Kids’ Art Supply Gift Basket by Stubby Pencil Studio :: A GIVEAWAY!

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Kids Art Supply Holiday Gift Basket by Stubby Pencil Studio GIVEAWAY!

Today's giveaway is for a holiday gift basket filled with kids' art and school supplies. This awesome giveaway is by Stubby Pencil Studio, one of my longtime blog sponsors.

Here's what is included in the gift basket:

Total value = $70+

As you know, Stubby Pencil Studio is one of my favorite online shops for kids' art materials and writing desk supplies. If you're looking for ideas for your kiddos for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers, allow me to share our family's most-loved products from her shop… 

To help you in your holiday purchases, Stubby Pencil Studio is offering 15% off orders to Artful Parent readers with the discount code APSAVE15, good through the end of the month. Happy shopping!

Kids' Holiday Gift Basket GIVEAWAY

Holiday Art Supplies Gift Basket GiveawayTo enter the giveaway for Stubby Pencil Studio's gift basket, filled with $70+ worth of kids' art supplies and more, leave a comment to this post by Friday, December 7th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Saturday (I will also e-mail the winner). Giveaway open to US readers.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #330, so Kaci wins the gift basket. Congrats, Kaci! (I will e-mail you…)

Kaci said…

What a awsome give away. Especially right before Christmas. This looks like so much fun and what a better way to keep us creating. My boys and I would have lots of fun.

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  1. [email protected] says

    We would love a basket full of great art supplies! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Radtke says

    These are amazing! My kids would LOVE to find this on the doorstep some day. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  3. Heather says

    We are in the process of being licensed as foster parents. This would be an amazing thing to have available to those children when they arrive at our house!

  4. says

    Oh! My daughter *just* made her Christmas list…and it’s filled with art supplies! This would be such a dream gift for her (and me:) Thank you so much!

  5. alex says

    Amazing! I have ordered from them in the past and never been disappointed. Would be thrilled to win this and share with the little loves in my life, including my twenty month old..

  6. [email protected] says

    My 3 years old child is full of energy. Never stop. The only way to keep him sitting is your artful ideas. I got to know it before Halloween this year and I am very happy of all things I read here and take ideas from here. So this Basket would be great for him. He would be very happy and maybe I would be able to keep him calm a little more :).

  7. Tonya says

    The supplies in this kit are so awesome! My daughter and I would both love them!
    Thanks for the contest!

  8. Sarah Hippert says

    My daughter is 2.5 years old and really getting into art now. This would be wonderful for her.

  9. Lauren Snow says

    My children would be thrilled to get this gift basket for Christmas! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway :-)

  10. Tara says

    I love Stubby Pencil! We order their supplies and I don’t feel bad about what is in them – or how much I spent. :)

  11. Kim B says

    There’s some really cool stuff here, but I have to say that I’m amused by the inclusion of lollipops!

  12. Arpita says

    Here in the US I don’t see many of these products and am just sitting here looking at these pictures and coveting them!! My daughters will just have to share with Mommy if we win this :)

  13. says

    wow this is a dream giveaway at my house! we do so much crafting and was thinking of having a crafting party.. this would be perfect for that.!

  14. says

    So excited to discover Stubby Pencil Studio! Lots of wonderful options for beautiful art materials for my toddler classroom. This gift basket would be the perfect beginning to revamping our collection of open-ended tools for artistic and creative expression.

  15. kristine says

    Things are not looking so great under our tree this year…..I would so appreciate winning this wonderful giveaway for my children.

  16. Heather says

    Oh, what a fun giveaway! My kiddos would have so much fun with this! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  17. Sarah Thacker says

    I have an after-school program in my home! These products would be well-loved! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Andie says

    I love Stubby Pencil Studio, my favorite item of theirs is the pencil highlighters–no smearing! I use highlighters a lot, and just ordered two more! My girls would love to try out the gift basket!

  19. Sharian Montesdeoca says

    Lovely treat will be a perfect gift for my birthday boy and his brother we enjoy art

  20. Susan says

    WHat an amazing collection and giveaway! I love Stubby Pencil – they are often my go to place for presents :) Thanks!

