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I'm excited to announce that I've joined one of my favorite children's book publishers as an ambassador! Update (July 2012): While I still love Barefoot Books, I've decided to stop selling them as an ambassador and focus my time and energy on my blog, my writing, and all of our fun art activities.


My Barefoot Books business "starter kit" arrived in the mail a few days ago and Maia and I had such a fun afternoon opening the package and exploring what was inside. We read books on the sofa, cooked with new recipes, put together puzzles, and played with the softest bunny hand puppet ever.

Why Barefoot Books?

These books pair captivating children's stories with beautiful illustrations—a magical combination with the ability to transport readers young and old to new worlds, real and imagined. They truly are some of the best of children's literature.

I first fell in love with Barefoot Books about 10 years ago (before kids!) when a good friend took me to their Boston-area store. A couple of years ago, I tried to find a local (Asheville) rep to host a party/fundraiser only to find out that there weren't any active in the area. I then thought I might sign up myself, but I had a newborn in my arms, a four year old, a blog… who was I kidding?! But the idea has been there, simmering, in the back of my mind and I finally took the plunge last month and made the commitment.


So what does this mean?

It means I'm going to sell children's books and products on behalf of Barefoot Books, making a commission on all that I sell. It means that as I share books that I love and believe in, I will be contributing to my family's financial well-being at the same time. Pretty awesome.

I will likely post about the books here, on the blog, from time to time. I also just added a button to my sidebar that will take you to my own Barefoot Books webpage. Any purchases you make through the book links or the sidebar button will support this blog (healthy family finances means time to do art with my kids and blog about it instead of finding an outside job.).

You can host a Barefoot Books party

I can also do virtual parties for any of you interested (you earn free books for hosting) or virtual fundraisers (you earn 20% of the total sales for your school, nonprofit, or charity of your choice). Please feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]) if you're interested or if you have any questions.

And if you live in the Asheville, NC area, I would be happy to work with you to plan a Barefoot Books party in your home (you earn free books, get to browse through a selection of the beautiful books, and hang out with friends) or as a fundraiser for a school or nonprofit. Again, you can e-mail me for more information ([email protected]).

Cooking with Kids' Kitchen


Before I end this post, I wanted to share Maia's favorite item from the Barefoot Books box: a box of Kids' Kitchen recipe cards. These kid-friendly, vegetarian recipes are printed on sturdy, laminated cards which I think is pretty genius. Besides having a single recipe card with you in the kitchen while you're working, food splatters wipe off easily, and you can do what Maia did: sort the recipes into piles of "I want to make RIGHT NOW" and "nope." Oh, and something that I didn't realize at first is that the recipes are color coded by food group, which can be both a nifty way to learn about nutrition and a quick way to find what you're looking for.


One of the recipes that floated to the top of the "I wanna make" pile was this one for "Yummy Hot Bananas." It was a super easy recipe that called for slitting the banana peel, smushing down the banana a bit inside (turning the whole thing into a boat), sprinkling on a little brown sugar and cinnamon, wrapping the whole thing in foil, and baking.


The result, which we ate picnic-style in the living room, tasted like a cross between banane flambe and banana pudding. Delicious! (Maia has since made this recipe again twice, with less and less help each time.)

While we still love our Pretend Soup cookbook, especially for it's step-by-step illustrated instructions, Kids' Kitchen is already becoming a new favorite.

Would you like to browse my new Barefoot Books webpage and see some of the beautiful books and other products? Here's the link.

P.S. Back to our guest post series tomorrow!

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  1. says

    I love barefoot too – will have to look at how it all works. our fav is herb the vegetarian dragon which my parents gave me pre kids as well! I see it in one of your photos. well done and i am sure it will be good for you and your family on so many levels!
    go well.

  2. Misty Lynn says

    I had a friend that sold Barefoot Books when my 6 year old was a toddler. We have several that my now 2 year old enjoys…they both love Animal Boogie. I haven’t looked at Barefoot Books in years, but will check out your website now. Thanks!

  3. says

    I just discovered Barefoot Books a couple of weeks ago and was wondering where I could find them locally and/or online. I will happily buy them through you from now on!

  4. says

    Cool! I like a lot of the Usborne books, too. We have many. I especially like their Kane Miller line of books (which publishes our beloved Anna Hibiscus books).

  5. Ann says

    We do those bananas on the campfire with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Yum. We like the barefoot tales that come with CDs – knights and pirates. Now that I have a girl we may need another one. Good Luck.

  6. Shannon says

    Good for you! I LOVE Barefoot bear books and have had our set for over a decade. As my kids have outgrown them (though even I wil never outgrow those illustrations), they have rotated into ou “keep forever” box.

  7. Julikay2u says

    We do those on the campfire too. Soooo yummy! We actually took these to do at a family camping event for Cub Scouts this summer. They were a huge hit!

  8. says

    This sounds very interesting to me…wondering if it’s something I’d want to do but I don’t really understand what’s required financially. It looks so easy to sign up but I worry that I’d be getting myself into something I can’t handle money-wise (we are currently on a “grad-school budget” aka we are totally broke. Any advice or insight?

  9. k says

    you completely enclose it in the foil right? Also do you put it on a cookie sheet or toaster rack something because wouldnt it like fall through the rack if you put it in alone? Also should it be a ripe banana like with baking or just any kind you normally like to eat

  10. Meg says

    Hi I was thinking of leaving my teaching career to stay home with my children. I might try to sell barefoot books to supplement our income. Is it a good way to make money?