The Tooth Fairy

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Maia lost her first tooth last weekend! She was very excited about her wiggly tooth and kept talking about the tooth fairy—sharing all the interesting facts that she knew about tooth fairies (and surely learned from the other 6 year olds at school). And, of course, she knew the whole routine about putting the tooth under your pillow.

But she lost her tooth in the middle of the night! It was simply missing when she woke up. We searched her bed and bedroom and finally decided that she must have swallowed it during the night.


Maia was very concerned that she didn't have her tooth to put under her pillow so she wrote the tooth fairy a note to explain what happened. Luckily the tooth fairy was understanding. Maia was so thrilled with her dollar coin (she thought it was gold) that she put together a gift for the tooth fairy with half the coins from her piggy bank and and a few more written notes! Lucky tooth fairy.


And now Maia has a new smile!

I'm curious. What does the tooth fairy leave for the kiddos in your house?

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  1. Amanda Eastment says

    Very cute, Maia! Miss M(5) is up to her 4th tooth now. She created a special box for her teeth (for the tooth fairy) which she places under her pillow. The tooth fairy then leaves behind a $2.00 coin and a teeny tiny note.

  2. says

    i’m so glad you didn’t go overboard with her first tooth. my bestfriend (god knows i love her to death) gave her kid $25 because she “lost” her first tooth (it was found later that night by my BF) and she went on and on how her daughter deserved $25 for going through that ordeal.. FREAKING NUTS!!! i don’t plan on giving more than a few bucks (dollar gold coins) per tooth.

  3. says

    Our fairy usually gives one special coin (usually a gold dollar or even a half dollar) when she remembers to have them in her purse *ahem*.
    At times when the tooth caught her by surprise, she has given 50 cents.

  4. says

    Congrats to Maia on this milestone! Our tooth fairy gives a buck or two, and usually leaves a note (with encouragement to keep brushing well!)…My kids have both written to her as well, because although they haven’t LOST their “lost” teeth, they prefer to keep them for posterity, and so have left notes of explanation about that. The tooth fairy is very flexible on these matters, I’ve found.

  5. says

    oh, and i meant to say that we have been having SO much fun this week with the colored masking tape from discount school supply. great recommendation, Thank You!

  6. says

    gah! first post got lost–meant to say:
    congrats to maia! losing that first tooth is so exciting. our tooth fairy also leaves a $1 coin and a note. along with a lot of fairy dust, of course. :)
    so, my middle daughter, a kindergartener, has yet to lose her first tooth, but a lot of her classmates have begun to lose teeth. a few months ago she began talking excitedly about the tooth fairy leaving her an american girl doll for her first lost tooth, as she had done for one of her classmates. an american girl doll! !!!! there were a few tears when i had to explain that our tooth fairy does not leave american girl dolls. oy.

  7. says

    My son has two shaky teeth and is most excited about the tooth fairy….I was going to do the whole gold coin thingy but somehow, from his friends in school, he got an idea that this could be another Christmas, so he has prepared a long list of inexpensive boy-things. So for me your post was very well timed and welcome…the comments were helpful too :))

  8. Alea says

    my oldest lost one of his front upper teeth in the middle of the night and didn’t notice the next day till I told him! I thought he was teasing me by talking to me and not mentioning it. That’s boys for you!
    I once had to write an apology for forgetting from the toothfairy to my daughter. I typed it up in a miniscule font and printed it in pink ink. It was fun and cute.

  9. says

    Oh, that’s so sweet. Neither of my girls have lost teeth yet, so I’m not sure what they’ll get, but I love the idea of the gold dollar. My four year old’s preschool teacher has them make boxes for the tooth fairy.
    I wanted to say that you should read her, “One Morning in Maine.” Have you read that one? It’s a Robert McCloskey book and the little girl (Sal) loses her tooth, and then loses the tooth in the mud, while digging for clams. She also has a little sister! It’s really cute. I love your daughter’s note to the tooth fairy! So darling.

  10. says

    How did she get so big?! My daughter is almost 6 and is just getting ready to lose he two front bottom teeth. She, too, is very excited. My son swallowed at least one of his teeth, and lost one in the grass while wrestling with a friend. The tooth fairy still knows to come. :) Ours brings gold coins, too, just one for each tooth, in a special pillow I made. The anticipation is great around here!

  11. says

    Ha! Yeah, our tooth fairy doesn’t leave American Girl Dolls for a lost tooth, either. I wonder what that child will get for her second (and third and fourth) lost tooth?

