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Pure Play Kids

Pure Play Kids, one of my newest blog sponsors, believes that "great toys should be 90% kid and 10% toy." I like that kind of thinking. Toys that are kid-powered encourage creative play and creative thinking, not to mention confidence and a host of important skills.

The photos above show some of my favorites from their shop including nature bingo, beautiful fairy wings, a kids' baking set, and a kit for making fun shaped chalk.

Most of the toys sold by Pure Play Kids are made in the USA with the remainder from Europe. Besides creativity, they focus on safety, quality, and (as much as possible) natural materials. In other words, the kind of toys we want for our kids.

Pure Play Kids is offering both a special discount to Artful Parent readers (15% off of any purchase with the code ART15) as well as a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. Read on to see how to enter the giveaway…


To enter the giveaway for the $50 gift certificate, please take a look around Pure Play Kids, then come back here and leave a comment with one or more of your top faves. What creative toys, games, or art supplies  would you like to share with the kiddos in your life? The deadline to enter is Friday, June 15th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random drawing number generator and announced on Saturday. I will also e-mail the winner. This giveaway is open to readers who live in the United States only. Good luck! This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #53 so Lynn wins the giveaway. Congrats!

lynn said…

my son would love the waldorf magnetic cobweb puzzle. the nature house is great, love the wooden doctors kit! thanks.

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  1. says

    I just recently discovered your site and I’ve been loving it! Thank you for all the creative ideas! And what a fun giveaway! Thanks to you and Pure Play Kids for it! I love the ‘building planks’ they sell and ‘marbles and blocks building set’! My girls would have hours of fun with both of those!

  2. Linda says

    I love the soy crayons and the three piece rake and shovel beach set. Thank you for your wonderful site. I have used your ideas over and over again. We are using a lot of your ideas for our Vacation Bible School this year.

  3. kt says

    Hard to choose!! I like the chalk making kit, the soy rocks, the garden tool set, and….and….I could go on and on! Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. says

    my kids are crazy for fairy fun these days! i love the face painting pencils! those would make for great fun with a fairy it!

  5. Eulonda Simpson says

    Awesome site, I liked the geometric magnet sets and the soy crayons. Thanks for sharing.

  6. karen says

    great website, definitely bookmarking for gifts! The Felt Mailbox set is too cute, but I really love the dollhouse and some of the dollhouse people. I promised my daughter a dollhouse when she is potty trained (almost there!).

  7. says

    Very hard to choose. I would probably stock up on art supplies. Although, those wings sure look nice. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Angela H says

    I really like the Waldorf inspired toys. They are very nestalgic. I am bookmarking this! Thank you!

  9. says

    Oooh, I always wanted a cash register when I was younger… I bet my kids would love that. And the bus board game was made for my son!!

  10. Bethany says

    My Pure Play Kids wishlist includes Keva building planks, face painting pencils, tumbling cans, caterpillar croquet, and a brown-eyed (eyes open) Mia doll. Delightful!

  11. Catherine says

    My building kids would love the nuts and bolts vehicles! Those look like tons of fun, as do the magnetic panel sets.

  12. Heather Brandt says

    I think I’d choose the Be Your Own Superhero – Personalized Cape & Mask (Orange). I love the Pure Play site :)

  13. Barbara says

    What a neat collection of toys – I’m saving this website for Christmas gifts! I particularly love the wooden animals, they are so sweet, and I know my daughters would get a lot of imaginative use out of them!

  14. Melanie Brown says

    Your site is so amazing with wonderful, fun ideas! I’m so bookmarking Pure Play Kids! I’m always looking for great sites for bday parties and gifts. I love the puppets and capes!

  15. says

    Wow–there are some wonderful items at Pure Play Kids! I’ve really wanted to try wool needle felting with my daughter. I know she would squeal with delight over that Guinea Pig wool needle felting kit! I have a feeling that even my son (who doesn’t care much for crafts) would want to make a guinea pig, too!
    Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway. I love all the art ideas on your website.

  16. Michelle B. says

    We are really into board games lately. The Bus Stop game looks to be right up my sons’ alley! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Sarah says

    I really like the travel dollhouse puzzle set! And Kathe Kruse dollhouse dolls are a favorite of ours. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog!

