Flowers Everywhere!! (& A Pay-What-You-Can Sale on My Spring Crafts eBook)

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Spring Flowers 21

The entire garden popped into bloom while I was away at my Grandma's.

Coming home to see color everywhere was incredible. The dogwoods and redbud, the tulips and daffodils, the creeping phlox and lilac, the candytuft and ajuga… The everything! Everywhere I looked there were flowers in bloom.

There's a quote I love by Ralph Waldo Emerson—"The earth laughs in flowers."

Perhaps it's more appropriate for summer, but after a longer-than-usual winter, including snows during our spring break, this floral abundance seems so joyful

Spring Flowers 03

I love flowers. Love spring.

Spring Flowers 26

Spring Flowers 20

Spring Flowers 12

Tulips 1

The girls and I planted extra bulbs last winter so that we'd have lots and lots of flowers blooming this spring. It's both my favorite season and the season in which we spend the most time in the garden. Spring is when we need and appreciate the flowers the most. The summer beauties just don't get their proper due from us.

Spring Flowers 18

Spring may have gotten a late start here, but we're taking full advantage of it now. Having picnics in the backyard, bringing in armfuls of flowers for bouquets, admiring and smelling the flowers (lilacs are my favorite scent-wise and immediately transport me to my childhood on McKay Creek in Eastern Oregon), planting the vegetable garden (a project the girls and their grandmother have undertaken together), and just breathing it all in. 

Spring Flowers 25

Spring is most definitely here and it's glorious!

The Artful Spring eBook :: Pay-What-You-Can Sale

The Artful Spring iPad Graphic_300To help celebrate, I wanted to share my spring crafts eBook with you (there's a chapter on the family garden in addition to chapters on spring crafts and recipes!). I've had a brief pay-what-you-can sale on each of my eBooks and just realized I hadn't done that yet for this one. So between now and Monday, April 22nd, snag a copy (or two) of The Artful Spring: Celebrating the Season & Holidays with Family Arts and Crafts for anything you can and want to pay (even free!). And if you already have yours, then feel free to get one for a friend or family member you think might appreciate it.

(Sale over, but the book is still available!)

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  1. Danielle says

    Hi Jean, Thank you so much for this sale!! You are so, so, so wonderful! What is the discount code we are supposed to enter? Happy spring! Thanks again, Danielle

  2. Heather says

    Wow, so many colors! We just got 2 feet (that’s right… feet) of fresh snow here in Colorado. sigh. We went outside yesterday and painted flowers in the snow (and on the snow fort!) because we are ready for some color again. In about a month we’ll get our two weeks of spring and then it will finally be summer! Enjoy all the flowers!

  3. LAWallner says

    Thank you, thank you. I am at the moment flat broke in money and energy and joy… after a month of various family issues like stomach viruses, broken feet, and the like. You gave me just the boost I needed today to look forward to better days and a happy spring. I will pay your generosity forward and smile whenever I break out this book to do projects with my children. Thank you!

  4. Kelly says

    I’m so excited for this spring book! We have enjoyed your winter ebook over and over again. It was the best $10 bucks spent, in my opinion. I just purchased this spring version and have your new BIG PAPER book sitting right beside me on the couch. Your artistry is blessing my family day after day. Thank you.

  5. andrea says

    help! I paid for a copy through my android phone. ..payment was taken, download started but it wont open…at all!!! I cant try to download on my computer as id have to pay again I assume? so wanted to see all the ideas in the book andfelt guilty doing it for free but now ive paid for nothing :’( sob sob!! heyulp!!

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