A Christmas Tree Craft Kit GIVEAWAY by Rustics Reborn

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A Christmas Tree Craft Kit Giveaway by Rustics Reborn

Rustics Reborn is the Etsy shop and business of a good friend of mine. Doug is the father of four boys, all of whom have been in our toddler art group over the years. He works with college students by day, and in his spare time creates wonderfully unique coatracks and craft kits out of reclaimed barnwood and vintage knobs. 

He and his son Nathan worked together to create this fun Christmas tree craft kit which he sells in his Etsy shop. Rustics Reborn is offering TWO of these craft kits as a giveaway to one winner—perfect for siblings or for a playdate.


We had the chance to try out one of the Christmas tree kits recently while the girls had a friend over, and I have to say that it was thoroughly enjoyed by all three girls. They took turns hammering in the nails with a child-sized hammer…


…wrapping the Christmasy yarn in, out, and between the nails…


…and then removing it all to try it with rubber bands as well, like a geoboard.


I think it looks pretty darn cool with the multi-colored rubber bands! 

If you think your kids would have fun exploring and creating with these Christmas tree craft kits, you can see the giveaway details below for a chance to win TWO of them. Or you can buy them in his shop to do as a pre-Christmas craft (& decoration!) or to wrap as a gift. Besides the Christmas tree, he also makes a similar heart craft kit, which would be just as great as a holiday present.

Rustics Reborn Coatracks

And if you're looking for a gift idea for a special grown-up in your life, Doug makes one-of-a-kind coatracks using reclaimed barnwood and vintage architectural knobs and other salvaged items. They are quite the conversation piece and, of course, perfect for hanging bags, coats, hats, and more. I have one at my back door that I use for holding my gardening gear. And I think it would be fun to hang one in a kitchen for aprons, dish towels, whisks, and potholders…

Doug Rustics Reborn

Here you can see Doug at work, creating a coatrack with his son Justin's school class. And a great photo of his two older boys cleaning reclaimed barnwood in preparation for making the coatracks.

A Christmas Tree Craft Giveaway

Readers who leave a comment to this post by Monday, December 10th at 11:59pm EST will be entered into a giveaway for TWO of Rustic Reborn's Christmas tree craft kits which include a ready-to-hang wood plaque with predrilled holes, nails or screws (you specify which you prefer), and red and green yarn. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Tuesday. (I will also e-mail the winner.) One entry per person, please. Giveaway open to readers in the US only.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #78, so Marcela wins the giveaway. Congrats, Marcela! (I will e-mail you…)

perfect for my little guy… thanks for sharing.

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  1. [email protected] says

    These would be a lot of fun. Would really enjoy this as a xmas craft with my little!

  2. Ann says

    Fun craft. My kids would really enjoy this project. Even if I don’t win I will add it to my list of projects for next year. I have made a list and am going to carve out a craft a month with my kids, doesn’t sound like much but with 4 kids and our work schedules it is a doable goal.

  3. Andie says

    This looks like fun. We are trying to learn to use tools here at my house (grown-ups as well as kiddos)

  4. [email protected] says

    Oh my goodness how fun is this. Need to show this to my husband. Thanks!

  5. Kelly says

    What a great idea. I think daddy might have fun doing one of these crafts with our three-year-old!

  6. Lisa says

    What an excellent, simple project, with amazing results. I would love this to work on with my daughters!

  7. Kate says

    I definitely needed the motivation of seeing this idea! would be super fun to win as it will probably sit on my “create” list far too long! :)

  8. crazyestonian says

    We made a somewhat similar project once: a piece of wood, lots of random nails and then wire wrapped around them in various random patterns. It is calles the wire sculpture and my husband proudly displays it on his shelf :)

  9. Janelle says

    Ooooh…I remember doing things like this when I was young. My son would love this and getting to use real tools!

  10. Julie says

    Wow! These are amazing! Thanks for telling us about them! My kids would love them and I would too! :)

  11. Andrea Lavu says

    My boys would love this! Building with tools, snapping with rubber bands, taking it apart to make it different…we could be busy and creative for hours!

  12. Danette says

    These are so cool! My daughter and nephew would love to do these when they get together over the holidays.

  13. [email protected] says

    This is a genius idea! My son and his friends would LOVE this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. grace says

    Wow, another great giveaway … this is very cool, hope to win this — we love to do art and cool projects at home for our school. Thank you for the chance!

  15. Faye E. Hunt says

    TOTALLY COOL! My son would LOVE this. Please, please, please great spirit let us win this!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. says

    That is just perfect for my little girl!

  17. Carmen says

    I love all the handmade craft as Christmas present. How perfect one to my son.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. Julie says

    It amazes me how the simplest of projects can be the most engaging. Brilliant idea! Would love to have one.

  19. deb mcmillen says

    cool we have one in our classroom its just not a tree and its cool to see how the kids place the rubberbands

  20. Kim says

    This looks like something that would be lots of fun! I did it as a kid but have never had my Son do it …. thanks for so many great ideas!