeschool Curriculum! I love being creative and sharing and encouraging my children to express themselves creatively as well. It’s an amazing process! Hope we win! Thanks!

  25. Stacey says

    I am new to your blog and just love it. We experimented with Aqua Gems in a bin on our homemade light table yesterday, and the twins loved it. We love books to as most kiddos I know. What a great giveaway. Happy Birthday!

  26. Megan S. says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for all of the work you put into this blog – it really is a great resource.

  27. Katie says

    I just started following your blog and already love it! Thank you for your creative ideas and projects. And happy birthday to your blog!

  28. katie says

    i got good earth art as a gift YEARS ago… i think i was in middle school… i have since forgotten about it so now i need to do some searching…would love to see what her other books are all about!!!

  29. amy dyer says

    happy happy birthday!!! i really enjoy reading your articles and posts :) thank you for your offer!

  30. Aly Kantor says

    I used ‘First Art’ quite a bit when I first started teaching an arts and movement program for toddlers and young preschoolers, and it was one of those books that was really instrumental in helping me understand how to provide more art experiences rather than art projects, which is what I strove for. It was one of those books that really helped me to make the leap! Unsurprisingly, it was also the first book that came off the shelf when I began teaching toddlers again, and still has a very prominent place on my shelf now that I’m working with preschoolers! I’m not sure Maryann really has any idea how many big fans (and little fans) she has! And how gracious of her to provide so many books for this giveaway! Happy birthday to Maryann and to The Artful Parent! Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. Amy Williams says

    Your blog has inspired me and my oldest daughter for 3 years – thank you and Happy Blogiversary! We have and love Scribble Art, I always wished I had her other books, and now that my youngest is 15 months I must get First Art. MaryAnn’s books are great!

  32. says

    Happy birthday to MaryAnn! Happy blogiversary to you!
    I love your blog! We love and regularly do projects from MaryAnn’s books, as well as your blog, both in our home and in our homeschool co-op.
    We especially would love to win Set Two, as I am trying to teach my sons English, Spanish, and French. We have many friends in the co-op who are trying to do the same thing, to introduce bilingual learning to their children.
    We don’t have any of the books in Set Two.
    We have quite a few of her other books though and just love them!
    What a great giveaway!
    So excited about this giveaway!
    Colleen:) Sunrise Learning Lab

  33. Gizala says

    What an AWESOME giveaway. I thought I knew all her books but there are a few here I have not seen before. I’d be proud to own any of these sets!

  34. Nicole says

    I have checked out several of her books from the library; they are an inspiration! Thanks for this opportunity!

  35. Pearly says

    Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary! You have been a true inspiration! I am so thankful for your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your amazing creativity to all!

  36. says

    Happy Blogiversary to you! I am always inspired by your blog and am a big fan of MaryAnn Kohl too! I would be so excited to for any set of her amazing books :)

  37. Amy A. says

    Your blog is an inspiration…so glad I found you and hope you stay for many more years! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  38. [email protected] says

    As an elementary art teacher I would love any and all of these sets! I have her Great Artists book and use it often!

  39. Kimberly says

    Happy blogiversary! I LOVE your blog and your toddler art group has been such an inspiration to me!

  40. says

    Happy anniversary, Jean! We have one of Mary Anne Kohl’s books that we use and mark up a lot. It would be awesome to have a few more of her books.

  41. Karla says

    Congratulations on 4 years of providing us great information and inspiration. Looking forward to many more years!

  42. Kimberly says

    Congratulations! I am always looking to check out her books at the library…and so is the rest of the town, because they’re hard to get :)

  43. cheryl mathiasen says

    Happy Anniversary. I love Mary Ann’s books as well. I’ve been a preschool teacher for over 25 years and have her Mudworks and Great Artist books. They are invaluable to me.

  44. Melissa B says

    Happy Anniversary! I love her books and keep checking the ones our library has out, so it would be fabulous to win 3!

