Look What Daphne is Drawing!

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Kids first realism drawings

Daphne has started drawing her first faces and people! I find this developmental stage SO exciting!! Of course, she's still doing lots of scribbling and abstract art as well, which is completely normal. And I have to say I LOVE those, too. But seeing a few of those first faces and realism drawings peep out here and there is just so much fun.

Signed, Proud Mama

Note: Daphne is 3 1/2, the same age Maia was when she first started drawing faces and people. Some children begin drawing people as early as age 2 1/2, some later.

When did your kids begin drawing people?

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  1. Sara says

    my daughter, who has loved paper and crayon since she was 2, started faces and people drawing and coloring in the lines just after her 3rd birthday. Just before that, for a few months, she colored in stripes of color. It was very interesting to watch her development.
    My son, on the other hand, has not loved coloring until he was 4 almost 5. He is still learning, at 5.5, to color in the lines. He likes to be realistic in his art. He wants the correct colors for whatever he is coloring, and he prefers letter and number writing to drawing artistic shapes. His coloring and drawing usually last only until it sparks an inspiration for physical play. then he is off imagining whatever he was inspired to play.
    It is quite interesting watching my children develop differently and learn differently.

  2. Elisha says

    My son was 2 when he started drawing people. The characteristics were simplistic; eyes, nose and mouth. At almost 4 he now can draw almost all the features such as arms, fingers, toes and legs. He has been around other kids since birth as I do daycare and has always viewed himself as older than he is. :)

  3. Dena says

    YeY!! Way to go Daphne!
    When Naomi was about 3, she drew herself and her Nana, complete with a face, arms, legs and feet. She has not drawn ANY since……maybe I should prompt her to draw them again??

  4. ania says

    My daughter could draw faces around 2.5 years but she dose not like to draw. She is 4 now and still prefers messy sensory activities.

  5. Molly says

    Adelaide has just started in the last month or so (almost 3). It is so exciting to me as well – a brief, beautiful moment in development like first words, first steps or reading for the first time. It deserves to be recognized and celebrated!

  6. says

    I love your blog!! i hope to introduce some ideas here to my daughter!
    Wow, love the details on the drawing. My daughter started drawing faces when she was 2.5 yrs old. She is now 3 years, the other day she drew a selfie. She also draws a caterpillar, sun, flowers, shapes, and the like, I too am thrilled how her pencil grip has progressed, I introduced her to colors when she was 18 months, and she does some sort of coloring/drawing activity almost every day. She has recently took an interest to color within lines, for small pictures. She looses interest for coloring in large areas.

  7. Nazila says

    One of my twins started drawing faces and sea creatures when he was 22 months. So exciting to see him drawing an oval shape and saying “shark… shark” and adding fins and eyes to it.

  8. jane says

    YAY! How fun! My daughter, Meredith, just started drawing faces and people too…just a few weeks shy of her third birthday. I’m loving it and find it so much fun!

  9. says

    I love to watch how children develop.
    Our youngest (turning 2 in a couple of days) has just started to enjoy drawing. On actual paper – not just the floor and walls. Right now it’s just a big old mix of colours.

  10. Ann says

    My son is five and half and developed an interest in drawing quite late. His pictures of people are still very simplistic, but I’m always glad when he chooses to draw pictures. My two and a half year old and is much more interested in art. I’m looking forward to seeing when she starts drawing people.

  11. gyen says

    My daughter will be three in May and she has been drawing people for a few months. She draws them sideways and then turns the paper 90 degrees to add trees and the ground and that sort of thing. One of my older kids never scribbled, just went straight to “real” things around 18 months. When she was 3, her six year old sister asked her, “Why is the house way up in the sky?” and she said, “Because it’s far away. When things are far away they look like they’re up high. And they’re littler. That’s why the girl is big and at the bottom. She’s *close*.” At ten, she still has little patience for older siblings not “getting” her art!