Bubble Machine Magic and A Garden Update

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Bubble Machine in the Garden

I came home with a bubble machine over the weekend. This is something I’ve thought about buying off and on for over two years now.

I’d tell myself, “How totally awesome and magical it would be to have bubbles wafting around us while we’re hanging out outside. The kids would love it. Heck, I would love it.”

And then I’d second guess myself by saying, “What?! The kids can’t make their own bubbles? Why would I buy something to take away the pleasure of making their own bubbles?”

Basically I went back and forth along these lines for the last two years. And finally told myself, enough already, and just bought the darn bubble machine.

Bubble Machine in the Garden

I’m glad I did. We need a little magic in our lives. And really, I’m sure we’ll still be making our own bubbles, big and small.

We’ve mostly been enjoying the machine on the porch.

Bubble Machine in the Garden

But also carry it with us to the backyard when we’re hanging out there.

Bubble Machine Update: We ended up returning the bubble machine pictured because it got clogged up. However, we purchased this Gazillion Bubble Machine and it’s been working well for us.

Bubble Machine in the Garden

And while we’re out here, let me show you around.

The canvas patio walls (which sadly grew moldy over time; maybe it was all the art materials we slung at it or maybe it was our humid climate…) have been replaced with a wooden trellis complete with a baby climbing rose and a baby climbing jasmine. The old studio table finally collapsed and was replaced by a proper outdoor dining set.

I’ve been crazy mulch-spreading lady the last few weeks, so the garden is nice and tidy. But it’s lacking magic. Some of the magic will come, I’m sure, as we spend more time out here and the plants continue to grow and show off their summer blooms.

Bubble Machine in the Garden

The veggie garden is sad, but feeling a tad less neglected after getting some freshly mulched paths and a new layer of compost. I have lettuce, spinach, and parsley planted and that’s about it. Time to give some attention to it. Although with my recent luck (and mid-summer apathy), I’m half thinking of just turning it over to flowers this year.

Bubble Machine in the Garden

Children bring their own magic to a space and I’m trying to keep our yard as kid-friendly as possible (while still telling Daphne to please not walk on the baby plants; she’s also already plucked off a couple dozen low-hanging green plums off the plum tree). Our sandbox gets lots of use as do the swings, the kiddie pool, and the slide (often in combination with the pool). And the rain barrels are about as popular as any of the officially sanctioned kid stuff. Daphne loves to fill a bucket or watering can, over and over, just as Maia used to.

Maia and Daphne have also been collecting caterpillars and watching them spin their cocoons (or at least marveling over each new cocoon they spot in the butterfly house).

Bubble Machine in the Garden

But still… I think we need a little more magic in our garden.

I have a few ideas. The bubbles were one. A new batch of garden wish flags are another. As well as decorating some more concrete stepping stones. You can see some of the ones we made two years ago in the path above. They are more practical than magical, but fun to make nonetheless.

I’d also like to make our garden more bird and butterfly friendly. We get so much joy out of watching both.We’ve added an extra birdfeeder right outside our dining room window and may make one of these simple hanging birdbaths. We have a pair of house wrens nesting in our porch fern, but I keep thinking of adding more birdhouses, too.

I spent time this weekend sketching out and brainstorming a few other ideas. If any of them come to fruition, I promise to share.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the tour! Hopefully all the much-needed rain we’ve gotten the past two days (did you get it too?) will help get our veggie garden going. It’s been a slow start with all this dry weather…beautiful for us people, but not so great for those germinating seeds!

  2. says

    I have also thought about the bubble maker – I think they would be perfect for a party! But, again, I think…hmmm…the novelty will wear off. The kids can make their own bubbles. Well, glad to see you made the plunge! I’m still on the fence :)

  3. kara campbell says

    That is so funny every time I go shopping I put a bubble machine in the cart then take it out at the checkout saying “sorry I changed my mind”. Next time I’ll just do it!

  4. Natasha says

    Your backyard and gardening space is AMAZING!!!! Do you have a local Japanese garden? Every time we go to the one in our area (Morikami in South Florida) I come back with 1,000 ideas for creating a magical space in out TINY gardening space. We have a butterfly garden, or shall I say butterfly plants laced all through our garden, and they really add to the magic. We get all kinds of gorgeous butterflies coming around. We keep a fairy garden too, and it always encourages snails. Things that bloom and smell good are in my sights very soon.

  5. gwen says

    We just got a bubble maker and the girls (6 and 3) put it on the top of the slide in order to slide through the bubbles. They sing a song (something about “sliding through a slippery day”)and go around and around, singing and sliding. I think in our case the bubble machine gave the slide new novelty. Definitely a fun addition.

  6. Kelsi says

    You need to make a bottle tree! That adds magic. It’s easy, fun and you can choose any color bottle. We went with all blue. My daughter loves our bottle tree.

  7. says

    Thanks, Natasha!
    We have some butterfly plants, too, and love watching the butterflies in the summer. I’d like to plant some more butterfly-friendly flowers, though. I’ll have to look into what they like. No Japanese garden here, but I’ve been to some in the past and love them.

  8. says

    Oh Jean, it’s beautiful!!! I have been having the same debate with myself about the bubble machine … think I might run out and buy one for my son’s birthday this Friday :) We’re going to be outside playing in our sunflower house anyway. We’re working to add a bird bath as well, a few wind chimes, some stepping stones and my piece de resistance! — an outdoor chalkboard :)

  9. Holly says

    That is so funny, that many of us have *thought* about a bubble machine, but never give in :) I have bought two that did not work :( But thanks for listing the brand!!! I want to get one…sometimes the bubble blowing is a bit hard for the 2yr old…and the 5yr old gets tired and wants me to blow the bubbles. And then I get myself dizzy :/ This would be great to have!!! Thanks!!!!

  10. says

    Jealous of your great garden space! I was *just* going to recommend Sharon Lovejoy to you . . . . but I see Nancy beat me to it. ; ) Happy gardening!

  11. says

    I always go back and forth on the bubble machine, too, although for me it’s because it’s plastic. I always tell myself that if I find one at a yard sale, however, and it works, I’m TOTALLY buying it!