  45. Susan says

    Thank you so much for the time you spend doing this blog! I love the activities you share and carry them over to my classroom. Happy Birthday to your blog! May there be many years of creativity ahead of you.

  46. says

    your blog was teh irst one i stumbled upon and then followed, and then became addicted to otehrs blogs LOL. thank you for all of the time you take out to share w/ others, and inspire. JUST LIKE MARY’s books. i adore them and would love love love to add to my collection

  47. Jackie says

    Happy Blogiversary! It’s been a joy to read your blog and watch your kids grow up! Thank you for so many good ideas!

  48. Aerial says

    I love Mary a. Kohl’s books. I only have two but there are enough ideas to last me forever!

  49. Holly Schwartz says

    Would love to win one of your giveaways.
    Thanks for all of the inspiration.
    Holly in Kentucky

  50. Kate says

    Today is my daughter’s 7th birthday too — she is the artistic and creative one in the family, so she keeps me inspired! I have checked several of these books out of the library for reference, but would love to own them! THANKS for the giveaways!!!

  51. Gabriel Miles says

    This is a GREAT giveaway! I have the Discovering Great Artists book and it’s fabulous! I didn’t know about her others, they look great. So excited!

  52. Katie says

    Fun! We love MaryAnn Kohl books… I get them at the library but it would be fun to have our own set.

  53. Jane says

    What a great give away. I love her books and have enjoyed your blog so much. Great ideas for my classroom and doing art at home with my children. Happy Anniversary!

  54. Andrea says

    Yes…happy blogiversary! I adore this blog for the thoughtful ideas I can use for my family. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  55. Andrea says

    Yes…Happy Blogiversary! I adore this blog for thoughtful ideas I can use with my family. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  56. Bibliosophy says

    How generous; I would love to win! Thanks to your inspiration, I just started a preschool art group. It’s been so fun!

  57. Julie A. says

    Happy birthday to both of you! I would be SOOO excited to win this…it would feel like my birthday! Thanks for the chance!

  58. jennifer says

    i love her book of first art for toddlers and twos. it’s been instrumental in starting my daughter’s first art experiences! happy bday to the blog and to mary ann!

  59. Andie says

    Congrats on four years! I’m always looking on your site for art ideas for my girls. I know we’d love exploring these books together.

  60. Amanda C. says

    Love, love, love MaryAnn Kohl’s books. It is such an amazing book! Gives just enough structure to make me feel confident, with tons of flexibility so that it is truly creative “art” for my daughters, rather than a “craft project”. Congrats on your anniversary! Your blog is definitely in my top 5 (and where I first was introduced to ‘First Art’!). Thanks so much to you both for the chance at this giveaway!

  61. Anna says

    I find the best ideas for projects with my little ones when I look at your blog, and my kids are always so proud of their final projects. Hooray for four years!

  62. Carrie R says

    Happy Birthday to your blog and also to MaryAnn! Thanks to you both for all you do and the wonderful giveaway.

  63. Martina says

    Happy Blogiversary from Argentine! this blog is wonderfull and my sons enjoy so much with yours projects.

  64. Liz S. says

    Thank you, Jean, for a wonderful blog! Your blog was the very first blog I ever read and it is still one of only a few that I subscribe to (e-mail inbox space is just too precious). Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration and for introducing me to Mary Ann Kohl! I love her books, too!
    Happy Anniversary!

  65. Cindy M says

    Congratulations and happy blogiversary, happy to have found you. I love all of your posts/ ideas. Please continue the awesome work!

  66. lili says

    Congrats and thank you for writing! I’m not very artsy and I’m trying to pick up some of your ideas.

  67. Elizabeth says

    Congrats! Thanks to you too. My daughter’s toddlerhood has been greatly enriched because of bloggers and authors like you and MaryAnn Kohl!

  68. Amy says

    I’ve been curious about those books since you mention them so often. I’d love the chance to own a few myself!

