11 Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Also titled, My Thankful List…


Clementine season. I stretch it on both ends. I love the sweet little clementines so much and often eat several at a sitting.

The hour before my family wakes up in the morning. It's just me at the kitchen table with my notebook, a cup of hot coffee, some candles, and peace & quiet. I truly treasure this time.


Daphne's strong sense of self and her burgeoning imagination.

Health. Mine and my family's. We've had a run of illnesses in the family, but I'm so thankful that they are the kind that a little time, TLC, and possibly a doctor's visit can help.

A helpful and loving husband who will read endless stories to the girls (and who cooks!).


My new lacy curtains from Ikea.

Living where people are humble and real. The proverbial rat race seems like a distant dream here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 



The way Maia constantly surprises me with her choice of activities and the glimpses I get into what is going on inside her head.

Learning about the enneagram. As Emily mentioned in the comments to my enneagram post last week, it's like someone truly understands me—the good and the bad—and it provides the first mix of self knowledge and self help guidance that I really look forward to exploring more.


Anything that will keep my kids engaged for hours

Planning for a Thanksgiving with good friends visiting from out of town.

What's on your thankful list?

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  1. Amy Fields says

    Your home made play-doh for one:). It keeps Marvin entertained for hours and little Cary is interested in it:). The fact that my daughter, Cary, is out of the hospital and despite the doctor’s predictions she started eating solids (your play doh being the first:) ). My family. Scrapbooking. Food. Lots of love and being able to be a stay athome mommy although it feels like I am never at home:).

  2. Nancy says

    Have you always been in North Carolina? I’ve not been on your blog in a little while, but I was sure you were in California?? What did I miss :)

  3. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    Love the picture of Daphne!! Where did you get that hat? My cat is/was (he just passed) pure white so I always buy Naomi clothes with white cats on them!
    So thankful for my mother in law being back from Canada for the next 6 months.
    For a body to move and breathe. The time that I take for yoga and pilates.
    A healthy family.
    Blogs like yours for inspiration, and motivation!
    My lovely home no matter how little it may be, it’s all ours.
    The Florida beach
    and seeing the world through Naomi’s eyes.

  4. says

    I couple of people have e-mailed me about the curtains, so here’s the info in case anyone else is interested. They are the RENATE LJUV curtains and were $19.99 for the pair. I love how they provide privacy, yet let in lots of light. And I love the shadows on the walls when the light shines through them!

  5. says

    I’ve lived many places, but never California! I grew up in Oregon (and Washington and Alaska), went to college in Boston, and have lived in NC for the past 9 years.