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The Art of Mothering is to Teach the Art of Living to Children -Elaine Heffner

The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children. – Elaine Heffner

Such a great quote and so true! It's easy to forget in the rush, rush of everyday life, but kids learn so much about the art of living from their parents. I think this quote is one that I need to print out and tape up in my kitchen or something as a reminder. There is a lot I could do differently.

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  • Thanks to everyone who signed up for my new weekly newsletter!! I am so excited to get this idea off the ground! And for all you amazing people who replied and sent me e-mails, I am working my way through them (slowly). Thank you!
  • I am honored to be included in a new pinterest board, 20 Must Follow Moms. Come check it out and follow the board if you're a pinterest junkie like me… There are some amazing women in this group!
  • Maia's birthday is coming up on Monday so we have fun birthday plans in store for this weekend, including visiting family and a good friend back in town. We're keeping the celebration small and family centered this year, which I have to say I'm looking forward to. She's requested a rainbow cake (at first she said rainbow cupcakes again) and asked to decorate it herself.
  • If you had some cool kid t-shirts you wanted to order from Revolution 46 for your own cool kids but were waiting to see if you won the giveaway, then you might want to head over and decide between the pirate shirt and the Kindergarten Rocks shirt. Or maybe it was the rainbow unicorn shirt you had your eye on?
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