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The World is a Canvas - Displaying Children's Art

How do you display your children’s art?

Our toddlers and preschooler love kids activities especially anything they can create – and boy. oh. boy. do they create! Over the years, we have amassed TONS of colored pages, paintings, collages and the like. I will be honest, we don’t keep all of the masterpieces that the kids create, but we do keep many of them – at least for the short term on our art wall.

Children's Art Display

It makes my child incredibly proud and excited that they made something worthy of “the wall”.

Henry David Thoreau said that, “The world is a canvas”. While the world is a canvas my children will make impressions upon, it is really nice to have a wall where they can see the works they created.
Our art wall is super easy to make. We simply hung thick yarn between nails across the wall. In a previous project, the kids painted some clothespins. We use the pins to clip the art to the yarn. So easy!

How do you feature your kids art work? Do you keep it forever filed away in boxes? Have a token creation on the fridge? A collection of frames?

  • I love how Holly of June Cleaver Nirvana uses floating frames with her kids art.
  • Check out this earlier post on how Jean created a wallpaper of “frames” for her children to illustrate.
  • And… over at Kids Activities we wrote about how their son created a blog to feature some of his creations.

We’d love to hear about your kids art on our facebook wall! Share a photo of your child’s art display.

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Rachel Miller is a former high school economics teacher turned into a kids play enthusiast. She loves to enjoy her 6 kids and explore the world with them. Rachel blogs at KidsActivitiesBlog.com


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