DIY Lighted Wooden Stars :: Trying Out a Pinterest Idea

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DIY Lighted Wooden Stars from 69 Cent Yardsticks

I came across an idea via Pinterest last week that I had to try out right away
—huge wooden stars made from 69 cent yardsticks and wrapped in Christmas lights. Thanks to Crystal from Little Bit Funky for the idea and the easy instructions. I mentioned the wood stars in my newsletter last week and then immediately hopped in the car to go buy some yardsticks.

We've since made FOUR, each painted different colors by the kids!. We can't stop making them. They are the perfect combination of spectacular, cheap, easy, and fun.

Large Wood Stars 01

We started out with our trusty hot glue gun and a stack of yardsticks from Lowes/Home Depot (they both sell similar yardsticks for 69 cents in the paint section—and yes, we've tried them from both stores in the last week).

Large Wood Stars 05

Maia helped me arrange the yardsticks into star shape, did a little bit of the glue gun action, but mostly hung out with me and showed off various gymnastics-type moves while I fashioned the stars.

Large Wood Stars 17

We made two stars the first time and the girls each painted one using a combination of BioColors and glitter paint. Maia painted hers yellow and gold. Daphne painted hers pink and red with little bits of several other colors to boot.

Lighted Wooden Star 01

The markings on the yardsticks show through the paint, which is kind of cool, but with the second round of stars I painted them with a coat of white interior wall primer first.

I wrapped a string of white Christmas lights around the outer edges of the star…

Lighted Wooden Star 03

…like so…

Lighted Wooden Star 08

And hung it up on our porch. I LOVE it. I want lighted stars all over. Actually, the ideal spot for this star is in the triangular area above the porch, but I'm not sure how to get it up there.

Lighted Wooden Star 04

And besides, I like being able to see it from inside.

Lighted Wooden Star 10

Here's a photo showing how well the primer covers the markings on the yardsticks. Maia and I made a couple stars as party gifts, a Star of David painted silver and sprinkled with blue and green glitter for a Hanukkah party… 

Painted Wood Stars 4

…and a star painted red and sprinkled with pink glitter for a friend's birthday.

I highly recommend trying your hand at one of these stars! And definitely check out Crystal's post at Little Bit Funky for her tutorial and images.

Tomorrow I'll post another wood star craft inspired by this one!

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  1. says

    These are so cute…I’ve seen those on pinterest, and frankly, they looked harder to me than just hot glue and rulers! :) It’s nice when something is easy to replicate, inexpensive, and looks awesome.
    sarah M

  2. Kelly says

    Saw this on Pintrest last week too and it’s on my list!!! May I ask how long of a light strand you needed? I bought 100 mini lights for this project, but don’t want to open them if they aren’t going to be long enough. :) Thanks for testing this out for us! They look great!

  3. says

    Yes, 100 count mini lights is what we used and it was perfect. I think the length on the box said about 24 feet.
    Just FYI, though, for anyone who wants to make the Star of David — I had to use two of those light strands because it was bigger. Although maybe I could have gotten by with one if I didn’t wrap it quite as much…

  4. Jackie Sorich says

    Love it! The photos of your girls working are lovely. This would be great inside too, fun for a family room or entry way.
    Good job.

  5. Toni says

    Thanks for the tips on using hot glue. I convinced myself hot glue wouldn’t work, so I tried tack nails, then super glue, and eventually twist ties, on my first star. Frustrated, I did a quick google search, found your blog, and am heating up my hot glue gun as I type! Thanks for saving my sanity on such an easy project!!!!