  69. Eileen says

    I am a HUGE fan of Mary Ann, but have only one of her books thus far. We would be THRILLED to have more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Savannah says

    Congrats on your anniversary! I’m a big fan of these books (in fact, I have Math Arts out from the library right now!)

  71. says

    Oh how wonderful!! What a great birthday present to pass on to future artists and artful parents alike. Sign me up! We’d love to put one of those sets to use.
    Thanks to Jean and Maryann both!
    Sarah M

  72. rachel says

    oh this is all so special… YOUR blog anniv.– wehoo! and the honor you’re giving to your hero… and such a wonderful giveaway! i’ll have to spring and get one/some of these bks even if i don’t win… but maybe just maybe i’ll win this time!

  73. says

    What a fantastic assortment of books! Good Earth Art is a favorite of mine that I keep taking out of the library. :) I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I am hopeful and excited to read many more years worth of wonderful projects and activities!

  74. Barbara says

    What a huge giveaway! I’ve enjoyed your blog for 2 years now, and I aspire to implement some of your creative ideas at home with my two daughters (Ages 2 and 4 months).

  75. Beth I says

    What a fun giveaway! Congrats on your anniversary. I love all the great ideas I have used from your blog.

  76. Beth I says

    What a great giveaway! I love all the ideas I get from your blog. The idea that changed my life and what I do with my kids is, glue stick to hang stuff up in the window. So genius!

  77. Nancy says

    such great books! we’d love to own a few for inspiration! happy 4th! (I may have accidentally posted twice? the comment form is being a bit tempermental with me.)

  78. says

    What a thrilling giveaway- and thanks for so many great years and ideas, Jean. I am a close friend of Meg Winnercours- I told her to look you up, as your projects have been such a big part of our lives. So glad she’s a part of yours.

  79. Barb says

    I love Mary Ann’s books. It would be great to have them for my son. Thanks for offering such a great give away!

  80. Gina says

    We have checked out many of these from our library but I would love to own them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  81. Rebecca says

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! Thanks so much for the wonderful and inspiring ideas!!

  82. [email protected] says

    Thanks for all your great ideas.

  83. says

    OH my gosh! What an awesome giveaway. I learned about MaryAnn’s books through you and we have two of them already and love them. Happy blogaversary to you. Your blog has been such a great inspiration for our family

  84. Wendy says

    Happy Blogiversary!! That is a very exciting accomplishment and I really enjoy reading your blog and getting inspired with new ideas for the kiddos :) What an awesome giveaway to celebrate (thanks MaryAnne).I have one of her books already and would love to add more to my collection. Thanks Again

  85. Lori Z. says

    There’s something for each of my kids in every set! Thank you for hosting and congrats on your blogiversary!

  86. Jessamyn says

    I have just discovered your blog. Such great ideas that I am sharing with my toddler. Thanks so much for helping us have so much fun!

  87. Tauna W. says

    How wonderful!!! I was just looking over art books at today. These are wonderful! I would love to win some! Happy Anniversary!

  88. says

    Hey, my birthday is the 21st too (not blog, real) so maybe that will give me extra chances! I am a homeschool mom who’s youngest would have been 14 but, alas, I’ve had another and am starting all over again. I need these books!!!! My little guy won’t talk (he’s 2) but he’s all about art and music. I’ve got First Art and love it. (If I won, I’d just give it away on my blog)

  89. says

    Happy Birthday! Your blog was my first introduction to the wonderful world of children and art, I owe you so much! Would love to win!

  90. Lindsay says

    Happy birthday! And thanks so much for dedicating so much time creating this wonderful blog!

  91. Eliza says

    Happy Blogiversary, Jean! I’m not sure if you truly realize what your blog has meant and continues to mean for all of us (and the crazy part of this virtual world is that most of us don’t know each other!). Thank you for your continued inspiration on the days when I need it most! I hope you have done as I just did and made your blog into a bound book so that Maya and Daphne have it always to cherish!

