Drawing with a Friend

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Maia and Marlise drawing pictures with and for each other in the studio.

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  1. says

    Incredibly sweet! On a side note, I LOVE the way you have the art displayed up with wire and clips. I keep meaning to put up something similar. Right now all of Aria’s art is taped to the walls.

  2. says

    I second the accolades on the display. I also find the use of the absolute neutral gray to be an intriguing choice. Hmmm…. We’re due to paint soon.

  3. birdhouses says

    We are going to implement your display method ASAP. It gives the kids the freedom to display what they want in the order they want.

  4. michelle says

    We don’t live near an Ikea store, but recently we were in a bigger city and had to swing through one. I was on the hunt for the perfect desk and chair combo for my son. The table your girls are sitting at was just the table I found! I didn’t see those cute chairs though! Do you happen to know and mind sharing the product numbers for both of them, so I can order them online???? Thank you so much!!!

  5. Debby says

    Would you mind giving a quick tutorial to explain how you created the art display space? It is so perfect! I see what looks like wood slats and wire, but i’m not terribly DIY savvy. thanks!
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air, and so inspiring.

  6. says

    Sure! It is quite simple. We screwed or nailed a couple of wood pieces to the wall vertically about three feet apart. Then we primed and painted the wood pieces to match the wall behind (not necessary, of course). The wire is strung between two hook eye screws that are screwed into the inside of the wood pieces. The artwork is hung using clothespins. Does that all make sense? If not, perhaps I can go into greater detail or put together a little tutorial or something.