  12. Paige says

    I swallowed my first tooth lost during the night – I still remember being so upset that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come – but of course she did. I know I wrote her a note, wonder if my mom still has it. I’ve been thinking a lot about this upcoming issue for us – my kids already know the Tooth Fairy (and Santa Claus) aren’t real (bc I told them), but I still love the idea of putting the tooth under your pillow and getting a small treat in the morning (a new special toothbrush is one other nice idea). I had a special little pillow for my fallen-out tooth when I was a kid – that seems a little overkill.

  13. says

    Here’s a cute tooth fairy story. Maia’s toothless smile is so adorable! My daughter loves the tooth fairy too, and she gets excited whenever she has a loose tooth. I love this stage when we see our kids growing right before our very eyes.

  14. Renee Brown says

    According to our hygenist, there is a correlation to when you got your first tooth and genetics.
    My daughter hasn’t lost hers yet, but I suspect our tooth fairy will leave a dollar coin. I also suspect the tooth fairy may occasionally get stuck leaving $5 from a lack of other cash.

  15. says

    James was keeping his in a little ceramic pinch pot he made at school. One day a few months ago, our dog was sniffing around in his room, and she started EATING THEM! We rescued some, but others didn’t make it! Never a dull moment. Lucky James adores his pup more than anything, because he was NOT happy about this but can’t stay mad at Chessie for long.

  16. kelli says

    My husband was proactive and purchased a roll of gold $1 coins with each kid’s birth year and uses them for each lost tooth. My mom made a tooth-shaped pillow with a little pocket. It makes it much easier to grab the tooth when it’s in the little pillow and not under a kid’s head.

  17. Aly says

    My son just lost (as in, truly lost) his first tooth, too, but he was awake at the time and didn’t even realize it had come out. It was proof positive that we hadn’t been pulling a fast one on him when we told him that it wouldn’t hurt to lose a tooth that was ready to come out.
    At our house the tooth fairy leaves a golden dollar coin in an origami envelope with a gemstone sticker to seal it shut.

  18. Alex says

    My daughter just lost her first tooth yesterday! 4 yrs 9 mos. They do teeth EARLY in her dad’s family. You put the tooth under your pillow in an envelope sealed with blue tape. In the morning there’s some form of $1 in the STILL SEALED ENVELOPE!

  19. kristina says

    what about little crystal or pearly sea shell from tooth fairy :).congrats to Maia. My 51/2 years old Anna will be soon putting her first tooth in the pocket on her special tooth fairy pillow. love your blog. both my girls enjoy doing art.

  20. maria says

    Drat! I just wrote a long comment that got eaten by the Internet. I apologize if I end up posting twice by accident!
    Phebe started losing teeth early, when she was a young 5, and lost a whole bunch within a few months. Since then she hasn’t lost any for a few years, but she just lost another one last week. In our house the tooth gets tucked into a little silk pouch along with a note for the tooth fairy, and the package goes under the pillow. In the morning the T.F. has left a foreign coin or two and a teeny tiny note.
    The foreign money thing started when the… tooth fairy… had to come up with something unexpectedly one night and didn’t have any dollar coins. It’s been great because it defuses the greed and inflation shenanigans and makes it more magical and special (and convincing) to imagine that she collects the coins in her travels around the world. It’s fun in the morning to figure out where the coins came from and what they’re called. Sadly, most of them are not useful anymore because of the dang euro taking all the fun out of international travel ;-).
    Congratulations to Maia on her first lost tooth!

  21. Agnes says

    Oh, the first lost tooth! I was sad when it happened b/c in Waldorf education, it signifies a big change in childhood, and I guess I’m not ready for my little one to grow up. My son was 6 y 5 m when he lost his first tooth. And then, sure enough, all these changes started happening. He started remembering his dreams, he’s more interested in helping with household chores, he’s moody, he wants privacy when going to the bathroom. His teacher said he’s going through “first puberty”!! I would love to know if you start noticing changes in Maia now too. We left a shiny gem and a “first lost tooth” certificate from the tooth fairy. For his second tooth, he got a seashell. I love the idea of $1 coins and letters from the tooth fairy. His top tooth is loose, so I’ll have to act fast!

  22. says

    Congrats Maia! Eleanor is desperately waiting for a tooth to wiggle, nothing yet. She is getting so grown up, a lost tooth is a real milestone. I’m excited for all these ideas to put into action when the time comes.

  23. Carly says

    We have a great book called “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof” that looks at lost tooth traditions around the world. There are two or three main themes throught the book/world. My 5 year old daughter can’t wait to lose her first tooth.
    I like the idea of putting the tooth in a sealed envelope and finding the money in the STILL SEALED envelope! So exciting!