  92. StacyH says

    Happy Blog Birthday, I look forward to your blog every day! I would love these books to use with my monkey and monkey-on-the-way…

  93. Michelle says

    What an awesome collection! Congrats on inspiring others for four years. You have caused some cool creations at our house for sure.

  94. Gwen says

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations!
    This blog has been such an inspiration for my family and in my classroom. Thank you!

  95. Diane says

    I get so many ideas from your blog and from Mary Ann Kohl’s First Art book. Thanks so much for all the art inspiration.

  96. Dena says

    Happy anniversary Jean!! So happy for you that your blog is so successful and that you get to share your inspiring ideas and art!! I would love some of the books in this giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  97. T. Beard says

    Happy anniversary! What a great giveaway. I look forward to another year of learning from your wonderful blog!

  98. Jane says

    I’m always on the hunt to bring richer artist experiences to my little one, and her friends in the classroom… These books are amazing tools!
    Happy 4th Anniversary to The Artful Parent~ Another amazing resource!

  99. says

    These books look wonderful. Happy birthday to your blog! I only recently started following and I’m glad I did. I truly enjoy reading your blog! I have already used many of your ideas in my preschool classroom.

  100. G says

    Happy bogiversary and congratulations on your success! Thank you for the giveaway, and for so many great ideas over the years!

  101. Jane says

    wow – what a great give away! Happy 4 years – and many more to come, I hope! I love your blog and am so inspired and instructed by it. Thank you. :)

  102. michelle says

    Thank you both for helping to make our lives more artful, our days more colorful and our spirits more joyful! Happy Birthday Jean and MaryAnn!

  103. Anne T. says

    How lovely, what a generous offering. Would love to win any of the sets. Thank you for the chance!

  104. JenO says

    I checked out the First Art book from our library when I started providing daycare. So many fantastic ideas. I would love to get a hold of any of these books, as I am sure they are all just as wonderful. Love your blog and thank you for celebrating your anniversary with such a great give away.

  105. Sharon says

    Happy Blogiversary!. Books look great. I am an artist and am linking your blog to mine. I’m always looking for places for people to get good ideas for artistic things to do with their children.

  106. Agnes says

    Congratulations, Jean, on your anniversary!! I love reading your blog–so inspiring. Thank you!

  107. Sally says

    Congrats on your 4 year Anniversary!! What a great giveaway! Thank you for your daily inspirations!

  108. says

    I love this blog! Our 3 yr old girl loves art almost as much as we do- both mom and dad are painters! These are great ideas for her to express herself and gain practical skills.

  109. Jill says

    Happy birthday to The Artful Parent! This is one of my favorites blogs, and I always find it inspirational. Congratulations!

  110. says

    Congrats on 4 wonderful years! You’re an inspiration :) crossing my fingers for the amazing books you’re giving away! Perfect for our soon to be homeschooling family!

  111. Heather says

    Congrats to you and thank you for all your work on this wonderful resource!
    My kids love to experiment with art. My daughter especially loves paint, lots of thick, squishy, gloppy tempera. My son likes markers because they provide instant color.
    My birthday is Jan 24! Lots of celebrating going around!

  112. says

    Jean, Happy Happy Blogaversary! Our family has so enjoyed your blog over the last two years. Each time we receive a new post in our email it’s always exciting to see what new artsy idea you have waiting for our kiddos to try! We are so thankful for your passion of art and all things alike!
    Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opp.!!
    Sine On,
    Jaime & Co.

  113. Katie says

    I have been working my way through “First Art” and love it (another great source of inspiration)! I would love to win more of MaryAnn’s books!

  114. [email protected] says

    Oh my goodness! I am uber excited about this giveaway. I have taken out two of her book from the library and have dreamed about adding the whole collection to our shelves. Thank you!

  115. Sharon says

    I haven’t heard of these before. But I will be checking these out. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!!

