GIVEAWAY! Fun Crayon Shapes by Earth Grown Crayons

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Eco Friendly Shaped Soy Crayons by Earth Grown Crayons GIVEAWAY

Today's giveaway is for FOUR fun sets of shaped crayons by Earth Grown Crayons.

Melissa, owner and chief crayon maker at Earth Grown Crayons, is also a teacher and mother of three. She makes her crayons out of kid- and earth-friendly soy for a variety of reasons. She says…

Why soy crayons? Soy is an all-natural, renewable resource that is one-hundred percent biodegradable – making it an earth-friendly choice for kids. Soy beans have been a part of my life since I can remember. Growing up I spent time on my grandparents farm in rural Minnesota. I watched my grandpa plant and harvest soy beans in the fields behind his farm. Now, many years later, I’m making my own creations from soy, inspired by my love for animals and other living things.

Soy Crayon Shapes by Earth Grown Crayons

Check out Earth Grown Crayon's etsy shop for more fun crayon shapes—there's something to please every little artist. I ordered the fish and the bunny crayon sets for my kiddos (I'm thinking stocking stuffers…), and there are also stars, dinosaurs, butterflies, frogs, tigers, and an "Up North" set that includes a moose, bear, fish, pinecone, and pine tree.

You can order your own shaped crayons from Earth Grown Crayons and/or enter the giveaway below for the chance to win four different sets.


Readers who leave a comment to this post by Thursday, December 6th at 11:59pm EST will be entered to win four sets of shaped crayons by Earth Grown Crayons (bugs, fish, doves, and hearts). Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Friday (I will also e-mail the winner). Giveaway open to readers everywhere. 

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #87, so Julie R. wins the givewaway! Congrats, Julie! (I'll e-mail you…)

Julie R said…

what perfect stocking stuffers these would be!! my kids would adore them!

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  1. Mary says

    I would love to win these to have here when my grandkids visit! Looks like a great produce. I am new to this site and need to browse around more! Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  2. [email protected] says

    These look like fun! My son likes the fish : ) what a great giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  3. says

    These are so adorable. I am definitely a fan of unique art supplies and different crayon shapes falls under that! Love the frogs and the fish!
    Sarah M

  4. Sammy says

    My whole family is vegan so soy is a huge part of our lives. (Non GMO of course). :) We love that your crayons are made from soy and what a beautiful way to incorporate a memory of your Grandpa into your everyday life. Thanks for being so creative and for loving nature/animals!

  5. Julianne says

    I absolutely adore these! I often melt down our broken crayons and remold them into fun shapes. I find that my boys have as much fun playing with them as they do coloring with them!

  6. says

    wow these are so much fun for my toddler who loves to color… these are great for little artist hands!
    earth-friendly is even better, great giveaway !

  7. Rebecca D says

    Oh cute! We were given some other crayons in dinosaur shapes that my son loved a few months back. They would love these too!

  8. says

    I’m origninally a Minnesota girl as well, so those “Up North” crayons strike a chord :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  9. Tish Tillis says

    These crayons are cute, brilliant and Eco friendly! If I win I’ll definitely promote the product!

  10. [email protected] says

    Yay for crayons!

  11. [email protected] says

    These crayons are great! My son would love them!

  12. [email protected] says

    love soy crayons…just like butter!

  13. kaci says

    I just added soy crayons to my list. I think they would be great for little hands that dont quite know how to give enoughpressure for regular crayons.

  14. Trisha Hilberry says

    These are lovely. I’d love to have a set. I’m in school right now, learning to teach early childhood education. This would be the perfect addition to my growing supplies. I am hoping to open my own Reggio inspired Preschool.

  15. [email protected] says

    Cute! My 3 year old would love them!

  16. Gerbina says

    These are so inviting for little children. My daughter would probably first build a house for them!

  17. Miranda says

    What a splendid giveaway and product! Seems perfect for both my 4 year old and my 2 year old who is just starting to learn to color. :)

  18. Kate says

    So many nephews and friends who I’d love to share these with! THANKS for the giveaway, as always!!!

  19. Kelly says

    What a great idea! My 3-year-old daughter would love playing and drawing with these. She has to taste everything too…so these are perfect!

  20. Aeriel says

    What a wonderful giveaway. So cute and perfect for putting in stockings this holiday. Thanks!

