Barefoot Books Giveaway :: Day 4

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Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 4

Would you like to win some Barefoot Books?

We are on day four of seven days of Barefoot Books giveaways. Today I am giving away the following two books:

A reminder of the details:

I am giving away 2-3 books each day over 7 days. Each giveaway will run for one day only, so check back every day if you want a chance to win that day's books. I plan to ship the books to all the winners at the end of the 7 days so that I only have to make one trip to the Post Office. While I would love to have this open to readers around the world, I'm going to limit it to United States and Canadian readers to keep shipping costs reasonable.

Ready to enter?

Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 4

Barefoot Books Giveaway Day 4Readers who leave a comment to this post by the end of the day (Friday, July 20th) 11:49pm EST will be entered into a giveaway for these two Barefoot Books. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 21). Giveaway open to US and Canadian readers. Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #1 (wow! I don't thing that's happened before!) so Kelly wins the two Barefoot Books for Day 4 of the giveaway. Congrats, Kelly! I'll e-mail you…

Kelly said…

Love the looks of the Secret Seahorse book!

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  1. sara says

    nothing is more satisfying than reading books with your kids. . hope to win so that i can enjoy quality time with my munchkin. thanks

  2. Jennifer Miller says

    I adore this and absolutely love that you are sharing these lovely books.

  3. [email protected] says

    as a mom and a preschool teacher, I would LOVE these books in my collection!

  4. Kirstin Jade says

    I wonder,I ponder,I dream,
    Deep within the sea,turquoise green.
    Nothing is impossible,always keep moving…
    Says the very beautiful Sea shell Queen.

  5. says

    This is a kind of give away that we don’t have ignore. This is really educational with additional cd that we and our kids can sing along. These also have a hide and seek book that will give a lot fun for kids.

  6. Amanda C says

    We really love the singalong cd’s that Barefoot Books puts out. The music is enjoyable for all of us.

  7. Susan says

    All our books are about trucks or cars. It would be nice for my daughter to have a book or two that isn’t her brother’s!

  8. katie says

    oooo, my favorite selection so far… thanks for the giveaway opportunities (but i still love reading your activities, too :p )

  9. Megan says

    we have (and love) the same mother goose book without the cd. Would love to have that!

  10. [email protected] says

    Two great books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. SUZANNE says

    Entered Day four of Barefoot Book giveaway week! These books look like so much FUN! My little twin boys would love them :0)

  12. says

    Thanks for doing the give away! These would be a wonderful addition to any personal or preschool class library. “Yay!” for whoever wins!

  13. [email protected] says

    I remember reading mother goose when I was a kid. I would love o read it o my little one.

  14. Mariah Dorn says

    Were ready random generator. We never win the lottery but winning a book would be great.

  15. kathy G says

    ❤ We would LOVE Love Love to WIN WIN WIN BECAUSE WE❤
    adore☀ BOOKS❤ BOOKS❤BOOKS ☀
    thanks for the opportunity ❤

  16. [email protected] says

    As a grandmother of eight grandchildren under the age of seven, I would love these books to read to them! Plus I love all the crafts you post! I have gotten sooooo many ideas from you! Thank you!

  17. Audrey says

    We recently discovered your site & I am addicted! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas & now books, too!

  18. Piper says

    My daughter LOVES singalong books and she loves to play hide and seek, so today’s giveaway is beyond perfect!! Thanks again.

  19. Deb martinez says

    I love the take offs of Mother Goose. These books look quite visually appealing for all ages.