Sarah’s Silks GIVEAWAY :: Playsilks & Dress-Up Clothes for Kids

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Sarahs Silks Playsilks and Dress Up Clothes for Kids

Today's giveaway is for a $50 gift certificate to Sarah's Silks, one of my blog sponsors. 

Would you like to provide your children with the gift of playsilks and dress-up clothes for open-ended, creative play? Sarah's Silks, a small business run by Sarah Lee and her family, provides sustainable silks for creative childhoods. They sell everything from playsilks, canopies, capes, soft swords, and more. Here are some photos of some of her beautiful products:

Sarahs Silks Playsilks and Dress Up Clothes

Sarah's Silks sells silks and products for imaginative play:

What would your children like the best? An ethereal, floating cape for pretend play? A versatile set of playsilks? A soft sword? 

Whether you place a holiday order today or enter the giveaway below (or both!), I'm sure your kiddos will love their silks. (Our silks are consistently one of the most-used play accessories in our home.)

You can also follow Sarah's Silks on Facebooktwitter, or on Sarah's blog for updates, giveaways, and ideas for creative ways to use playsilks.

Sarah's Silks Giveaway

Sarah's Silks is offering a $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, head over to her shop and look around then come back here and leave a comment by Wednesday, December 5th at 11:59pm EST saying what you think your children would like the most. Have fun shopping! Giveaway open to readers anywhere; one comment per person, please. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Thursday (I will also e-mail the winner).

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #72 so Laurel wins the gift certificate. Congrats, Laurel! (I will e-mail you…)

Laurel said…

My daughter would love the Princess Dress or the Capes!

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  1. Meggan D. says

    My girls would love the capes… but really any of the silks would be put to good use around here!

  2. Alyssa says

    The kids I work with love dressing up in blankets and towels and running around! This would be a perfect addition to our room.

  3. says

    My littlest one would love the soft swords and the knight costume to fight his brother. My girl would love the rose silk canopy for her room.

  4. Heather says

    Ooh, I think probably the starry night playsilk. We’ve had our eye on that for a while now! Thank you!

  5. Stacey says

    What’s not to love? My boys would relish the knights costume, the dragon costume, the starry night playsilk, the canopies — I could go on and on!!! Love Sarah’s Silks!

  6. says

    I LOVE Sarah’s Silks. We are fortunate enough to have her as a local resource for us in Sonoma County! I’ll be a vendor with her next weekend at the local Waldorf Winter Faire!

  7. says

    i know that my child would love the parachute, as well as some of the dress up clothes (crown, fairy skirt, etc.). thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Megan Sullivan says

    I ordered my daughter three of the regular playsilks for Christmas and they are beautiful!! I know she is going to love them! The problem is her brothers are going to love them too!! Hoping I win to get them their own! (The swords look great too, and we have the crown, which is fabulous, but sticking with plain silks this year because I am going to use them to wrap her presents too!!)

  9. Kirsten says

    I would love to get a set of the play silks to add to our play time as we don’t have anything like this yet!

  10. Julia says

    Without a question my son would love the crowns, cape and swords the most. Thank you for offering.

  11. Natalie says

    My kids would love a set of playsilks and maybe a rainbow silk or two. We have some small silks I dyed myself that are played with every day, but they are nothing compared to the size and colors of these.

  12. says

    I’ve got a little one Max who would love that dragon costume, but I just might have to also get the starry night play silk. Thanks for a great giveaway from a wonderful sponsor.

  13. Karen says

    My daughters would love everything! But they looove dressing up like fairies and sword playing…thanks!

  14. Ann says

    The rainbow veil is awesome. We just dyed small scarfs at the Steiner school fair yesterday. Having some large silks would be wonderful.

  15. Mela says

    Zora would love the pink fairy dress with rainbow wings. I have been drooling over these for a while now!!

  16. Lara says

    these are wonderful. we are expecting #2 in may, would love to have a cradle veil that would grow into creative play along with the child.

  17. Faye E. Hunt says

    My son would love the skytails and my daughter would love the playsilks! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  18. says

    I’d go for a pile of the playsilks, in all different colours. My kids love to dance with scarves to music and this would be a great addition!

  19. says

    My little girl would love just about anything in this shop… but most of all the canopy , the silk scape or the fairy dress. Great giveaway for the imaginative child like mine.

  20. says

  21. Lauren says

    Aahhhhh, love Sarah’s silks! My kids would have hours of fun with one of the really large silks!

  22. Dena says

    ooh where to begin!! The unicorn, definitely……..and the veils and wings and even a sword for my warrior princess, yes!!
    Thanks Jean!

