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Japanese Brush Painting for ChildrenWe had the opportunity to try out a Japanese brush painting activity yesterday. A rather magical one, in fact, with "disappearing ink." Maia kept asking if it was magic, anyway, even though she knew it was just water she was painting with. I could understand her awe, though, as the effect of the water painted on the special paper-covered sumi-e board was just like that of black ink until it disappeared and left us with a blank slate to start all over again (and again).

This was so much fun to play with! Maia drew and doodled; oohed and ahhed. We drew Valentine's for each other, back and forth. Maia experimented with thick and thin lines, dots, and even painting the entire board black—all to see if it would really disappear the next time. Of course, it did.

Here are some photos from the afternoon…

Japanese Brush Painting for Children

Japanese Brush Painting for Children

Japanese Brush Painting for Children

Japanese Brush Painting for Children

This Japanese Brush Painting set (item #A352) includes the framed "canvas" that you paint on, a brush, and a stand. It was sent to us by For Small Hands, a company that sells Montessori tools, products, and games for families. If you are a teacher, you probably know their sister company, Montessori Services, which caters to schools and teachers.

Disclosure: The brush painting set was sent to me to try out for free; all opinions expressed are my own.

Would you like your own Japanese Brush Painting set?

For Small Hands is offering one as a giveaway to one lucky winner. To enter, simply leave a comment to this post by Friday, February 3rd at 11:49pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Saturday morning. This giveaway is open to readers who live in the United States, US provinces, and Canada. I will e-mail the winner directly as well, so if you use the facebook sign-in option then please put your e-mail address in the body of the comment. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #92, so Kari wins the Japanese Brush Painting set. Congrats!

Kari said…

A lovely art tool that my 6-year-old son and toddler daughter could BOTH enjoy. And me too, for that matter. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  1. Kristin says

  2. carrie says

    I gave one of these to a friends daughter about 9 years ago. Now I have a child and would love to share the experience with him. I was told this is to teach all of us not everything is permanent and to enjoy what you have in the moment.

  3. Maggie says

    I love the simplicity of this, it’s been on my wish list on Amazon for a while now. Such great giveaways!

  4. says

    I think my daughter and I would love this equally! I’m reading a book now on Chinese painting and the process that children go through in learning how to paint in China. Very interesting! So we would be very inspired to paint if Penny and I won this :)

  5. Teresa says

    That looks amazing. My son would love it – his favourite colour is black and wants to only use it.

  6. Sharian P says

  7. Ann says

    Saw a post on this before and looked into getting one. I was just thinking the other day how our family would love this art activity. Maybe I will win….

  8. Gabriela Klimes says

    So interesting. I’ve been enjoying some Japanese brush art by a great Winnipeg artist named Kal Barteski lately, so this would be so neat to try!

  9. keira says

    Our daughter had one of these in her art studio at school. All of the students seemed to gravitate to this during free time. Great product!

  10. Jane says

    We would love to have one of these! Always been fascinated by the organic forms and temporary beauty of these painting boards… Thanks for bringing it to the forefront!

  11. Amy F says

    I have been thinking about getting one of these for my (almost) 4 year old. I think she would love it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. lyndsay says

    Oh, this is a fabulous activity for children! My two year old would get so much use from it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Aly Kantor says

    Ooh, this looks like something wonderful to pop in the writing center! Novelty always draws a crowd! Thanks again for another interesting giveaway!

  14. Faye E. Hunt says

    This is such a beautiful concept and one that my son would just love exploring. Thank you for this marvelous giveaway!

  15. says

    Wow that looks like so much fun. The girls love painting on construction paper with water and watching it get darker and then fade away, this makes it look even more exciting!

  16. Gizala says

  17. says

    I’m not really commenting because of the giveaway, but to say that we have one of these and absolutely love it. We call it “water painting,” and it’s so wonderful because you can easily get it out and put it away and enjoy the PROCESS of painting. All with water!
    But if I do happen to win, I will give it to a good friend. They would love it too!

  18. says

    A lovely art tool that my 6-year-old son and toddler daughter could BOTH enjoy. And me too, for that matter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Monica says

    This is super cool! I do believe that I’d have to put a time limit on it so that the whole family could share – everyone would love this!

  20. Lara says

    We had the opportunity to play/paint with these at our local art museum (Cincinnati Art Museum)and we all loved them. Unending creativity, fun, imagination, patterns, designs… One of these is on our wish list for this year. :)

  21. Nolan says

    My sister gave us one of these at Christmas but we haven’t tried it yet. I have 2.5 year old twins, so sharing one hasn’t been something I’ve looked forward to. An extra might be nice ;)

  22. Holly says

    We have a different version of this…we love this!!! Ours is called a Buddha Board. These are great!

  23. says

    I just opened a small pre-school, Newcastle Montessori Children’s House and I have one of these on my Wish List! They are so great to teach patience, care as well as the pencil control.

  24. says

    Reminds me of the Buddha board you have!

  25. Georgine says

    We’ve order from the Small Hands catalog. My girls woul love this set. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  26. Kate says

    Of all your giveaways, I think this one is my favorite — no mess, no fuss, LOTS of fun!!! :-) THANKS for all of the fun giveaways!!!

