Pampered by stickers

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I was just trying to get a few moments to read a book on a difficult afternoon. Our standby for getting out of a family funk is the living room dance party, but I can't always bring myself to crank up the music and dance when I'd really rather just pull the covers over my head.

This time I handed my daughters each a sheet of stickers then curled up on the floor with my book. This is the result. After decorating my body and shirt with stickers, Maia decided my hair needed a new do, hence more ponytails than my short hair has ever seen. Daphne was content applying flowers and butterflies randomly to my arms, neck, legs, and cheeks.

Did I get a lot of reading done? Not so much. But it was worth it just for the quiet, concentrated attention and the feeling of being pampered by little hands.

What do you do when you need a few moments of peace and quiet or to change around a bad mood? I think I need to make a list of ideas and post it prominently on the fridge.

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  1. Emma says

    you’ve been away, right… in my house, I call that “re-entry” – when they’ve missed you but they’ve also been exposed to different adults, a different rhythm… and if “new” (or novel) adults are involved – they’ve likely forgotten how to play by themselves. You’ve also been exposed to a longer than usual break or downtime (you’ve seen the other side). Wow, I miss the other side.. perhaps it’s time for me to do the same ;-)

  2. says

    Love, love, love this picture. We always do Dance Party as a mood lifter (Justin “Beaver” is especially popular) or go outside and dig around in the dirt or make/bake cookies or put the kids in the bathtub and sit there (relaxing) while they splash around.

  3. Emma says

    We play beauty salons with my daughter’s nail polish, my blush brush, and chapstick… We put on accents and call each other darling. But the best part is that I get to read while she does my nails… but I choose the reading material :)

  4. says

    You are beautiful, mama! When I’m in a funk, we do something really, really fun. Cooking together is good. Watching a really funny tv show works. Going for a walk. I try to make it something that I have to focus on so that my mind can’t wander to whatever it is that’s bothering me.

  5. says

    This brought the biggest smile to my face! I love all the little ponytails and stickers. I would have probably done the exact same thing — moments like that make us resourceful! The things that work for us are dance parties, living room yoga, baking, an afternoon bath, a walk to the park, playing in the sandbox. But I haven’t tried reading a book with the kids running around me, and would probably resort to a DVD if I were desperate!

  6. says

    Our standby when chaos ensues during the pre-dinner hours is to grab a stack of books to read, cuddle in our big reading chair (which is getting pretty cozy now that the kids are 7, 4, and 2), and order pizza for dinner.
    When we’re visiting my parents, the kids raid my parents’ sticker drawer and plaster the adults with sticker while we get a little extra time to sit and talk at the table.

  7. says

    I love new easy art materials – like sticker scenes from oriental trading or these 1.50 sticker paper doll books – my kids also love those hidden picture coloring books and the metallic coloring pages from crayola.
    we also love dance parties – we even made an adult/kid mixtape for them –

  8. Paige says

    Bath here too! We don’t take them every day, they’re not part of a routine, so it feels novel.

  9. Cindy says

    If you’re unable to escape mama responsibilities at the time… A cup of tea outside can be just right. Usually inspires little people to collect flowers and grasses and move away from your energy and find their groove. Gives me a minute to find mine too. I am grateful! :)

  10. megwrites says

    This is cute! Sometimes I give my kids baths at random times during the day when I am overwhelmed. I can sit right outside the open bathroom door and read (obviously only works with kids old enough that you don’t have to be right next to them) while they play with tub toys.

  11. Cesily says

    Mine’s still little, but when we get in a funk, I pull out the messiest food I can find. We then squeeze it through our fingers and paint ourselves with it. And finally it’s bath time complete with bubbles and 80’s pop music. It puts everyone in a better mood.

  12. buse says

    When I need time for myself all I have to is simply allow them (my 2 and 4 years old kids) play with water :) I prepare a montessori inspired activity (including water), then let them enjoy.