A Colored Tissue Paper Bird Nest

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Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

We made colorful tissue paper bird nests last week, partly just to try it, and partly to hold some of our Easter eggs. This is a simple Easter or spring craft for kids or adults inspired by the many shredded paper bird nests I've seen on blogs this past year. I don't own a shredder, so decided to try this quick variation with materials that we had on hand.

Our bird nests are rather bright, but you can make yours as subtle or as colorful as you like, depending on the tissue paper you use.

Here's how we made these nests:

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper Bird Nest


  • Small bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • White school glue mixed with an equal amount of water
  • Colored tissue paper


1. Turn your small bowl upside down and cover the outside with plastic wrap, tucking it up inside. Set the plastic-covered bowl over some more plastic wrap or over another non-stick surface (we used plastic placemats).

2. Tear off a piece of tissue paper and scrunch it up.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

3. Dip the crumpled tissue paper into the glue/water mixture, then stick it to the plastic-covered bowl.

4. Repeat until the bowl is completely covered.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

This was a good project for Maia—very similar to the papier mache bowls we've made—and she was easily able to make a bird nest by herself.

Daphne enjoyed making a bird nest, too, but mostly piled her tissue paper pieces on top of the bowl as you can see in the photo above. Perhaps I should have left it as is, but I actually helped her cover the sides so she'd have a completed nest as well.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

5. Let dry. It took a couple of days for our nests to dry completely. The white nests are made from kleenex rather than craft tissue paper. It worked surprisingly well.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

6. Once the bird nest is completely dry, pull the bowl out of the nest, then pull out the plastic wrap.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

Here's what the interior of the nest looks like.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

And the exterior.

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

Use the nest to hold a few Easter eggs—great for a dining table centerpiece or a Spring nature table!

Easter Bird Nest Craft for Kids

Or, if you're like us, you could go crazy with this and have a whole series of bird nests lined up along the center of the table….


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  1. says

    I love this! I’ve never thought about using crumpled tissue, which is so much easier for toddlers than to try to keep them flat. Thanks!

  2. says

    Super cute. Are the papers on the outside of the “nest” sort of soft still or did they get hard with the glue? Just curious as to how stable it is. Super cute. I’m sure we will have a whole fleet of nests as well!

  3. says

    We tried the sticker resist to dye our easter eggs and it worked! The last time I tried to dye my eggs using food coloring, it didnt work, but I didnt know I had to add vinegar. Thanks for the tip. The eggs looked really pretty but the kids shelled and ate them before I could get pictures

  4. says

    these are so awesome! i just made paper mache “easter baskets” with the boys the other day, using upside-down bowls as molds. i covered the bowls in a thick layer of vaseline, which didn’t really work too well, especially after my two-year-old got the surface & newspaper so dripping wet with the liquid starch. i didn’t have any balloons, and didn’t want to buy any — that’s why i used bowls, but i didn’t even think of using plastic wrap — brilliant! maybe i’ll try this again with my doodlebugs kiddos on friday! GREAT idea!!