An Update & A Chalkboard Drawing

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Still here, my friends. Still here. 

It's been a a crazy week. My nasty cold got worse. I ended up consulting a doctor, giving in to medication, and am now finally on the mend.

There was a slight detour in there, though, and I spent possibly the most surreal day of my life yesterday. My body reacted strongly to an over-the-counter nighttime cold medicine (not one prescribed by my doctor) and, I swear, the walls were moving on me for much of the day. When I wasn't sleeping like the dead, anyway. Harry drove me to the doctor's office and they decided that my body didn't like the antihistamine in the medicine. 


I'm getting back to normal, though still a bit sluggish. Thought I'd give you an update and share a couple photos of some chalkboard drawing done by Maia and her friend, Stella earlier this week.

Surely, next week will be full of happy, artful experiences and blog posts!

Wishing you a happy, healthy weekend!

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness. Rest up. Don’t make the mistake of doing too much too soon. Your body needs time to regroup! btw, Maia and her friend look beyond precious in their flowing gowns, as they draw in tandem at the chalkboard…and so BIG!!! I remember when she was just a baby as your toddler art group was in its early stages. Sometimes the passage of time really throws me for a loop. (Especially as I watch my eldest surpass me in height and listen to his voice deepen…as he disagrees with most everything I have to say-Ha!) There’s just no stopping it!

  2. says

    Feel better – you never get a sick day when you are a mom. Loving the lights around the chalkboard, very festive and a bit magical. Is that the dress you made for Maia? She is looking so grown up (as, I feel, are my kids).

  3. Amy Fields says

    Rest and get well. Don’t worry about the blog. We will be here when you get back:). Take care! Drink some hot tea! Great with scones!

  4. says

    Oh dear, I once had a similar reaction to cold medicine–only I took mine right before getting on an airplane (someone had told me it would help unclog me so the altitude changes weren’t so painful on my stuffiness.) Needless to say, I haven’t taken cold medication since. Take care, rest up, feel better!

  5. says

    Rest well and heal. Bodies are complicated things, aren’t they? I hope the week ahead will be peaceful for you and yours. Thanks for the chalkboard art – lovely pics. We’ve been reworking an ancient dolls house around here and painted the roof with chalkboard paint. Lots of dusty fun! I love that chalkboards offer the chance for permanently changing art displays.