  21. says

    I am not sure if my comment was lost or not but I wrote that Liana asked for an art kit for Christmas and I’m pretty sure this one is waaayyy better than the one I found for her.

  22. Danielle says

    My daughter asks daily to do painting, but it’s hard to set that up inside in the winter. Maybe some of these new pencils would tide her over until the weather turns nice to paint outside again.

  23. Lara says

    What an awesome giveaway! My son is just getting ready to start getting his hands into art, this would be a fantastic way to stock our home studio!!

  24. Craft Chrissy says

    Wonderful Giveaway! My grandkids would really have a great time crafting using all these supplies! Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway!

  25. says

    ooo soo colorful and i lovvve the attention to detail. almost too pretty to use, but oh, how we could/would use this beautiful fun:) GJ is 21 months and i’ve found out she’s way into purple at the moment;)

  26. [email protected] says

    Oh my goodness. What great things you are giving away. I will need to get on their website to purchase some things for my niece and nephews.

  27. says

    I love love the art projects that come out on Saturday mornings when they wake up before we do and just start coloring on their bed. A drawing is much better to wake up to than an overhead light!

  28. says

    This kit is great. This combined with the liquid watercolor set I’m putting together for my daughter and niece would make for one artful christmas!

  29. Christina P. says

    What a beautiful basket! I think I would have a hard time sharing with my kids! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. stephanie saunders says

    What a generous gift, both the coupon and giveaway! I LOVE your passion for art and children. Thanks for inspiring me!

  31. Kate says

    Our family always participates in Project Angel Tree, buying a gift for a child whose parent is in prison, and my daughter chose the assignment on Sunday to shop for a 5-year-old girl who wants craft supplies. This giveaway would make anyone’s dreams come true!!! :-) Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  32. Sam Lehmann says

    Gorgeous! A perfect gift for my little artsy pants kids…. I have been using your ideas to start the am and get breaks made and creative juices flowing…. Thanks

  33. says

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! My 4-yr-old son has really gotten into “Arts and Crafts” lately so he would love this!

  34. Sandy says

    I have a 3-yr old granddaughter, who is the most joyful when she is doing some sort of art project. Needless to say I have a few … hundred of her most valued work hanging in our home. To me they are “priceless”

  35. natali says

    What a great gift this would make, who wouldn’t love creating with these quality items, my tots would have so much fun with it!

  36. Sheau says

    oh my goodness. these are so adorable! thank you for this lovely giveaway and the chance to be lucky. : >

  37. lacey mcnary says

    you can NEVER have too many wonderful art supplies!! we would love to win this basket! BTW – i love your site!

  38. Sonja says

    My children would love every single item of this awful collection. Thank you for this opportunity!

  39. drani36[email protected] says

    love love love stubby pencil studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kay says

    Art supplies and other open-ended creativity-prompting toys are the absolute best kind. Art supplies that are themselves also beautiful things are even better!

  41. noelle says

    …kid art supplies?! i love them myself and i’m the mom! ha! this is an awesome giveaway. all children will love this! thanks for this great giveaway!

  42. says

    Love love love their products! The one thing I am always telling family who want to get my kids gifts is art supplies…you can never have too many!
    Sarah M

  43. Aimee says

    Maybe I’ll wait on my order to them (and Discount art Supply) until this weekend just in case. Thank you for providing such wonderful suggestions around the holidays to us artfully-impared parents!

  44. Kirsten says

    My daughter is just getting old enough to enjoy things like this and I’m looking to fill out our craft and activity supplies and this would be perfect!

  45. Faye E. Hunt says

    This would be so completely amazing to have for my children! Thank you for this awesome opportunity. We absolutely adore art and having more supplies to help us on our creative journeys together as a family would be enormous.

  46. ana says

    I am not nearly creative enough with my two munchkins. this would help inspire me and be a wonderful holiday gift under the christmas tree!

  47. says

    It’s amazing what neat products they’re coming up with nowadays! I’m working on getting my daughter to love art like I do!

  48. Renee says

    I would love to win these wonderful supplies to share with my granddaughter when we craft! Thanks for the chance!

  49. Annie says

    I teach art in a church preschool, we can surely use more supplies, especially ones as nice as these!

