Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

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Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

I finally placed a long overdue order to Discount School Supply to restock some of our key art supplies. I told myself I was going to keep it to the basics (always hard for me) but couldn't help noticing some fun new printed craft tape—DSS's answer to Japanese washi tape apparently.

I've been wanting to try washi tape forever and so couldn't stop myself from adding this set to my cart.

I'm so glad I did, because it's been inspiring all sorts of fun tape art!

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

Daphne likes to use the printed masking tape to tape her paper to the table. She starts with the corners usually, then goes along the edges adding plenty of reinforcement.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

And she'll usually add a few pieces to the center of the paper as well… By the way, I  cut the pieces for her and line them up along the edge of the table. It's still a bit tricky for her to cut tape unless I'm holding it taut for her.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

I tried my hand at a tape dog.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

Maia made a very orderly tape artwork.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

And one that was considerably more random.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

When our friend Juniper came over, she created an enthusiastic tape sculpture with layers and layers and curls and twists of colorful tape.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

A first in our house, I believe.

Washi Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape

Juniper's mom, Meg, created a Dandelion (upper right).

The printed craft tape was a complete splurge, but totally worth it. And compared to regular washi tape, it's economical. The set of 10 patterns are $14.99 so about $1.50 per roll.

I should clarify that this tape is thinner, more transparent, and more papery than regular masking tape. It's also easy to remove or reposition.

We used the tape for some fun open-ended art (as we do with regular colored masking tape), but you could also use it for all kinds of crafty projects such as gift wrap, greeting cards, gift tags, decorating school notebooks, scrapbooking, etc.

Have you tried this tape yet? Or Japanese washi tape?

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  1. says

    This is a new one on me. I’ve never heard of washi tape. This looks very tempting, but I fear it would get consumed soooo quickly by my groups of ten….will have to give some thought to how it could be used with groups without breaking my bank.

  2. Janelle j says

    I live in Osaka and ADORE washi tape. I use it for so many fun and random things too. It is fabulous! Thanks for the post!

  3. says

    I have washi tape and it’s a precious commodity in my craft bin. I usually only use it for gift wrapping since it was fairly expensive (I was one of those “sticker hoarders” as a child, hah!). That price, however, is great!
    My son was looking at this with me and he said, “wow that looks like fun!” when he saw the tape sculpture. I think we have another winner for later this week.
    Thanks for the simple and inspiring art. I love seeing what everyone creates.
    Sarah M

  4. Carly says

    This looks awesome. I usually just buy coloured electrical tape for the kids. They LOVE tape art. We will definitely try this!

  5. says

    I love this! I’ve always wanted to buy washi tape but i wasn’t sure what we’d do with it, i guess just letting the kids create is a great way to go. by the way, my name is Darcy and I’m tagging you for the 11 questions game. Basically, you answer 11 questions about yourself (found at http://bedtimemonsters.blogspot.com/2012/03/things-to-do-11-questions-and-some.html) and then you come up with your own set of 11 questions and tag 11 other bloggers. I know it’s sort of cheesy, but it’s a fun way to get to know different bloggers and blogs. please play.

  6. says

    I love ideas like this for simple collages! My 4 and 2-year-olds seem overwhelmed when offered our collage box and glue. We have been getting a lot of mileage out of your dot sticker idea. Patterned tape would be an excellent project to try next!

  7. says

    Wow! I’m gonna have to get some of this! I’ve been wanting to buy the colored masking tape for some time, maybe I’ll buy both and have a crazy day of taping everything! Beautiful works of art!!

  8. says

    That’s so funny! I was just looking at Washi tape on another website and wondering what it was. Thanks for sharing:)

  9. says

    I love this tape – and what great art they made!
    Take a look at what Bristol Parenting Cafe (blogger extraordinaire) did with it on her Easter Eggs. So cool.
    We have recently purchased tape similar to this but it’s not washi tape. It’s shiny and almost holographic – not sure what it’s called but my two kids are really into it at the moment. It sticks well, but is quite forgiving if it needs to be moved – they’ve used it for cards, pictures, junk modelling and for disco bangles. I’ll put the disco bangles link here so you can see the tape I mean. Do you know it?

  10. Cindy says

    I had never heard of this before but it looks like a lot of fun. Cool patterns. Glad you’re feeling better.

  11. says

    I’ve been drooling over washi tape for a while now but haven’t taken the plunge. I will however, be ordering some of this tape right away, I know my kids would LOVE it. Thanks (as always) for sharing.

  12. says

    I’m in Japan and so spoiled with the wash tape. I was surprised you said you cut it, the tape we use is easy just to tear which is why we started using it in the first tape, my son would want to ‘do it myself’ and with wash tape he can!

  13. says

    I love washi tape. I won a gift certificate to a store online, and I used part of it to buy a set of washi tape. I have so enjoyed it! We’ve used it for wrapping presents, decorating envelopes, making art, and even taping paper/pictures up on our walls. It sticks well, yet is repositionable and removes easily without leaving a sticky residue. I’ve left something taped up on our wall for almost 2 months, and I peeled it off slightly to see if it was going to stick or leave a residue but it hasn’t!
    I followed the link to DSS and the price is actually really great. I am going to keep that on my list when we need some more. My pack was 8 rolls for $14.
    You inspired me to order from DSS for the first time (this was back in February).. I picked up some liquid watercolor paint and some plastic droppers. It won’t be the last time I order from there! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  14. says

    I love washi tape and had no idea that you could get it at Discount School Supply — thanks for the great tip, Jean! Juniper’s tape ball is fabulous and I know my tape-adoring kids will thank you for this.

  15. says

    Maybe try it one time just to see? If you made it a part of another project and only gave access to the tape for a limited amount of time then maybe it wouldn’t be used up too quickly. Let me know if you try it with them!

  16. says

    Try them both! I would suggest that you try the regular colored masking tape first, maybe, and let them play around with that for a while (a few days or so even) before bringing out the printed tape.
    Interestingly, Maia did some tape art with regular masking tape and added designs to the tape with marker. This was just before I brought out the washi tape. It was really interesting! I almost included the photo here but felt I had too many photos.

  17. says

    Glad you made the plunge with liquid watercolors!! By the way, where did you order 8 rolls of washi tape for $14? I’ve mostly seen them sold as 3 rolls for $12 or so.

  18. Vannesa says

    This is really awesome! I adore buying new things for my kids. They loved and now they start to carry it to school! Because they have art class and I spend my time coming to school for them just to watch what they can make in a day. It brings a tear on my eyes when they say “MOMMY this is for you” I love this idea so much and thank you!