  18. Emma says

    I’m torn between the felting kids (owls or mice) and the capes. In our home, capes have always been the most amazing open-ended toy with the greatest longevity for play (age/stage and duration of play). That said, as my kids are entering school, their fine motor dexterity is growing and I can see them really thriving by making their own toys and playing with them. Great store!

  19. says

    This may seem silly because they have so many great toys, but I’m rather partial to the beeswax crayon blocks. Aria has always been finicky when it comes to crayons but these just look fun to handle! ~Robin

  20. Susan says

    I love the building planks, the rainbow stacking toy, and the magnetic waldorf puzzles! What a lovely selection of toys.

  21. Aly K says

    Wowwww… there’s so much to look at that it’s hard to look away! I’d have to go with ANY of the block sets, ANY of the awesome puzzles, and especially ANY of the magnetic or felt playsets (since, as fun as it is in the long run, I think every teacher dreams that she won’t have to stay up until the wee hours making her own, and they just seem SO convenient… sigh).

  22. says

    I love the stacking rainbows. I have always wanted to get a set for my kids. Thanks for the opportunity to win something.

  23. Heather says

    My fav’s are the Be Your Own Superhero personalized cape & mask, and the wooden Waldorf dinosaurs!

  24. Sarah says

    I love the wooden block sets–that’s the next toy I’m going to get my son, I think. What great items!

  25. Elizabeth says

    My kids are crazy for anything that needs to be built. For that reason, I love the geometric magnet sets. Well, alright…I’d definitely use them, too!

  26. [email protected] says

    What a fabulous site♥♥ Love the felting bunny,we have a family bunny♥♥.Soooo many WONDERFUL♥♥ things the wooden cash register… I do not know where to STOP♥♥…
    thanks for introducing us to such a great place♥

  27. Rachel A. says

    It’s so hard to pick! I’d probably get the Potholder Loom Kit & some of the magnetic play sets. :)

  28. Erin says

    I love the travel toys section….especially the coloring cards and beach shell collecting bag. What a great idea!!

  29. says

    There are so many great toys.. I think my daughter will enjoy the washable finger paint, the chalk making kit, the animals wooden memory tile game, make your own vehicle, the wooden toy doctors kit and I can keep going…Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  30. Melissa B says

    What a great site! My daughter (and I) would love the doll making eco craft kit. Also love the wooden block sets and the entire waldorf inspired collection.

  31. says

    I’ve been following via Google Reader for over a year and love everything you do! My three year old would LOVE the chalk kit, he creates masterpieces everyday. I love the wood craft table. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. says

    Great giveaway. I would love to get some of the Cute and Rugged bug houses and some bug catching nets, along with the Nature Bingo. Hoping for lots of fun outside this summer!

  33. Arlene says

    So many cool toys to choose from! My daughter would love the Candy Factory Lab Kit, World Map Puzzle and the Potholder/Purse Loom Kit.

  34. says

    auuughhhh…what fuuuunnnnn the princess hat, the fairy wings, the color blocks, the geo magnets
    OH MY we can have alot of fuuuuunnn here. PICK ME :-)

  35. says

    I love toys that last and can sustain my child’s interest. The set of wooden blocks would fit the bill! And we like to play together as a family, so the caterpillar croquet set, fishing rods or musical instruments would be great too. Thanks for sharing the link to the site!

  36. Celeste says

    One of the wooden trucks would be great (like the fire truck) for my little guy, maybe some art supplies for my olders–love their selection!

  37. lynn says

    my son would love the waldorf magnetic cobweb puzzle. the nature house is great, love the wooden doctors kit! thanks.

  38. says

    There is a heck of a lot of good stuff there, hard to pick! I loved the look of the underground garden kit, that would be fun for the kiddos. The face painting pencils also look really cool. :)

  39. Annie says

    Loved the Waldorf toys link, very akin to a lot of Montessori works. Thanks for the site. Even if I don’t win, I found a wonderful resource!

  40. says

    Oh wow! How have I never heard of Pure Play Kids before? Just in time to shop for my niece’s birthday, too! My favorites have to be the Felt-Tastic play sets – my son would LOVE the transportation one!