  23. Cheryl says

    Such beautiful products for both kids and mom’s! Santa will have something unique to leave under the tree!

  24. Jen Hogan says

    We use our large silk piece for indoor fort building – we could use another for even bigger forts!

  25. Johnny Reed says

    My son would absolutely love the knight costume. Thank you again for another great generous giveaway!

  26. Julie Barry says

    I’ve always liked her stuff but don’t (yet) have any. We’d love some play silks, play clips, and the Skytails look like lots of fun. What a wonderful giveaway!

  27. Nicole says

    We love our playsilks! They are the toy that truly gets played with every day. My daughter would love one of the skirts, as I am always tying ours up to make skirts for her anyways. :)

  28. says

    So hard to decide, but I Think either the basic set of silks would be absolutely perfect, or a dragon/unicorn dress up. I just got my son a handmade wooden shield (with a dragon on it!) and a wooden play sword for his birthday, his little sister would definitely oblige to be the dragon! :)
    Sarah M

  29. Craft Chrissy says

    My grandkids love building forts inside and outside. I believe they would want to buy a bunch of the colorsilks to make them! Then they would want all the costumes with the accessories to play in them!

  30. Lara Jacobs says

    My daughter loves Sarah’s dress-up clothes. I think she would like to Rainbow Silk Scape. She could set it up indoors and out.

  31. MIchele says

    We love Sarah’s Silks and have a couple costumes and silks. We only have one boy but it would be nice to have another cape and crown on hand. I love the red/orange combo.

  32. says

    I don`t know exactly what my kids would like the most… But I would like every single item!! Being three boys, I guess canopies, string games, play silks, sky tales, parachutes,knight costumes and swords would be their favorites… Ha! May be they`d like every single item too!!

  33. Sarah says

    We just purchased 2 play silks, and silk wings for our daughter at the Calgary Waldorf Faire for Christmas. Our family would LOVE to add some swords and maybe a cape to our collection:o)

  34. Shela says

    super duper excited about your giveaway!!! I love everything on your site! My daughter, Kiran, would LOVE the Lavendar Fairy Canopy because she loves to create secret forts and fairy houses in her room to have time to herself and friends!!!

  35. says

    We’ve owned a bunch of Sarah’s Silks for a while now and we could use replacing our silk scape rainbow, as it has a large tear from so much play! Although I adore the starry night silk scape and mini silks for my baby!

  36. Vanessa says

    We have one knight costume and 2 swords are on the way for christmas gifts. Would love another knight costume.

  37. Lisa Kyle says

    doing my holiday shopping at Sarah’s Silks, as silk is wonderful, real and light enough to carry all the way to Ireland for our family gathering and parents’ 50th.

  38. beth says

    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway! Playsilks was the one thing I had to cross off my long list of things to make for Christmas…they would just love the star and rainbow playsilks!

  39. michelle says

    We all would love to play with the rainbow silk scape. Thank you for this super fun giveaway.

  40. CanaLily says

    We would Love Love Love Play silks…(friends have them :) A Canopy would be well loved as well…Thanks for the chance…~* <3

  41. says

    I would love a canpoy for my son. He loves t”red” to himself and do other things in a cozy space. This would be a fun, private space! Wish there were gender neutral canopies. The under the sea one is borderline to me.

  42. cynthia says

    I think just about everything Sarah’s Silks sells is amazing. We would be delighted with a simple set of our own primary colour silks. :-)

  43. Stephanie says

    My children would love the playsilks they are constantly using my scarfs for play! Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  44. Carly says

    I know my girls would LOVE some playsilks. If we win, we would let them each choose a few of their favorite colors to order. These look so fun, and they could inspire so much creativity! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. katie says

    Everytime i peruse her shop i want something different. This time around canopies are calling our name the loudest!

  46. natali says

    My son would love to play dress up with one of the costumes, being a knight or a wizard is so much fun:)

  47. Reina says

    I am sure my kids would love any of the play silks. One day they could be a king, the next superman to close the week with being santa. Lovely open ended toys :) Aaaaand, when they are grown up and do not want them anymore…I am sure mum will be able to transform them into a beautil scarf ;)

  48. lara says

    My kids love to play dress up. I can’t decide! One of the costumes? A few wants? A canopy? All a little girl’s dream come true!

  49. Jessica says

    My kids would love the knight costume-my Dad made a castle for my kids this year and they love to play knights and princesses.

  50. Kate says

    Without a doubt my daughter would be in seventh heaven with the unicorn costume, she would be galloping and whinnying around the house all day, and likely try to wear it to bed for unicorn dreams!