  21. Kayla says

    I work at the Boys and Girls Club and babysit on the weekends. I have so many wonderful children who would love these crayons, many of whom will not receive Christmas gifts this season.

  22. Amy Fields says

    What a great idea! We would love these! The bunny ones are so cute, may have to get some as stocking stuffers as well!

  23. Bonnie says

    Great concept and the colors?! So vibrant and appealing. Fantastic choice for a give away…I think I’d love them more than the kids!!!!

  24. krista says

    love this! we make shapes at home by melting old crayons, but i much prefer the soy version (that i can’t seem to find anymore…). thanks for sharing another great product!

  25. Courtney says

    If the soy is GM free then we would love to win these! What a great idea for kids like mine who can’t resist biting crayons ;) and so enticing to kids less inclined towards drawing

  26. JJ says

    I’ve got these types of crayons on my list this year for a stocking stuffer. These are so cute!

  27. Regina says

    My little was placing his own order while I checked out the etsy store!!!! I want turned into i need…LOL

  28. says

    I would love to win these! I have thought about getting some for stocking stuffers too. However, I am using up all my holiday money a little faster than I thought!

  29. Christine says

    We made our own heart-shaped crayons for Valentine’s Day last year out of old Crayolas. I have to admit, I’m not sure what they’re made out of. These look great!

  30. Shanna Ryan says

    Adorable! I can see my son wanting to play with the animals crayons instead of coloring.

  31. Faye E. Hunt says

    My daughter’s name, Paloma, means “dove of peace” so the dove crayons are absolutely perfect, not to mention the other crayons are delightful that she and my son would both enjoy! Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  32. Beth says

    Aha! And here 8′ve been looking for stocking stuffers! These are great. Cute and very thoughtful. Thanks for putting these on our radar.

  33. Jen says

    What a great idea and great give away! I bet my daughter would love the idea – she loves to color! Thanks!

  34. [email protected] says

    My daughter would love to use these crayons. She is into coloring right now.

  35. Melissa W. says

    Love, love, love! These are great! My girls would have a blast creating & coloring with them!

  36. Julie says

    These look like fun! My kids love rock-shaped crayons and these might inspire some of the same lines and shading and fun.

  37. Trish says

    Here fishy fishy … Super cute! Super fun! Frogs are hoppening, too … Ha, love em all! Great idea on the stocking stuffers.

  38. Susan says

    These are adorable! Both my kids would love these (my 2yo is all about ladybugs!!). Thanks so much for telling us about these!

  39. Craft Chrissy says

    Love coloring with shaped crayons! We didn’t have this when I was a kid! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. My Barefoot Angel says

    My son would fall for the dino set! Wow, can’t believe it’s for 4 sets, would probably last a long time.

  41. Carly says

    These are so cute and look like so much fun, I know my kids would love them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. michele says

    I would LOVE to win. Would make a great stocking stuffer too! Thanks for the colorful chance to win. :0)

  43. Melanie M says

    Would love this for my two year old twins- especially since one of the twins always eats the crayons- yuck!!
    Thank you!!!

  44. says

    Great gift idea. I have not seen Earth Grown Crayons before. I think it is great they are made with soy and come in different shapes.

  45. [email protected] says

    these are great-I have a family daycare and would love these!

  46. Renee Brown says

    Dinosaur shaped crayons? My son will go nuts! I must check them out for a stocking stuffer. My daughter would love to win the ladybugs!

  47. [email protected] says

    My daughter would love these!

  48. says

    These are so much fun! I’d have to divide these up between my daughters & my 18-month-old nephew… they would be perfect for his little hands.

  49. says

    I never met a box of crayons that I didn’t LOVE. And now I’m sharing my love of coloring with my two grandchildren. They would just ADORE these shaped crayons! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Catherine Girard says

    What a neat gift idea! My daughter had loved coloring since she could first grasp a crayon so I know she would love to have these!

  51. Suzanne R. says

    would totally love to try these out with my 2 kiddies. We are an art craft loving family!

  52. Connie says

    Thank you for sharing your inspirations and love of children’s creativity. These could add to my daughter’s exploration of colour and shape.

  53. [email protected] says

    I didn’t even know that soy crayons existed! How cool. I love the animal shapes….

  54. Elizabeth says

    These are so lovely, I’d hesitate to use them for the first time. Luckily, my daughters would have no such problem!

  55. Esther says

    hopefully the time difference works in my favor :-) These crayons would be the perfect gift for my friends daughters who live in California.