  50. Carla says

    I really enjoy reading about all the fabulous activities you do with your family and wish that we could afford all those supplies. I would certainly love to win. I’m off to check out stubby pencil studios and maybe take advantage of the generous discount. Thanks!

  51. Angela R. says

    We’ve ordered from this store before and love their products. This would be such a great Christmas surprise!

  52. Andrea D. says

    I love your site and all the fun ideas you come up with. Thanks for sharing and letting me enter this contest.

  53. Granmama B says

    My granddaughters love art projects above all else. They would be so delighted with this gift basket. Fingers are crossed for good luck!

  54. MrsBodien says

    This would be an amazing gift for my two creative girls (ages 3 and 6). Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  55. Kate says

    This is exactly the kind of thing I am wanting to put together for my little one for Christmas! Time to get crafty with mama!

  56. susan says

    Oh my goodness, what fun we would have with all of that! Such Creativity:) Thanks for sharing.

  57. says

    be still my heart. im drooling with creative ideas for my kids. great giveaway :-)

  58. Sharon says

    I just love the creativity this store provides!! Beautiful colors for this wintery day. Thank for the great giveaway!

  59. brooke says

    Oh my… I just bought my little an easel for christmas and these goodies would complete that gift!!!!

  60. [email protected] says

    What a great set. It would create hours of fun!

  61. Allison S. says

    Oh I love those jumbo markers and metallic colored crayons! Thanks for sharing this company! :)

  62. Chani says

    OH wow. whoever wins this is one lucky ducky (i do hope its me though!!!) But seriously though, I love your blog! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all!

  63. [email protected] says

    EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! That’s me squealing with joy!

  64. Rachel says

    Great Giveaway! I think I could clear out all our toys and my older daughter would be perfectly happy doing arts and crafts all day long…

  65. crazyestonian says

    Lovely set. While we have quite a few Stubby Pencil things, it is a totaly different selection. I had no idea they had metallic crayons!

  66. says

    My little ones are in desperate need of new art supplies. I was going to put together a basket for them myself, but if we could win one all the better! They would be thrilled to find this under the tree Christmas morning. Thanks for offering!

  67. Audrey says

    Wow! What a wonderful collection of supplies! Thank you for the chance to win them! I LOVE your site!

  68. [email protected] says

    Would love this for my artful 2 year old twins! Thank you for the opportunity and all the art activities throughout the days…

  69. says

    I work for the Boys and Girls Club primarily serving at risk youth and underprivileged children. The kids would really enjoy the items in this basket! It would make a lot of Christmas wishes come true!

  70. Mimi says

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! My grandkids would LOVE to try out these products with their grandma, ‘MIMI’…me! (a retired art teacher) Happy Holidays and love your great ideas!

  71. Eunice says

    Wow, what a great gift basket! I can just see myself having hours and hours of fun with my toddler using all those great art supplies.

  72. says

    I had never heard of Stubby Pencil Studio, thanks for introducing me! I love everything in the giveaway! I know my 2 kids would love to make some wonderful art with this stuff!

  73. Julie says

    Stubby Pencil is great – and I’m thinking that art supplies in the stocking is a good tradition to start…

  74. Kaci says

    What a awsome give away. Especially right before Christmas. This looks like so much fun and what a better way to keep us creating. My boys and I would have lots of fun.

  75. sheila says

    Wow! we’d be set for the cold winter months here with all of these cool activities! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. Gretchen says

    A wonderful collection! It would save me the trouble of picking and choosing to with the whole thing! Fingers crossed :)

  77. Amy baker says

    Love your post, 3 creative kids we go through abundant art supplies:) Latest favorite project is my kindergartner ‘making books’ stapled together pages she has a theme and cave man words and art to match, they are priceless.

  78. [email protected] says

    thanks for the chance at this beautiful basket!

  79. Natalia says

    Push up crayons – brilliant! Thank you for your posts and helping me keep my wee one inspired.

  80. Chairity says

    What a fantastic prize! We are an Art Loving Family- there is constantly an art project going on♥♥ I’m always excited to find new resources☺

  81. Megan says

    Oh my goodness, we would have so much fun with all of these supplies! We recently moved and have a great craft nook and I can’t wait to fill it up with artwork!