  116. Amber Broda says

    Happy Birthday Artful Parent! I think I’ve been reading almost since the start of your blog. First Art was the 1st art book I ever read as a parent, read it for the 1st time when my oldest (now 6.5) was just a baby. I;m so glad I did and have been able to allow my girls to experience process focused art. What an amazing giveaway. Thanks for sharing your life with us through your blog.

  117. suzette says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! It is amazing how fast time goes by when you are doing something you love! Thank you for taking the time to share your gift.

  118. susan says

    These look like a great way to get some creative juices flowing! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  119. Rachel says

    What an amazing, inspirational giveaway! Happy Birthday to a wonderful art educator and teacher. Oh, that I might win NINE books!!!

  120. Maggie says

    Congrats on 4 years! You have given me such great inspiration to use with my two boys, I still continue to hear how great everyone thought the candy-cane playdough was over Christmas. It makes me so happy to think this little gift helped lots of families come together to do such a simple activity. Yay for Family Art Time and Yay for you Jean!

  121. Melissa says

    what an exciting giveaway – we’ve been hoarding a few of these from the library and it would be so exciting to own them. Happy 4 years of blogging!

  122. Molly says

    I am fairly new to your blog but I love it and have incorporated many ideas into our homeschool art classes. Thanks so much!

  123. [email protected] says

    Happy anaversary. What an amazing milestone. thanks for the chance to win some amazing books. Fingers crosses.

  124. Jennifer says

    Wow! I would love a chance to win. Thank you so much!
    I love your blog. We use your wonderful ideas all the time. Congratulations!

  125. [email protected] says

    Big Congrats on your Blogiversary!! I am new but really enjoying being a part of it all. I have a little girl that wants to start her own website for her art and my son loves art as well. We are a family of artists, with me back in school myself at the U studying visual arts. These books look amazing and will fuel creativity for all ages for years and years to come. Thanks for all you do. And thanks for offering such a giveaway. Cheers to many more years of inspiration!

  126. Meg Roke says

    How exciting to be celebrating 4 years at a terrific blog! I wish I had discovered this blog 4 years ago. I can honestly say that I’ve been enjoying it since I came across it a few months ago. Keep it up!

  127. andrea says

    wow. i’d love this! i have only one of her books. had more from the library in the past. must own more!

  128. says

    Oh wow what an amazing giveaway! I have all of her books saved on amazon with the idea that I would slowly purchase them, so far I have MathArts and ScienceArts.

  129. says

    What a generous giveaway! As the owner of EIGHT MaryAnn Kohl books, I can attest to the value of winning every single one of these books. You are both an inspiration to so many of us — thank you for all your ideas and celebration of process-based art.

  130. [email protected] says

    happy b’versary! I’d love to check out her books!

  131. says

    I never win anything…well, once, that I can remember. But, you can’t win if you don’t try! Cross my fingers, cross my fingers, cross my fingers!!! You and your little blog space are truly amazing. Love, Marin

  132. says

    Happy Blogiversary! It’s been a year since I started to rethink how “I” do art. Since then the children I care for are doing the art. I have enjoyed using your ideas to help the process of change.

  133. says

    Just discovered your blog, and looking forward to reading more, and reading some of her books, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  134. Tine says

    The books all look inspirational, just like the artful parent. I look forward to opening my e-mail in anticipation of a new artful parent post. Thank you.

  135. says

    Happy Birthday! This is one of my favorite art blogs and I love these book! I’ve frequently used the art and science one…. these are a real treasure! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  136. We Need Kids Art Sets in Education says

    What a sweet thank you post. It’s nice to see people’s happiness and gratitude. I work in an elementary school, and I definitely use your ideas all the time when I work with the kids. They love them as much as I do! Our school district has been very generous with art supplies, and I really feel that it strongly impacts their learning in a positive way.

  137. Rose says

    Thank you for the wonderful blog and thank you for introducing me to Mary Ann Kohl! I was not familiar with her until I read about her on your blog. I’ve learned many wonderful things here.