  41. anne litwinski says

    Too hard to choose. I think the needle felting kits, the puzzles, the garden stuff…

  42. Amanda O. says

    I love Pure Play Kids! Thanks for the giveaway. Some items on my wishlist include the soft dough play set, finger paints, wooden pounding set, and all their felt-tastic play sets.

  43. jane says

    Wow – I love all their puppets (so would my daughter). Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  44. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I have some happy little builders over here, so I love all of the building set they have. The city building set and the large sets of wooden blocks are pretty awesome. I think the chalk making set would be fun for me though. ;-) Thank you for your site! It’s wonderful. I’ve gotten several great ideas here. We made your playdough last week…it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I substituted clear gel (corn starch) for the cream of tarter and have very sticky dough. I must need to add more flour. Anyway, thank you so much. I have a daycare and love checking out your site for new ideas to enrich the kids naturally and creatively. We will soon do a version of your drawing wall paper in their playroom. I think they will love it!

  45. Katie says

    This looks great:
    Geometric Magnets and Panels Set: 74 pieces
    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  46. Amy Fields says

    I love the geometric magnetic sets, wooden pounding set, and the felt sets!!!

  47. Adriana says

    Rainbows..rainbows..rainbows….the wooden stacking toys, blocks, crayons….oohhhh i just can’t pick…everything is just beautiful ….

  48. michelle says

    love love all the wooden toy animals! it is fun to see so many of my little one’s favorites…fox, bunny, raccoon, bear, zebra…

  49. Sandsgrandmother says

    I so do enjoy your blog and find the most wonderful things create and do with grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    I like the Metal Airplane Helicopter Construction toy because the manufacture has open – ended construction for allowing more creativity for three-dimensional thinking . My granddaughters love interacting with grandsons such as baseball, constructing things. So this fits perfect.
    I also enjoyed the Natural bath Fizzle Heart Craft, for this is something you make with the grandchildren and after a day of fun and play then they can look forward to their bath time being a little more special for they helped created the fun.
    The Natural Lip Balm Making Kit is wonderful, for my little granddaughters love playing in their Momma’s makeup and now they can create their own and enjoy.
    Tumbling Cans I enjoyed because this is a game that teaches them coordination and it creates fun and laughter at the same time.
    The log toy was Great also because it allows that creativity and
    lessons about construction . Then once constructed they can allow their imaginations wonder with smaller plastic toys and inter act with one another in pretend play.

  50. Johnny Reed says

    Definitely the superhero cape! My son would go bonkers…in fact so would I!

  51. says

    What a neat toy company! I love their motto! I was drooling over almost everything in their catalog, but to narrow it down I would say the Geometric Magnet Set and the Wooden food set with eggs – which is currently out of stock :( were my favorites!

  52. Geni says

    As we have big summer travel plans, the travel toy section is my favorite right now. My boys would enjoy the felt sets or the magnetic construction site play set. I also like the variety of finger puppets.

  53. Carly says

    The wooden cash register looks great! I know my kids would love it, as they love pretend grocery shopping! Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. Sarah O. says

    I would love the Geometric Magnets and Panels Set, and so would my daughter and husband.

  55. Kate says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! My kids have been collecting bugs like crazy lately and keeping them in various recycled tupperware containers with holes punched in the top. Unfortunately, our last ladybug met a watery demise in a rainstorm, so the “Cute and Rugged Nature House” would be a lifesaver for local bugs and FUN for my kids. Love the offerings!!

  56. tracy says

    I like the nature house since we live in the county and my son picks up all kinds of bugs. His birthday is coming I may order some other things..

  57. says

    Picking just a few favorite goodies out of the incredible selection from Pure Play Kids is tricky. I am loving the ‘Classic Wooden Alphabet Blocks,’ the ’41 Wooden Block Set’ and the ‘Classic American Wooden Pounding Bench.’

  58. T. Beard says

    Caterpillar Croquet would be loads of fun for a boy. And of course, the marbles & blocks building set would too. This site has some nice toys to consider. Thank you for another giveaway.

