I’m Back!

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Maia Drawing 5

Hello, hello! I'm back from my lovely blogging break! One day early, because I just couldn't stay away a day longer…

I spent a lot of valuable time in reflection this past month—thinking about the directions I wanted The Artful Parent to grow and how best to make it happen. I doodled and journaled, created a mind map, brainstormed, walked and thought (always a good combo), and bounced ideas off of other bloggers I respect.

Maia Drawing 1

(A writing/art date at Malaprops Bookstore with Maia.)

While I used the time for other things as well, including beginning The Artist's Way course (wonderful!) and finishing up the spring crafts ebook (super excited about this one!), the time and distance to really consider this blog's past, present, and future was invaluable. I will share some more details about my ideas and plans in an upcoming post, but for now, let me move on…

I really hope you enjoyed the posts I scheduled for you during my break, both the guest posts by Rachel Miller of Kids Activities Blog and Rachelle Doorley of Tinkerlab (a big thank you to both!!) as well as the round ups and reposts of favorite Artful Parent archive content. 

Maia Drawing 4

(Maia's spring pencil drawing of a mama bird with her nest.)

I have lots of exciting things coming up for you, including a preview of my book (yes, the one that's been in the works for three plus years now!), a new spring crafts book with tons of spring and Easter ideas, a couple of good giveaways and reviews, some new blog plans, and, of course, lots of art.

Maia Drawing 3

(Maia's drawing of her tea and bagel using Alpino colored pencils on "canvas" paper.)

The break was much needed, but I have to say that I am SO psyched to get back into writing and sharing. Psyched to get back into art and creativity

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  1. Kate says

    Welcome back! So great to hear that the time was much needed and well spent for you. Thank you for choosing those great February guest posts to keep us inspired :)

  2. says

    So looking forward to hearing all about your new ideas & posts. We just moved cross-country this past week, and so a lot of your past ideas have helped us pass the time! Can’t wait to see more.
    Sarah m

  3. says

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. I thought of your blog last week when my daughter wanted to paint outside and paint flowers from our garden (we don’t have any, just veggies), but it was so nice to be outside painting. It reminded me I need better supplies, and it was a nice break for me to join them rather than giving them an activity and walking away. Thank you.