My First Bookstore Event :: A Hands-On Family Art Activity

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The Artful Parent Bookstore Event and Family Art Activity

I had my first bookstore event at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, North Carolina yesterday. It was just perfect in every way. (From my perspective anyway! I hope the bookstore and the families attending liked it as well….)

The whole trip was a fun experience.

Driving to Chapel Hill by myself was a bit of a treat in itself, as anyone who takes road trips with kids can imagine. Listening to podcasts and my own music and stopping when I wanted to… Not often experienced, I can tell you.

Flyleaf Books is a great bookstore with a strong line-up of events. It's new to Chapel Hill since I moved away from the area 7 years ago. If it had been there then, I know I would have spent lots of time (and money) there! The bookstore is right next to the Foster's Market on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd—where I often ate lunch. 

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Art Activity 08

My bookstore events are all about hands-on family art activities. Thank goodness! (I talked Linnie, the events coordinator, into moving the podium out of the way completely.)

But hands-on art activities for families? I can totally do that!

I had a tissue paper suncatcher project planned for the Flyleaf event, setting out the following materials:

Kids and parents alike jumped right in, each using their own unique aesthetic and combination of materials to create colorful suncatchers.

Some used the precut tissue paper squares. Some tore their tissue paper into random shapes and sizes. Some cut their tissue paper into letters.

Some set the tissue paper down flat. Some scrunched it up first.

Some added feathers. Some stuck to tissue paper.

Some drew on their tissue paper. Some drew on their frames.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Art Activity 02

One eight-year-old took the hole punch and, instead of punching the two holes at the top of the frame for hanging, just kept punching all around the frame creating "swiss cheese" (his words).

Tissue Paper Suncatcher Art Activity 12

And here's a suncatcher created with the holes from the hole punch and rainbow yarn designs. 

So even with a simple art activity like these tissue paper suncatchers, there was a huge variety displayed in the finished products. I loved it! And I loved talking with everyone, too, as I made sure everyone had the materials they needed/wanted as they created.

Each family went home with several suncatchers to hang in their windows! And many with signed copies of my book as well. :)

Announcements & Upcoming Events

  • I wanted to announce the winner of the Artful Parent Arts and Crafts Pinterest contest. Roost Books and I worked together to choose the winner and there were so many great kids' arts and crafts boards that it was hard to pick. But we did eventually and the prize goes to Jacqueline Smith! Her Artful Parent Contest board is just full of creative ideas for kids.
  • If you're in WNC, make sure to watch WLOS News 13 on Saturday morning at 7:25 am (you know, if you're up that early). I'll be on with host Ingrid Allstaedt, talking about kids' art and demonstrating an activity or two. Think good thoughts. (I'm a little nervous about the idea of being on TV.)
  • Also, if you're in the Asheville area, I hope you'll come to my event at Malaprop's Bookstore. It'll be a hands-on art activity, so bring the whole family!

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  1. says

    I wish we could host an event like this here in the DC area — any chance it could happen? (By the way, a friend forwarded me some science experiments for kids via buzz feed and your ice/salt/liquid watercolors was on there!)

  2. Babs says

    I found your site when I was looking for ideas for an Art Party for my daughter’s 8th birthday. You have so many great ideas! Thank you for a wonderful resource. I would like to do these suncatchers as an activity at the party. I was wondering, did you assemble the contact paper in the frames ahead of time? If so, how do you keep them from sticking together?

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