  59. Kate says

    Another great sponsor for you and a give away for us!!! I am so looking forward to doing the stained glass bunting when school lets out for the summer – thank you for the idea!
    I have looked at this site, and I think my favorite right now are the natural rubber giraffe (who wouldn’t love that?) and the felting kits in the Waldorf section. Hope you are having a fun summer so far (I know it is not technically summer yet).

  60. Rachel says

    I love the superhero capes, and the drum! What a great site…thank you for sharing :)

  61. says

    I love the Magnetic Square Waldorf puzzle. It looks so inviting, and I love the combination of the colour wheel and the puzzle! There are endless possibilities with these clever invention!

  62. says

    I just love the wooden cash register! That would get so much play time here at my house. What a great store. Thanks!

  63. Marina C. says

    Awesome giveaway! I love the wooden fishing game they have, my boys would play for hours!

  64. Sally says

    I like the Bus Stop Board Game, my oldest is into games right now. Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. Kenyon says

    I am artistically challenged and your step-by-step instructions (with photos!) are such a great help! This father’s day will be a colorful one, thanks to your ideas! :) Thanks also for the link for Pure Play Kids…we love Sophie the Giraffe and would love to get the soy rock crayons – I’ve seen that your little one uses them. Also the beach shell collecting and rinsing bag looks very handy! Great site!

  66. Autumn says

    Little Hands Musical Instrument Set for Kids is exactly what we need! I can’t afford music together classes, so this would be a good substitute!

  67. says

    Definitely hard to choose! I love all the Waldorf wooden toys- my daughter would love the wooden king and queen and I think the wooden waldorf blocks look great!

  68. RV Body Shop says

    I think the wooden cash register would be great as well, but they honestly all look good. Needless to say, I’m craving some Legos and Silly Puddy right about now.

  69. Emily O. says

    The felt playsets would be great for our upcoming road trips! There are a lot of neat things and I love that they are battery-free!

  70. Nicky says

    What wouldn’t we like?! I love the felt mailbox set, my eldest would go crazy over the needle felting kits and my youngest would love the fishing game…I could go on forever.

  71. Sheau says

    I like the wooden fishing rod and fish. Also the wooden animal memory game. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  72. Christy says

    I love the wooden fire truck and the rainbow stacker, but I’d probably get some kitchen items for my son’s new kitchen we’re planning!

  73. Tanya M says

    I LOVE 4 Floor Wooden Doll house and I also like Travel Stacking Dollhouse & Puzzle a lot.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  74. [email protected] says

    Love the wooden food and dress up items. Great site.

  75. Erin says

    I love the farm puzzles, the building planks, and all the art supplies, especially the Eco-art sets! Having children of very different ages makes me just want all of it, though. :)

  76. Alison says

    I love the wooden cash register and building planks. My son’s birthday is coming up and both of those would be great.

  77. Cherise says

    Hard to choose with so many wonderful things! I love the growing kits, especially the Underground Garden one.

  78. Holly says

    I’m eyeballing that construction play mat for my almost 3-yr-old. That and the metal/wood xylophone, wooden cash register, wooden school bus, doctor kit, & tumbling cans. Great stuff!

  79. Susie says

    Wow–so many great toys! I love the Go Nuts (& Bolts) Crane…looks like so much fun.

  80. Sara says

    I love the felt Mailbox Set- my daughters would enjoy this! I also like the face painting pencils. Thanks for the chance to win some great quality toys!

  81. Julie says

    I like the building planks and the felt mailbox set… what fun! Lovely when toys can adapt to be suitable for kids of multiple ages!

  82. Dawn says

    I love the Nature Bingo. The Nature Bingo would be great to use as part of a bug theme in the classroom!

  83. Amanda says

    Oh my what a fun store–i like the herb garden for me, the boys would LOVE the metal construction race car, motorcycle and helicopter setsand even the geometric magnets and panels! this would keep the busy for summer for sure!

  84. says

    The whole site is fabulous, but I particularly like the Waldorf Toys. The bark blocks, the magnetic circle, the wooden dinosaurs, I could keep going on and on but I’ll stop. Love them!