  82. Mel says

    My two year old would love many of those items.. And it will give me the push to do some Art with him.

  83. Tami says

    My daughter and I love doing crafts together. Since my husband got laid off we have had to become extra creative with our crafts because supplies can be so expensive. This would be a great thing to add some holiday cheer to our house. I would love to give it to her for christmas. Good Luck everyone!

  84. Matthew Ang says

    Thank you for sharing about Stubby. It would be great to receive the gift for my two daughters.

  85. says

    I would love to win! I just ordered from them but strangely enough did not buy any of those items! Love Stubby Pencil Studio and your blog Jean!

  86. [email protected] says

    Love these art supplies!

  87. Amy says

    My 2 boys are totally into art right now, except I do have to pay close attention to the little one. He likes to eat the markers :) We would love this!

  88. diane bode says

    This is amazing and I would love to have these products. My preschoolers would love them. Thanks.

  89. Suzie says

    What an awesome giveaway! My daughter would live this since she is just starting to reall get into arts and crafts:)

  90. Lori Z. says

    These colors make me want to break out all our art supplies with the kids and do something big and with lots of color…

  91. Joellyn says

    This would make a perfect gift for any of my kids! I hope I win so we can wrap it up and share it over Christmas break together!!

  92. Jocelyn Herndon says

    Thanks for introducing me to Stubby Pencil! I bought my daughter some crayon rocks a while back and she loves them. I also discovered their great finger printing art kits that are great to carry around for waiting in restaurants etc.

  93. Jessica says

    These art supplies look wonderful! Many products I have never seen before, eager to try them out with my toddler!

  94. Jana says

    Even as an adult now, my favorite aisle at any store is the art supplies/school supplies one. And my two grade school kids, I’m afraid, have caught the gene too. What a great selection of treasures!

  95. Katie R. says

    Such fun to be able to give one’s children! These are my favorite types of gifts. Thank you for the offer!

  96. Suzanne R. says

    what an awesome collection..we love art here so I sure hope we are the blessed winners :)

  97. jackie m says

    ohhh drooling over this. Hayley will squeal over this! Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways!

  98. Becky says

    This giveaway is awesome! I know I would give the stuff to my kids but I kinda want to keep it for me ;)
    Thanks for the chance

  99. Amy says

    I’ve got a little girl who is just starting to love doing art projects. I would love to win this for her!

  100. Petina says

    This sounds like such a fun set of materials to pull out in a winter morning! I will have to check out stubby pencil for more ideas!

  101. Megan S. says

    Those look like amazing supplies! My little one would LOVE them. Thanks for doing these give-aways!

  102. Tima says

    I was just thinking that we need art supplies for our 2.9 year old–this would be absolutely perfect!

  103. Kaci says

    A great gift for the kids. I love all the materials and I am sure they would have just as much fun exploring. Thanks for the chance to enter in your amazing giveaways.

  104. Tamrah T says

    These giveaways are so fun! Thank you for the chanc to win a few more ar supplies for my family.

  105. carrie says

    A beautiful and thoughtful bunch of items put together. My boy would love the challenge of working with new supplies.

  106. Nicole says

    Oh, how wonderful! I know a little girl who would be oh-so-happy to play with these items (not to mention her mama who would ooh and awe and be giddy with excitement)!!

  107. [email protected] says

    I would just LOVE to win this for my son….he just loves art and craft time!

  108. Bethany says

    What a wonderful art supply basket! My kiddos would love to find this under the tree on Christmas morning.

  109. [email protected] says

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  110. Esther says

    My favorite niece Naomi and nephew Massi would love this set..would be the best christmas present ever. fingers crossed :-)

  111. says

    That would be a fantastic gift for my grandchildren and my art students! My students range from 5yo to 16yo and many are homeschooled. This would be fantastic for them all! Thanks for sharing the chance to win a great gift like this.

  112. Karleen says

    This looks like a fabulous collection of creative items to keep kids busy over the Winter Break from school! What fun!

  113. Jessica says

    As a parent and a preschool teacher, I am very thankful for your blog! I love it and always find inspiration! Good Luck to all your fans!

  114. Sarah Browning says

    These all look like fantastic gifts thanks so much for sharing, I love finding such amazing art supplies online!