  51. Erica says

    Fabulous giveaway! I’d love to branch out and wish for something fun, but one can never have too many regular play silks:)

  52. Rose says

    Oh how fun! I’d get 4 silks, one for each of my kiddos. They love to make tents all over our house and yard and would really enjoy their own silk :)

  53. Connie Sergot says

    My one-year-old grandson would love the rainbow silk and clips to make a special place. Once he is older, I will definitely be purchasing a cape or two. My son lived in capes as a toddler. What a colorful world we live in.

  54. LeaG says

    I would go for the grab bag of play silks! My boys aren’t too particular on color etc but there are 3 of them so quantity is most important! This would be a hit in our home.

  55. Adrienne says

    I love the play silks! Friends who have older kids rave about them and the ability to have such creative play with their kids. I look forward to seeing my little girl play with these to see all they can become in her eyes!

  56. Heather N says

    My daughter would LOVE the Starry Night and Rainbow playsilks. Oh my goodness…I want to win this SO MUCH. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. Katie says

    We are lucky enough to have a nice basket of Sarah’s Silks. I know my eldest daughter would love string for her string games that she is learning in school.

  58. Laura says

    My niece would likely love the mini playsilks. We already have playsilks and love them, so it would be fun to share the joy!

  59. Tara says

    My little princess would have so much fun in the Fairy Dress, but the princess dress with a hat and veil would be a great choice, too!

  60. Sheau says

    Beautiful. Tough. Love the dress up costumes. Dragon and unicorn set are very cute. Thanks for the chance.

  61. says

    Oh man, we SO need this! i’d order the basic play silks. we had a great set for my older kids and they wore them down to nubs, now my younger batch of kiddos needs some :)

  62. crazyestonian says

    Wow, I had no idea that she had unicorn costumes! We have more playsilks than I can easily fit on a drying rack and various other silk bits and bobs, but full on costumes! Those are awesome!

  63. Emily says

    Skytails, parachutes, streamers, and pocket playsilks would all top our preschooler’s list :-)

  64. Ayako says

    Everything in the store is so beautiful and attractive, but I think my 4-yo son would love the Dragon costume. He loves pretend play and dragon is one of the characters he often plays. Thanks for the great giveaway contest!

  65. Jane says

    The playsilks definitely! My two year old is just starting to engage in imaginative play and so we would love some of the beautiful playsilks to use.

  66. D says

    My little girl would like a dragon costume to hep act out stories like Julia Donaldson’s picture book ‘Zog’ about a dragon who has to go to school to learn dragon skills like breathing fire and scaring princesses and in the end meets his vocation when he becomes an air ambulance. Come to think of it the princess costume would be handy too for this as she becomes the flying doctor.

  67. Sandra M. says

    Oh, Rose Rainbow Canopy! :) Or Under the Sea. Or Lavender Fairy…or…. Thank you for this chance!

  68. [email protected] says

    my son and i would have so much fun with the fishing game! i bought a cheap plastic one over the summer and he loved it, but it doesn’t really work. This one looks like much more fun!

  69. mfm says

    I love Sarah’s Silks! We would love the Starry night playsilk and the turquoise cape. We use our playsilks all the time.

  70. says

    I think I would choose a few streamers and a play silk. Or maybe a skirt as my daughter has just entered the twirly-girly stage.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Kerry says

    My Pre-K class would love the playsilks, the unicorns, or the knight costumes and soft swords. Such beautiful things!

  72. Danielle says

    one of the canopies would be so much fun! it would help make my daughter’s bed feel cozy (anything to help entice her to bed :)

  73. Laura says

    I know my kiddos would love the play silks! We love to wrap ourselves in beautiful “gowns”, make forts and decorate our stage with beautiful colors!

  74. Erin says

    Any of the wings, but my 6 year old is obsessed with rainbows and unicorns, so rainbow wings might be just the thing!

  75. Rebecca D says

    My son would love the capes and the canopy for a fort! My daughter of course is all about anything princess…

  76. [email protected] says

    anything from sarah silks would be amazing…always felt it would be a splurge…:)

  77. Julie R says

    These are darling! We received one of these as a gift once and it’s always been a favorite for dress-up!!

  78. Angy says

    My girls would love anything from the website:) Sarah’s silks has amazing products. So hard to choose which ones are the best!I hope we win:)

  79. Chris Dilley says

    The beauty and simplicity of these silks lend themselves to endless times of play and creativity for children. They are soft and beautiful and not confining for children. They open endless posiblilities for the child’s creative mind to take flight and create great imaginative adventures safely.