  85. says

    How sad is it that I would want the super hero cape FOR MYSELF! I would wear it out running errands and announce “Make way for Super Mom!” upon entering buildings (well, not the bank. We wouldn’t want to get arrested now, would we?). My son, on the other hand would love the construction site puzzle as well as a stash of the wooden vehicles while my youngest daughter would adore the ballerina puppet.

  86. says

    Lots of fun things here! I have my eye on the Haba wooden doctor kit as well as the three piece garden set for my wee ‘farmer’. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Tamrah T says

    Drainable ducks?! Yes, we’ll take a few of those, maybe a potholder kit. (I remember that being so fun when I was a kid.)Wooden clothes pins,… It was fun looking around their site.

  88. says

    I have bookmarked this – thank you for the link! I loved the kids personalized superhero cape (orange), the king and the policeman (can you tell we are working on our dress-up box right now?)

  89. says

    Such an amazing selection of dress up clothes! It’s hard to pick just one! And the sand art kits – my girl would have a blast with each of those!!

  90. says

    This is incredibly hard to choose because they have such a great selection of items. I’ve recently been on the lookout for nice, affordable puppets and they fit the bill! If my kiddo saw the site, the first thing they’d be drawn to is the lovely plush pals–the brown bunny is a personal fav :)
    Sarah M

  91. Julie says

    Yikes, my toy cup runneth over. Endless great choices, but what I really like to start with is the page called “Toys Made in USA.” What they say here is true. Are Chinese toys cheaper in the long run? Most definitely not! Hats off to this company–they have my support.

  92. jennifer says

    LOVE the chalk it. Very awesome. BTW we did the grape and toothpick with friends. it was a HUGE hit. Thx for the idea.

  93. Kathleen says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My artists are bigger boys so I really liked the genetics and DNA kit and the build a book kit.

  94. Lisa F. says

    what a great site! thanks for letting me know about it. I love those Building planks, we just played with similar Kapla blocks at the Museum of Life & Science this weekend. And the color Geometric Magnet Set looks awesome too.

  95. Laurie says

    Oh such choices, Waldorf puzzles, fairy dress up clothes, wooden doll house and blue doll slide, firetruck magnet panel, train bookends, wooden train cars and train set…..the list goes on. Thank you for sharing this and so many other wonderful sites, as well as your fun ideas.

  96. Agnes says

    I would love the Little Hands Musical Instrument Set for Kids and the face painting pencils. My kids love to play “band” and sing. We also recently went to our school’s circus and kids in the circus were cats, so my kids went home and drew cat whiskers on their faces with markers–it’s hard to remove! I also love the wooden toy doctor’s kit. My kids would have a ton of fun with any of these toys. Thank you, Jean!

  97. says

    Difficult to choose… Trying to answer your question: I love the wooden cash register too! And the be your own super hero set!! Great Give Away, thanks!

  98. says

    Art supplies are always 90% kid and 10% toy…so I went straight there (: Of course the beeswax crayons. And the face painting pencils. My rockhound daughter is enchanted by rock crayons…the best of both her worlds (:
    I love your site. My daughters do too…even if they don’t know it (:

  99. Amanda says

    I love the face painting pencils-genius! Lots of favs here. Thanks for the introduction of a good company.

  100. Karen says

    What a terrific giveaway! I would choose the wooden ukulele for my six year old and the washable finger paints for my toddler. Thank you!

  101. Lindsay D says

    I think my three year old would have endless hours of fun with the cash register. Actually I spied several things she would love!

  102. Michaela says

    I love the Nature Bingo game and the wooden eggs, and I’m sure my girls could come up with a long list of favorites! Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Heather N says

    The rainbow stacking toy and the Horse Fun Kit look awesome! What a refreshing change from electronic and loud toys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. Chris says

    I think the herb garden would be great … something to brighten the cold winter day when you are stuck inside.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  105. Nancy says

    wooden tea party puzzle looks great! as does the natural soap making kit — and the metal construction toys!

  106. Julie says

    I’m always on the look out for new and interesting board games to help my daughter with math fundamentals (her favorite way to learn math). I’ve never seen the Bus Stop Board Game before, it looks fun!