  24. says

    My daughter is 7.5 and has lost just 4 (most of her friends have lost 8 or 9). The dentist told me it’s cuz she won’t wiggle them! And it’s true, she’s quite squeamish/scared about it. The most recent one was hanging by a THREAD for days — it was all I could do not to yank it out myself! (Her BFF finally convinced her to do it).
    Oh, and I keep a stash of gold and silver dollars tucked away in the upper reaches of a cabinet…I’d hate for the tooth fairy to be caught unprepared! :)

  25. Nancy says

    Our boys received $5 to celebrate the first lost tooth and a toonie ($2 canadian coin) for the following ones. Sometimes they received commemorative quarters instead, but they loved looking under their pillows in the morning.
    Both boys, age 8 and 11 lost teeth while on vacation on the train last summer and the Tooth Fairy still found them, well at least the youngest as eldest prefers to save his older molars. We have a cute picture of him tucked into the upper berth holding the tooth that he lost that day.

  26. Sarah says

    Growing up, the tooth fairy brought me a $1 per tooth, and $2 for each molar! I had an extensive correspondence/pen-palship with my tooth fairy, and it was always such a delight to read the answers to my seemingly endless questions. There were letters in both my parents’ handwriting, as I lost teeth both places. And I once lost a tooth at Grandma’s house and thought I would brush it to make it extra clean. Of course it went right down the drain. I was terribly upset, but we drew a map to show which sink in Grandma’s house, and I still received a treat for it. I loved how involved both my parents and then my Grandparents were in the whole process.

  27. says

    I am not a believer in huge dollar amounts from the tooth fairy. I recently overheard a few moms saying that the “going rate” for first tooth was $20. I think it sets a bad precedent. But then my daughter had to have her first tooth pulled after it had become abscessed. Poor thing! She got a $10 bill under her pillow for that one. She has since lost 3 other teeth and for each she has gotten a silver dollar. Each time the tooth fairy also left a little fairy dust behind & a tiny note.

  28. Lisa F. says

    tiny note w/fairy dust, and 1 dollar bill curled up standing on end. He’s also 6.5 and just lost first one last month. Wrote a note to the TF explaining he wanted to keep tooth. Next one is getting wiggly already.

  29. Cheryl says

    My daughter lost her first tooth right after she turned 5 and just told me her 8th tooth is now loose. She is currently 6y 2m. But my son lost his first tooth at 6y and has lost only 6 teeth at 8y.
    The tooth fairy leaves between .25 and $1.00 here. They seem just as excited with a quarter as with a dollar. When I was little I got old silver dollar coins for my back teeth that were capped. I still have the coins and once in a while use those. We have 3 kids so they need to be spread around.
    Love your blog!

  30. Your mom says

    A dime. One shiny dime. That’s what we got back in the 50s. What you got, I don’t recall, but probably the same. You didn’t have a rich fairy, but she loves you just as much.
    Sending xxoo and fairy dust

  31. Tami says

    Our tooth fairy tries to leave a coin from a different country each time, so it gives us something to talk about! And a small “treasure” most often found for under a dollar at a local flea market. Some examples are a vintage leather sewing kit (my girl loves to sew), a vintage handkerchief, an old skeleton key, a tiny old thimble. And fairy dust at the proposed point of entry,

  32. ciena says

    i am pretty certain the tooth fairy came by and took the tooth right from her while she slept…must have been a very special tooth…sometimes it will be returned with a special blessing…one never knows what fairys will do!
    i lost my first tooth on an apple…and recently a beautiful carved apple came my way…a bit of magic to remind me!

  33. Barb says

    I always got coins from the tooth fairy when I was a child and I was keen to figure out a new ritual for my own kids. They’ve received a variety of things-small gemstones in a little tiny velour pouch (under $1 at a gem or bead store), miniature items for the dollhouse, a special button, a charm for a charm bracelet, a new hair clip or hair elastic that seems special, a neat eraser… I try to collect these things throughout the year and have a secret stash of wee gifts-the same things I might draw upon to fill plastic eggs at Easter. My first child was an only child for 6 years, so I think he got some special hand made things (like little wool felt gnomes etc.) but I don’t have that kind of time any more with three children! It’s possible to find inexpensive tiny things for under a dollar or two and avoid the money business. These things also don’t need to be ‘made in China’ dollar store things. Living in Canada, where our dollar coins (“Loonies”) are actually gold coins, makes that less exciting than it would in the US, I think… I love the idea of coins from different parts of the world, though!