  80. Regina says

    My boy would all the soft sword (we would love the SOFT sword )…LOL
    He loves anything dress up…

  81. Andrea S. says

    How fun! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I’ve been wanting a collection of play silks forever, but the unicorn costume looks so great too!

  82. Amy P says

    My twin boys would love the standard set of silks. They are just starting to play pretend and would love to have more ways of playing.

  83. Susan says

    My girls enjoy galloping around as magical horses, so I’m sure they would love the unicorn headpiece. :)

  84. Arianne says

    My little girl would want the fairy dress (so adorable!), probably in turquoise or lavender. :)

  85. says

    we love these silks and use them all the time – they can be tents – rivers – fields – fairy wings………………..
    they are great

  86. ellie funkhouser says

    I have browsed sarahs silks many times dreaming how much my daughter would love them! We would need to start with the play silks, I love toys that encourage open and imaginative play!

  87. [email protected] says

    My little girl is going through her princess phase and would love a princess hat!

  88. sheila says

    My son is just getting to the dress up stage of play. The play silks would be absolutely wonderful!

  89. says

    Beautiful silk and cotton dress up items for kids. My son would love the dragon costume. He has been pretending to be Cedric the Dragon from the book “Again!” by Emily Gravett.

  90. [email protected] says

    Everything is really cute-love the dress up clothes!

  91. Cindy says

    I think the playclips and playsilks would be a huge hit. My little one has been casting about for materials to make a fort and these would be perfect.

  92. Kelly says

    These silks have been on our 3-year-olds wish list forever. Sarah has so many neat products but I think the versatility of a couple solid playsilks can’t be beat. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. says

    Oh wow! Everything on the site is wonderful but my 3 boys would love the capes and crowns and my daughter would love the fairy or princess dress and crowns. Such fun stuff!

  94. Aimee says

    We are forever playing hide and seek with the playsilk we have…it’s my son’s and I would love some of the baby ones for my daughter…

  95. says

    Bibi, my granddaughter, would adore anything in blue right now and she is absolutely a little princess. I think she would adore the wings because she loves dancing around with her arms out. Personally, I think the garland is perfect and the two together would thrill her from head to toe to fingertip.

  96. Kim B says

    At the stage we’re in and the place we’re living, the mini playsilks would probably be the best choice, but I really liked the idea of the silkscape, too.

  97. Mel says

    My son would love any of the toys, as he’s a very active type. Always running and jumping around.

  98. Eliza says

    Ooh! I have wanted to make a reading nook for my boys for a while now. I would love the canopy and think they would too with some comfy pillows underneath! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  99. Petra says

    These silks look wonderful. I think my two boys would love a playsilk set, hours of fun there. I also think the parachutes look like really good fun. Fingers crossed we might be picked!!

  100. Carrie says

    My 18 minto old daughter loves her play silks, but they are all pastel. She’s a vibrant girl and I have been wanting to get her some bolder colors :)

  101. Sarah Hippert says

    I wanted to create a dress up box for my daughter for Christmas this year. She is 2.5 and loves pretend play now. Any of the dress up outfits would be great.

  102. Ami L says

    ohhh my son would LOVE the starry night playsilk and the parachutes… but, really he would love anything from Sarah’s Silks I’m sure (he is a very imaginative little guy)!

  103. Deirdre says

    My daughters would enjoy just about anything on this wonderful site!!…but the unicorn & fairy dress especially! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  104. Katherine Andren says

    My boys would have a grand time playing with the swords or the playsilks – right now they attempt to tie all of the blankets, and even some of the pillows on as capes!

  105. Audrey says

    With two little girls, I know they would love the crown and swords the most. Thinking these would be great in their dressup box!

  106. Martha says

    The play silks are beautiful, and I love the fact that they can be used in so many different ways. My grandson would also love the parachute. He has been disappointed with cheap ones that didn’t work well.

  107. Kate says

    I think my daughters would most love the Rainbow silk or the starry sky… but really they would love anything here!

  108. Lisa L says

    My girls would love mermaid or fairy costumes. A grab bag of play silks would be well used, too. I love it all!

  109. sara says

    My son would love anything from her shop.. :) But I think the dress up costumes, or streamers would be great

  110. Jen A says

    Any of the silks would be soooo appreciated around here! My daughter would looove the crown, fairy dress and unicorn cape! Such wonderful open-ended playthings!

  111. Lisa says

    We have our eyes set on the canopies, we love both and the doll capes are soo sweet, and actually affordable, especially when you buy a set. Lovely store, glad to have found you!