Heart and Stone Jewelry “Giving is Good” Necklace GIVEAWAY!

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Love Hope Faith Necklace by Heart and Stone JewelryHello, my friends!

Tis the time of year to pick out special gifts for the special someones in your life and in the spirit of helping you with your holiday shopping, I have a week of giveaways planned. You'll have a chance to win something great every day for the next week, plus it'll be an opportunity for me to highlight some of my blog sponsors and their wonderful products. 

To kick off the week, Heart and Stone Jewelry is offering you your choice of six different necklaces as a giveaway, each of which has a story and a mission. These six necklaces, pictured below, from Heart and Stone Jewelry's "Giving is Good" collection help others to support the cause of their choice through their purchase of the necklaces.

How appropriate for this, the season of giving.

Heart and Stone Jewelry

I'll share a bit more about each of the six "Giving is Good" necklaces below so you can decide which you have the most affinity for, whether because of a personal experience or that of a loved one, whether you have your eye on it for yourself or as a gift, whether you'd like to make a purchase or simply enter the giveaway below.

But first, allow me to share a bit about Heart and Stone Jewelry… 

Heart and Stone Jewelry Handmade Personalized Charm Necklaces and Rings

Julie Booras, the owner and designer of Heart and Stone Jewelry, makes some pretty special personalized charm necklaces, stacking signet rings, and key rings out of recycled sterling silver. She strives to "make a difference in people’s lives by creating unforgettable, meaningful jewelry that symbolizes the spirit of the wearer."

When ordering a piece of jewelry from Heart and Stone, you can choose every detail yourself—the number and kind of charms, the inscriptions on the pieces—whether the name of your loved one, the dates of your children's births, images or sayings that resonate with you, and birthstones. You can even add to a piece over time, to reflect personal and life changes.

Julie's jewelry makes the sort of gift that will be cherished for years, whether you buy it for yourself (surely I'm not the only one who buys myself Christmas gifts?), put it on your wish list, or purchase it for someone special.

If you'd like to place a holiday gift order, though, do so as soon as possible—remember her jewelry is handmade to order! Artful Parent readers receive 10% off their orders with the coupon code, ART10.

To stay in touch and learn about new products and special deals, you may like to follow Heart and Stone Jewelry on Facebook.

Okay, now for the six necklaces from the "Giving is Good" collection… 








To enter the giveaway for your choice of one of the above six "Giving is Good" necklaces (value $100-165) by Heart and Stone Jewelry, leave a comment to this post by Tuesday, December 4th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Wednesday. (I will also e-mail the winner.) Giveaway open to US readers.

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #73, so Jeff N. wins the giveaway. Congrats, Jeff! (I will e-mail you…)

Jeff N said…

I would like to win one for my wife. Thanks!

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  1. Elaine Rodgers says

    What a great way to give back. Thank you!! I hope other retailers follow your example!

  2. Marilyn says

    these are beautiful!! I love the “Solve the Puzzle” necklace and the “Love Hope Faith” one too!!

  3. amy Osborn says

    What a beautiful set of necklaces. I really like the Love, Hope, Faith one. What a great way to share with others.

  4. shanna boatler says

    all of these are great! and thank you for the chance to win:) i really like the “tree of life”

  5. [email protected] says

    I love these! Especially the ‘FEEL THE LOVE’! Smart

  6. Eliza says

    I love personalized jewelry, and the fact that this jewelry “gives back” makes it even more beautiful! I am thinking of returning to school to become a nurse midwife, so the tree of life necklace speaks to me a lot.

  7. katie says

    Pretty simple yet inspirational! ( thanks for yet another giveaway to get us in the holiday spirit…hanukkah is fast appraching…. and then christmas, we celebrate both. Eek)

  8. Juie Steven says

    These are so beautiful and symbolic, I particularly like “Love Hope Faith” as this can be appropriate for anything. I live with Cyclothymia which is part of the Bipolar Spectrum and would love to think there was someone out there who supported my condition by being creative like this lovely lady.

  9. Carly says

    These are beautiful! And I live that the message connects with the organization being supported. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. [email protected] says

    Very beautiful necklaces and artwork!

  11. Craft Chrissy says

    THANK YOU! I haveStageIV Lung Cancer and I personally want to say a very heartfelt thanks for what you are doing. Naturally, Iwould love The Strenght necklace but , they are all very special and I know each organization thanks you. Love to you and God Bless you!

  12. Betsy says

    I would choose the “Solve the Puzzle” necklace & gift it to a mommy that I know who has a child with Autism.

  13. Annette says

    I really like feel the love but would probably go with the solve the puzzle necklace. Autism has touched my life on several occasions.

  14. Leslie says

    These remind me of the charm necklace I had that was washed down the sink. I ‘d love to have a replacement :).

  15. grace says

    Oh thank you for sharing … these are beautiful necklaces. I love the “Love Hope Faith” one since it reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner and what is Christmas is all about : Love, Hope & Faith!! Thanks for the chance.

  16. Trish says

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw your Breathe necklace. Instantly caught my attention to read more. Our 2 1/2 year old was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 weeks, so anyone who supports the cause is my hero. THANK YOU for being a part of that journey!!!!! If I could give you a hug, I would, so the virtual hug will do ;). Again, thanks for your support for CF and the many other causes/needs out there!

  17. butterfly wishes wonderland dreams says

    they are all so pretty and help support such great, wonderful, and worthy causes! I think I would pick Love, Hope, Faith

  18. Marti says

    Each necklace supports such meaningful causes. The strength necklace because of family members with cancer is the one most close to my heart. Thank you for this opportunity.

  19. Genie Murrell says

    Beautiful jewelry to support some most worthy causes! We have an autism class at our school–I love the “solve the puzzle” necklace.

  20. Sheau says

    Love the feel the love necklace. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Btw, we absolutely enjoying the holiday season with your winter ebook. Thank you.

  21. Noelle says

    Wonderful website with amazing jewelry! Love the personalization and representation of so many important causes.

  22. Melissa Woodward says

    I really love the one that says, “Breathe”…I am always reminding myself that & telling it to loved ones when they are ill or stressed…it is very importnat & so helpful! oh these all take my breath away…so beautiful! thank you for the giveaway opportunity :)

  23. Erica says

    The “feel the love” necklace is brilliant. As I was looking at all this beautiful artwork I was thinking that our family could all share this necklace. Whomever is having a rough, challenging, or exciting time could wear the necklace. Doctor visits, musical performances, presentations, and babysitters might be a little easier if one can literally “feel the love” for a virtual family hug!

  24. Laura says

    These are beautiful! I love the tree of life necklace. What a wonderful way to give back and share a message!

  25. Faye E. Hunt says

    Gorgeous and so very meaningful! I love the “Tree of Life” necklace in particular based on its imagery and cause it supports. We recently had a homebirth with a midwife and I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience and caregiver so this cause is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for this incredible giveaway!

  26. georgia says

    These necklaces are absolutely beautiful and have such great meaning behind them. Brilliant idea.

  27. Victoria S says