Labeling the House

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Chalkboard Labels 1

This is what Maia did with the rest of the chalkboard labels when my back was turned— She labeled half the things around the house!

Chalkboard Labels 2

Chalkboard Labels 3

Chalkboard Labels 7

Chalkboard Labels 4

Chalkboard Labels 5

Chalkboard Labels 6

Chalkboard Labels 8

I guess it's good writing practice. (And I'm glad they are so easily removeable!)

I am feeling sniffly and scratchy and out of sorts. I bought some light aqua paint and was planning to repaint the office today, but may hop back into bed with a book instead. Perhaps the painting elves will do it for me while I nap…

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  1. says

    I love that so much!! I think my favorite part is the spelling. My seven year old does the same thing, and the spelling is so much fun because you really get to see how they’re hearing those words! We don’t have labels all over our house (but now that she’s seen this, we might). She tapes posters all over the house with words like “restaront” complete with a menu of donuts. Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    We’ve moved a couple of them a few times (and they are still sticky) but I’m not sure about how many times you can reuse them. Sounds like a good question for Pattie…

  3. says

    Yeah. It made me think it would be a good way for a younger child to learn words — get a packet of the smaller chalkboard labels and label things around the house…

  4. Agnes says

    I love all of those labels! My son is 7 and does the same thing all over the house. The best part is the spelling–so cute.