Barefoot Books Giveaway :: Day 3

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Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 3

Would you like to win some Barefoot Books?

We are on day three of seven days of Barefoot Books giveaways. Today I am giving away the following three books:

A reminder of the details:

I am giving away 2-3 books each day over 7 days. Each giveaway will run for one day only, so check back every day if you want a chance to win that day's books. I plan to ship the books to all the winners at the end of the 7 days so that I only have to make one trip to the Post Office. While I would love to have this open to readers around the world, I'm going to limit it to United States and Canadian readers to keep shipping costs reasonable.

Ready to enter?

Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 3

Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 3Readers who leave a comment to this post by the end of the day (Thursday, July 19th) 11:49pm EST will be entered into a giveaway for these three Barefoot Books. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here tomorrow morning (Friday, July 20). Giveaway open to US and Canadian readers. Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #152 so Sophia wins the three Barefoot Books. Congrats! (I'll e-mail you…)

Sophia said…

Great books!!!! Thank you for being so generous.

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  1. says

    WE LOVE new books. My children are in a summer reading challenge and these would sure help. Thank you for the oportunity.

  2. Addie Ferguson says

    I love Barefoot books! Would love to add these to my preschool library :)

  3. Johanna says

    What a fabulous opportunity for my son with Down syndrome to expand his reading horizons! Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Rhonda Gibson says

    What a great addition to our my preschool classroom. As a teacher in a non-profit private preschool which provides scholarships to those who might otherwise not be able to attend, this would be a great way to add to our collection.

  5. Kim says

    I am a Kindergarten Teacher and would love these books for my classroom. I borrowed The Gigantic Turnip from the library last year to use in a lesson.

  6. Meredith says

    These are such great books for young children! We’d love to add them to our library.

  7. Sharon says

    My kids love books! We would love to have some to add to our library. I know my son would think the Cd is really cool!

  8. Renee says

    These look wonderful! We are big fans of Barefoot Books and are lucky enough to have the store nearby.

  9. Stephanie Sisler says

    I thank you for the opportunity! :) Looks like you choose some fun books!

  10. Amanda C says

    Wow! These are all new Barefoot Books to us – haven’t seen these in our library! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  11. Sara R. says

    Beautiful books! I’ve been looking for a copy of “We’re Sailing Down the Nile”. :)

  12. liz kuppernus says

    These look like great books and would love to share them with my children as well as my students!

  13. says

    Ooooh these ones look sweet!!! I’m not the most lucky person, but maybe today will be my day! Thanks again for having this giveaway!

  14. Mary Karl-Gruswitz says

    What colorful, beautiful books! These would be well-loved in our home!

  15. Juliet boisselle says

    Barefoot books are the best! My 3 year old loves every single one…”driving my tractor on a bumpy road…”

  16. Nancy says

    great books! and we always love a little audio! what a nice series of giveaways . . .

  17. says

    Ohhhh, BOOKS! I have four boys and they LOVE to be read to … it’s pretty much the only time they sit still. :)

  18. Erin says

    I would love these books – my 6 year old would love the Nile book the most, I’m sure!!!

  19. Kathryn Fox says

    We haven’t added anything new lately and we are going to be studying Egypt soon, so I love the idea of winning this group :)

  20. Christina says

    Wow! Another great set. The Egyptian book sure would be a hit over here with my son who is fascinated with all things Egyptian right now.

  21. leah goldman says

    am a mom of 6 children, ages 12 years to 15 monthes, reading is part of our daily life, during supper time and bed time, potty training and satursday afternoon.
    new books are always a big excitment to my children.

  22. Amy G says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these adorable books!!! Hope today is my lucky day!

  23. Christina says

    Beautiful cover illustrations. I would love to add them to my kindergarten classroom library.

  24. Goldins says

    ❤oh Please ☀Brighten☀ our days☀with your ❤♫♫happy change♫♫❤of books to take us☀away to lands❤ far☀& near

  25. Angie Belcher says

    Thank you for all you do, I look forward to your emails. We would love to add one of these books to our collection,

  26. says

    Darling idea, my littles LOVE LOVE adore books—>reading –>being read to & reading back to me (*.*)
    WE would be Honored to recieve some new books. We home school the last of our littles. (An opportunity to embrace as much of them as possible)
    thanks for all of your ideas fun in your blog.

  27. Liann S says

    What a fun giveaway… we do not have these books. Great addition to our bookshelf.

  28. Justine says

    we grow turnips in our home garden. Would love to read about the gigantic turnip!

  29. says

    at 16 months my son loves to say “book book” and “read it”…i love reading with him everyday! and all the better, he LOVES turnips!!! he starts yelling for them when he smells them cooking! LOL

  30. Medr1e says

    My son pretends to sail down the Nile to the quarry at Aswan literally every day. He’d go nuts for this collection.

  31. jennifer says

    books on CD area godsend. if only more parents knew how much easier car trips could be with these. : ) have to check out that turnip one!

  32. Melisa Jaenisch says

    What great books! and what great give away! Wishing you all the best and thanks again for your blog!

  33. Lena says

    I would love to win. I already have some Barefoot books. I also have The Gigantic Turnip in Russian and would love to have an English version of my favorite story.

  34. Katie says

    Two of my favorite things: books with cds and books about another country!!! I really hope I win =)

  35. Renee says

    These look great! I love Barefoot Books! My girls would love them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  36. says

    Oh my word, we love barefoot books! It would be amazing to win this for our 3 year old who loves to sing and dance along to the videos :)