  27. says

    The wonder pets have an episode about sumi-e and ever since we watched it, my son has wanted to try it. I never thought to look for a set. This would be wonderful.

  28. says

    I’d love one! Actually, have wanted one for a while, but forgot. Might have to go purchase if I don’t win. Fingers crossed!

  29. christine says

    i’m getting all zen just by reading this! this would have amazing calming effects, i think! thanks so much!

  30. Veronika says

    We’ve had something similar for years, called a Buddha Board. My daughter loves it – it’s so much fun.

  31. Barbara Zaborowski says

    We used to have a sumi-e board like this at preschool. When it died (after years of use) we bought some of the special paper at an art supply house. You need to be careful not to soak the paper (as preschoolers will tend to do.) Oddly enough, I was just thinking about getting some more paper for school. Must be some kind of psychic web between us, Jean.

  32. jennifer says

    gorgeous! we ordered from them a while back and every product we bought our daughter uses a lot – a pitcher, broom, mop, high quality rolling pin, etc.

  33. Sheau says

    Have been thinking to get one for my little one. This would be wonderful for kids and adults alike. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Erin says

    We’ve played with one of these before–great fun! We would love to have one of our own! Thank you for the chance to win!

  35. Jennifer says

    Would love to have this painting option available any time of day. I would imagine my almost 3 year old would incorporate it into her play in unexpected ways!

  36. kt says

    A wayyyyy cooler aqua doodle. I’ve seen them used for handwriting practice in classrooms. I’d love it! Thanks for the fun giveaways.

  37. Lorina says

    We had a commercial product like this…aquadoodle, I think…..kids loved it….but it wore out…this would be so fun!

  38. V says

  39. katie says

    oooooo… my birthday is coming up and this would be perfect for my kids… my 2 year old said she wants to throw me a sushi party (she remembered last years surprise 30th my family threw for me at an amazing sushi buffet restaurant)!!! thanks for all the opportunities this month for freebies!!! heres to continued success on your blog!!!

  40. says

  41. Gina E says

    Great giveaway! My daughter has been painting since she was 18 months and loves it. She is 6 now. Thanks for all the neat stuff!

  42. says

    I just saw one for the first time the other day, called a Buddha Board. I think it’s an awesome tool for teaching the Buddhist principle of impermanence – and of course, fun for art :)

  43. says

    Fantastic! I’ve played with a small pink one of these but the large format and black ink look is way nicer. This would be a fabulous tool for practicing letter formation. very cool!

  44. [email protected] says

    It looks so professional. I would mount it on a low nail so that it is interactive art on display.

  45. [email protected] says

    My boys would be in awe too! we homeschool and are on our Japanese tour next month!! This would be a blessing to a limited budget!! Thanks for doing the give away!!

  46. Meg J says

    Great oppotunity to introduce to our preschoolers in Japanese school in canada where I work. I am also learned caligraphy in my childhood.this is a such a nice tool without a mess to start out!

  47. Holly says

    So cool! I’ve never seen anything quite like that. I think I’d be as mesmerized as Maia! (oh yeah, and my kids too).

  48. Julikay2u says

    I saw this on Pink and Green Mama’s blog just last week and thought it was terribly cool. How nice to find that not even a week after reading her entry, here you are giving one away. Fabulous!

  49. Brook Elmer says

    I like the idea. It is very multiple age oriented and it would be loved by the 5 kids here. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  50. says

  51. [email protected] says

    Cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  52. Kim says

    These really are pretty spectacular and mesmerizing! My daughter and I have played with one, similar to your experience… back and forth, turn taking, laughing, and talking!

  53. Gabrielle Fischer says

    Thank you for sharing! This is a great activity and product…our family would love to have one!

  54. Barbara says

    This looks like a great activity for my 2 year old to do “by myself” as she often utters…. Thanks for the info & giveaway.

  55. Shayna says

    I saw one of these at the Japanese gardens here in Portland, OR, and thought it was so amazing!

  56. Anissa says

    What fun to be able to “test” out products.
    It would be fun to have a chance to play too.

  57. [email protected] says

    Looks like so much fun! My boys would love this!

  58. Mary Beth Galloway says

    I love this activity! Children at the Montessori school I used to work at thought this work was great. I would love to have one at home for my boys. I love it is all about process of drawing not the product. Also, wonderful of course to introduce cultural activities and character drawing.
    P.S. I love For Small Hands! They carry great products!

  59. Melissa Norstrom says

    My daughter would love to win this. Plus could get my son to try to art. Thank you for the chance

  60. Danielle says

    These are wonderful!!
    Hooray for Montesori Services – one of my favorite sources for things for home and school (I’m a Montessori teacher!) !

  61. Nan says

    I just went to LACMA (Los Anglese Contemporary Museum of Art) and had three hours of Japanese brush painting session with my kid. She loves it!!
    Thanks for your post!

  62. debi says

    Wow that is so cool if we dont win the drawing where can u find this thanks my kids in my class would love this and then we dont have to worry about much clean up :)